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How to Make a Short Video for Presentation? - Complete Guide

Oliva Eve
2024-02-22 17:39:38 • Filed to: Presentation Video

It's no secret that videos are an effective medium for conveying information. With attention spans shortening and the need to convey more information in less time,

A well-placed video may elevate your presentation to the next level in a short amount of time.

Only 4% of professionals say they "always" utilize videos in presentations. As a result, 96% of presenters miss out on a powerful and persuasive presentation tool. Many people are just unaware of the power of video to influence an audience.

Video is more compelling than other material because the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. Video is the most powerful medium for conveying emotion.

This is since video stimulates both the visual and aural regions of the brain, picking up on cues such as body language, facial expressions, imagery, and music. This may result in forming an emotional bond, influencing a person's decisions and actions.

make short video

Visuals, rather than text or audio, are simpler to remember because they allow your audience to "feel" your message. As a result, video has become an indispensable component of crafting presentations that your audience will remember for a long time.

Now you have understood the importance of using a video in a Presentation, but another question arises what kind of video you can include in your presentation?

Well, it depends; if the presentation is regarding the launch of the product, then you can add the video of that product in your presentation; if the presentation is of a school science project, then you can insert a video from the YouTube regarding that topic if the presentation is of Sales/revenue or audience insights you can insert video of Yourself explaining the metrics.

For the product, you can capture a clip of a product tutorial and can add it to the presentation; for the school's project, you can add a video from YouTube, but if you want to record yourself speaking, then you cannot just pick a camera and start recording yourself and let's suppose if you did this, the presentation will be unprofessional and can give a bad impact on your clients/managers/colleagues.

To record yourself speaking, you need a potent screen recording and editing software that will take your video to the next level; you can even put the PowerPoint slide you prepared in the background to give it a unique feeling using a sound screen recording and editing software.

How to Make a Short Video for a Presentation?

Let’s assume that you need a video of yourself speaking or explaining the Presentation; in that case, as we discussed, a robust and potent screen recording software will be handy like the Wondershare DemoCreator.

make short video

Wondershare DemoCreator is a screen recording and video editing software that allows users to capture, create, and distribute videos for personal, commercial, and educational usage. This simple, inexpensive, and versatile platform allows users to record anything from their PC screen, web camera, system, and microphone all at the same time.

Wondershare DemoCreator comes with tools and features that will help you make your movies more understandable, appealing, and creative. Transitions, green screens, and cursor effects are all available as text animations. You may also add notes to your films, add backdrops, drawings, overlays, and stickers to make them more interesting, and zoom in and out on specific parts of the recordings.

Let’s explore how to record a short video for presentation using this versatile screen recording and editing software;

Record Screen, Audio, and Webcam at the same time

Download Wondershare DemoCreator on your Personal computers and launch the software; click “New Recording” mode on the main interface. This recording mode will allow you to record the screen, audio, and webcam simultaneously at the same time.


Once you have clicked, a window will pop up, and here, you can adjust the size of the screen you want to record.

make short video

After you have adjusted the recording area, now comes the audio and webcam icon on the right of the window. If you want to record yourself with a webcam and microphone, enable both in the settings and ensure that the Webcam and microphone are connected to your computer.

Once you are done with all the settings, it's time to capture the short video for presentation; click the red icon to start or record or press the F10 key.

If you want to pause the recording in the middle, hit the F1 key to do so, and to resume, hit the F1 key again; while recording, you can also enable the screen drawing tools to highlight, type, and draw on your screen.

After recording the video, press the F10 key to stop the recording, and the software will directly take you to the editor. See? How simple it is to record anything on the screen with a webcam and audio with DemoCreator in no time; this is why DemoCreator is popular among many content creators, lecturers, and businesses for crafting any video using its intuitive features and user-friendly interface.

Quick Export with DemoCreator

FastExport is entirely free for subscribers and allows you to instantly export your video to your computer without dragging it on the timeline. Users who do not want to modify the video with DemoCreator's editing tool will appreciate Fast Export.

Navigate to the media library, and right-click on it to open the various options.

Select FastExport, and select the media you wish to Export. You may also alter the saving path and name your video.

make short video

How to Record Online with DemoCreator Addon-DemoAir?

Wondershare DemoAir, a new cloud-based online screen recorder for Chrome users, has been released. It offers immediate alternatives for capturing their screen and supports incorporating a microphone and camera in the video recording. Users can also share the recorded video as a link and upload it to Google Classroom and YouTube.

make short video

You can rapidly record and share endless video messages with your screen, voice, face, or all together using the DemoAir screen recorder. DemoAir assists you to get your message out quickly and utilizes the power of video.

Add the DemoAir screen recorder extension to the chrome from the Chrome Web store.

Once the DemoAir online recording extension is successfully added to your chrome extension, next click on the extension.

make short video

Next, a Window will pop up where you can select to record Desktop, Current Tab, or Webcam only. Let's suppose we are recording the Desktop activity, now click on “DeskTop.”

make short video

Set up access to your "Microphone" and select your audio device to record voice-over with your microphone. Set up access to your "Webcam" and select your webcam device to record both your desktop screen and the webcam feed at the same time.

Enable "System Audio" to capture audio from your PC. If you want to write and draw on the recording screen, enable "Drawing Tools."

Now click on “Start Recording” to record your desktop activity.

Next, a window will pop up asking if you'd like to record your entire screen or a specific Window.

make short video

DemoAir will capture all activity on your screen if you select the Entire Screen option.

DemoAir will only record the exact browser page or application window that you pick if you choose Windows. To begin recording, click "Share."

Based on your selected option the DemoAir will start recording on the count of three.

make short video

To pause the recording in between, select the button from the DemoAir browser extension to do so; or press the shortcut ALT+Shift+P.

make short video

To enable the screen drawing tool, click on the “Pencil Icon” or press the shortcut (Alt+P).

To enable or disable the Webcam, click on the “Webcam Icon” or press the shortcut (ALT+W).

To focus on the pointer of your screen, click the “Arrow Icon” and then select “Pointer Focus Icon” or hit the shortcut (ALT+F).

make short video

Once you are done with recording your Desktop activity, click on the red icon or hit ALT+Shift+R to stop the recording.

The application will take you to another tab where you can rename the video file, trim it and get the shareable link.

make short video

Quickly generate Shareable Link and Share with others

When the application will take you to the next page, here you can also copy the shareable link to share your videos with others. The DemoAir also empowers you to collaborate with your teams.

You can also share your video directly to YouTube, Gmail, and Google Classroom, and also you can embed the video on a website.

make short video

You can also share your video directly to YouTube, Gmail, and Google Classroom, and also you can embed the video on a website.

To download your video, you are given two options, to export your Webcam recording only or export the MP4. You can choose any of them as per your requirements. Once you have exported your video now you can Import it into the PowerPoint and include it in your Presentation.

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Inserting videos in a Presentation is a smart move, remember that your audience will pay attention to those things only that they will find appealing and videos are one of them. Do not make your slides so wordy with long paragraphs, instead, make short bullet points, include visuals, and clip arts where necessary, and include video to demonstrate things.

By keeping all these things in mind, you will be able to craft an amazing winning Presentation that will grasp your audience’s attention throughout and you will be successful in giving out your message.

We have introduced two dynamic and versatile products of Wondershare which are “DemoCreator” and “DemoAir” both can be used to create short videos for presentation. Both applications of Wondershare promise high-quality video.