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How To Make a Promo Video in Minutes

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:18 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

People just love watching videos. A fascinating piece of visual content on any social media platform will always get attention over a written piece. And that's exactly why you should make promo videos. Promo videos are a great way to market your product or service to your target audience and inspire them to buy from you.

You can make a promo video to introduce your brand, connect with your customers by telling a story and talk to them about upcoming events and offers. It's more like a teaser to encourage customers to know your brand and buy from you in the long run.

Today we will cover all the questions about a promo video, why to should make one, how you can make it, and most importantly how to make a promo video within minutes

So let's dive in deep!

Why You Will Want to Make a Promo Video

A promo video can get you countless benefits. It helps you be authentic and share your creativity with your target audience. As mentioned above visuals can be engaging and can help you outperform your competition. Compared to flyers, posters, and articles a video can help your customers feel the brand essence.

A promo video can help you tell and show your product at the same time. Besides all of the above, you rule the video. You decide what graphics to use, what your customer should see first, and what action they should take afterward. The list does not end here. Some solid reasons why you need a promo video are mentioned here

1. Show Your Product(S)

Product promo videos are a great way to not only SHOW your customers but to let them FEEL the benefits of your product. You can turn short promo videos into a story with powerful graphics, captions, motion, and backing tracks that your customers can't resist.

A new product launch promo video is one of the most exciting ways to get the word out about your extended range of products/services. You want your customer to feel that your product can change their lives and solve their problems.

2. Attract The Right People

People on video platforms come with an intent to search and learn about products before investing their time and money. Your promo video can provide the benefit your audience is looking for. In short, every promo video is focused and targeted.

Your target audience will feel the connection while the masses might move on after watching your offer. A training academy that wants to recruit young athletes will try to attract them creatively while a sixty years old woman might not take any action. This Ad is for football players and athletes

3. Raise Brand Awareness

A promo video is not always about pushing the brand for sale but it is also about raising awareness on issues that people feel strongly about. Brands usually talk about how their brand is not only solving problems but also working for more jobs, for human rights, green earth, etc.

It's like taking your customers on a journey that would give them a brand experience. Loreal raises brand awareness against women harassment in public

4. Explain a Problem in Simple Terms

Promo videos created around case studies that show how a big problem was solved how the solution changed the life of the people. Its shows the impact you can make. In cases where the target audience is not aware of the problem, these videos can help them recognize it and offer solutions. This ad exactly knows how to do it

5. Convert Leads Into Customers

Promo video can also work as a lead magnet that can arouse curiosity and might want your customer to dig deep on the offer. Such lead magnets are used in the email and also on the website to convert leads into buying g prospects. Such promo videos show discounts and offers that might expire if action is not taken within a given time frame.

6. Promote Events

We see small to giant business tycoons promoting events through promos. You can send these teaser videos by email, post them on your social media accounts and share them on your website to create a buzz. Event promoters use this trick to create fear of missing out effect for sign-ups and ticket purchase of the event.

7. Makes Advertisements pleasant

Most of the time advertisements are accused of promising a solution that a product/service cannot deliver. A short and crisp promo video can help you get your message across without even mentioning the brand. Promo videos can make an ad come across less intrusive and less salesy. This ad is absolutely a pleasant view.

8. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be changed into promo videos to build relationships with the audience. In these short videos, people tell their stories and share the experiences they had with a company’s service and its products. People buy from companies that post testimonials of their existing clients.

Shooting a video or choosing the best possible graphic for your brand might take a while but making a promo video and editing it takes only a few minutes. With free online tools and ready-made templates, you can create scroll-stopping promo videos in no time. Easily create a promo video for your brand, clients, and friends.

5 Tips to Create Attention-Grabbing Promos in Minutes

Creating an attention-grabbing Promo needs a little planning and having all the resources in place. Having worthy content for your videos is a time-consuming process and it can be overwhelming at times.

make promo video

Doing research, making content, writing a script, drafting a story, and then coming up with a final piece is a challenge. But Making a promo video out of all the resources that you've collected shouldn't have to be a hassle.

Follow these 5 tips to create your Promo videos online in minutes

● Have A Plan In Place

An impromptu video for your personal social media handle can be okay but when it comes to your business you need to plan ahead. Always plan out the purpose of the pro video, what goals you want to achieve from it, and what type of graphics and captions will do.

What and how do you want o to communicate and precisely plan out the call-to-action. Layout the plan and go accordingly. You want your business to stand out from the clutter to get noticed.

● Multiple Social Media Channels

Multimedia channel marketing is here to stay and it's a beauty that all social media channels have a different purpose, audience, and formats. You need to produce promo videos within all three formats, horizontal, vertical, and square.

Your promo should be attention-grabbing on the small and big screens and your message should be personalized for the local community.

● Keep The Curiosity Alive

Dont give away all in your promo videos. Let the curiosity stay alive for long for your customers to find you online, search for your website and products. Dont forget that the main purpose of the promo video is to sell.

The story should hook the customers with a strong story and enticing visuals. All you need to do is pique the customer's curiosity for the brand to stick to their mind for long enough to investigate.

● Share A Story

One thing every childhood has in common is listening to enticing stories that stay with you for a long time. Also as adults reading or listening to a good story can have a meditation effect and might change perspectives. Tell your audience a story that takes them through an experience of a problem, solution, and it's after benefits.

● Include A CTA

Always show your customers what you want them to do. A promo without a CTA might or might not work. Never leave your audience clueless, always show them what d you want them to do next. Which in most cases is buying from you. But regardless of the purpose of the promo video, a clear CTA is where all the marketing comes into effect.

A Promo Video That Can Do Wonders

There are a variety of Promo videos discussed above that you can make for your brands. But making every one of them would be a waste of time and resources. Marking out the purpose, target audience, and a call to action can help you choose the right type of promo video.

Let's take an example of a Medical Tech company that would need to make more explainer promo videos to educate their audience about their offerings and how to utilize them. A musical company would make an event promo to inform the customers about their upcoming music festivals and sell tickets for the big event.

But there are few popular promo videos that never cease to amaze their viewers, work wonders and get you the desired results. Without further ado, let's see what videos are those.

1. Seasonal Video Ad

People love discounts and special offers and the wait is absolutely worth it. That’s exactly what seasonal promos are about. They entice your customers to keep in touch with your brand and buy from you. A seasonal promo video is usually made in the celebration of a holiday or other occasional events. This short video is a great way to show what benefits your brand can offer and that they can try it as a special offering.

2. 15-Sec Video Ad

A video ad should be of the right time length. You don't want to overload your customers with an overwhelming amount of content. The Ad that gets a great deal of attention should be approximately about 15 minutes. This means in a clip of a 15-second video ad make sure that you present only one strong idea.

3. Event Promo Video

Event promotion videos act as a teaser of your event. Before we make this sort of video we need to think through the call to action. You want more sign-ups, you want people to buy a ticket or spread enough buzz for your event. Most videos that invite us to an event from the company's social media handle are promotional videos.

How To Make A Promo Video With DemoCreator

Demo creator is an easy-to-use video creation and editing tool that can take your video ideas to the next level. This one-in-all video creator is for everyone!

It is your go-to free video creation tool to make prom videos, presentations, Ads, tutorials, gaming vlogs, and any other knowledge-sharing videos. Some of the superb features are; 4K video quality, Green screen technology, Voice over and noise removal ease, recording with

camera and microphone, caption tools, and so much more.

Now you can also make and record videos with this amazing free online tool by following the steps below.

make promo video

1. Record Some Video Clips

It's super easy and recommended to record some video clips using a demo creator or you can import pre-recorded video or a combination of videos.

2. Combine Videos Together

Select and Import the videos that you wish to edit in Democreator

Now, start arranging videos in the timeline in order of appearance and adjust them accordingly.

3. Add Captions

make promo video

Easily add captions by pressing the captions tab and you'll have endless possibilities

and easily adjust the text, size, and style.

4. Adjust The Video Speed

Adjust the video speed by clicking on the track you want to adjust the speed of. Now go to the properties area and adjust the speed by dragging the button left or right to speed up or slow down the video.

5. Add Voice Over If Needed

You can also add a voice-over. It's absolutely easy with Democreator. You can add voice-over both ways by audio or video-enabled option.


Promo Video is the most used and essential media marketing strategy to let your brand get noticed. Making promo videos can be costly because it comes at the cost of limited time, resources, and expensive tools.

Why use different tools when all the features of creating, recording, editing videos are possible with Democreator. Technology is changing and so is your business. Outsmart your competition. With a free tool like Democreator and create video Ads fast and smart.