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How to Make YouTube Promo Video

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

You work with a firm in the marketing department, and you want to promote an initiative by your department? You just bought new articles for your e-commerce store, and you want to promote your sales? Or do you want to promote your university or office's upcoming event?

Well, a scenario could be anything, one thing that might help you promote your thing. That is a powerful and engaging "Youtube Promo Video" that can create hype and curiosity among your audience for the thing you are promoting.

Promo videos are an excellent tool for attracting potential customers by building awareness and hype over Youtube for upcoming events or promotions. If your audience is unfamiliar with your business, a promo film can introduce them to it by picking their curiosity with a current deal.

You can also engage existing and potential visitors by drawing them back in and giving them another incentive to consider doing business with your organization if they are familiar with your brand.

Youtube Promo Video Maker - DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is a screen recorder and video editing software that empowers you to record your screens and edit them seamlessly.

With Wondershare Democreator, you can record demos, presentations, tutorials, games, and other activities online, and after recording, edit them like a Pro.

With dedicated features like banners, captions, overlays, arrows, and other annotations, you can give your Youtube promo videos or other clips an appealing look.

You can add colored stickers to your promo videos to make them more lively and help your message be delivered right. DemoCreator also includes easy-to-use editing tools for enhancing the video's creativity.

You can clip, copy, speed up/slow down video, modify the border, combine, and change the volume, among other things.

Dedicated Features

Wondershare Democreator is a complete video solution; let’s discuss its remarkable features that will assist you in creating a powerful Youtube promo video;

Screen Recording

Recording on-screen activities are the primary feature of the Wondershare DemoCreator.

Record with Webcam

While recording the screen, you can also capture your face via Webcam, great for those users who want them on display while explaining.

Record with Microphone

DemoCreator records the system sound by default, and it can also record via microphone. Later audio tracks can be edited separately.

Custom Frame Rate

In DemoCreator, you can set a custom screen size and frame rate before recording.

Cursor effects

Using Cursor effects, you can show your audience where to look for the sale or promotion or where to click on your e-commerce website.

youtube promo video


You can add text to your youtube promo videos. Annotation can be added in various styles, including texts, arrows, banners, bubbles, overlays, and other effects.

youtube promo video

Transition Effects

Using Transition effects like erasing, evaporation, fading, flashing, you can smoothly transit one part of the video to another, creating a link between them.

youtube promo video

Transform, Cut & Crop

You can cut, crop, and do other fundamental editing functions on your youtube promo video. You can transform by changing the scale and rotation of the video position.

How to make YouTube promo video with DemoCreator

Creating powerful Promo videos for Youtube that can deliver your message to your targeted audience is easy with Wondershare DemoCreator, let’s learn how?

Capturing Videos/Photos

You can either make a promotional video by just clicking pictures of your product, books, event, or any other thing you aim to promote or record a video that can deliver your brand message.

Pictures or videos, make sure that it should be quality content and has the power to entice others. For instance, if you are a Shoe brand owner, you might record a video of a boy/girl doing sports, running, or jogging wearing your brand shoes.

Or you can even click pictures of that moment if you want; an excellent promotional video can also be created using pictures only.

Beginning with DemoCreator

Once you have captured the perfect snaps/clips for your promotional videos, it's time to edit them with dedicated features of DemoCreator;

Add Photos/Videos

To upload your pictures/videos hover to the Library > All, click on File, and click Import Media Files.

youtube promo video

Preview the Clips

Before you begin editing, make sure to preview your video. For this, move around the cursor over the clip to get a preview.

Audio Editing

To remove the sound of a particular video or a clip, right-click on it and select Mute.

Trim your Video

You can remove the unwanted part of your promo video using the Trimming tool. Choose the file and hover your mouse to the end of the clip. An icon will appear, and then you can drag it to trim the unwanted part.

youtube promo video

To trim multiple clips at once, hit Ctrl and select all the clips you want to Trim.

Adding a Border

After all cutting and cropping, it's time to add borders in your video. You can add a border using the button in the window displayed. The maximum size of a border is 50.

Split Video

Using the Split tool, you can dissect your video into two pieces. Position the playhead and right-click for the menu, and then go for a split.

Voice Over

To create a compelling promo video, use a voice-over to your video. For this, click on the Voice over icon in the toolbar.

Add Marker

To add a marker, hover to the toolbar and opt for the marker icon.

Fade in and Fade out

At the start adding a nice effect like "Fade in" might catch your audience's attention; for this, drag the left marker to the right. To Fade out at the end, drag the right marker to the other side.


Hit the Export button once your promo video is fully edited. You can export your video into the desired format and in the desired folder. You can also share your promo video from DemoCreator directly on Youtube. To do this, click on the Youtube menu and sign in; afterward, you can share directly to Youtube.

How to make cartoon virtual human video for promo?

As the world is shifting towards the Metaverse, the DemoCreator comes up with the new and innovative feature “Virtual Human.” This feature empowers you to create your own lively and professional video with your Avatar.

youtube promo video

The Virtual Human feature of DemoCreator tracks your jaw, eyes, ears, and pupils using AI machine learning. Here is how it works;

  • Move your head, and your Avatar will follow and move it.
  • Talk into your mic, and the Avatar will lip-sync and mimic recorded audio.

How to use Virtual Human?

With this innovative feature of DemoCreator, you can make a unique Youtube promo video that will outclass and make your promotional video outstand with your competitors; here is how;

  • Download the newest version of the DemoCreator or if you have one, upgrade it to the newest version available. The Virtual Human feature is available for Windows Operating systems.

youtube promo video

  • After downloading/upgrading, launch the DemoCreator software and select “Virtual Human” mode.
  • Now enable your Web Camera and select a virtual person you desire. The virtual person or the avatar you have just selected will mimic your facial expressions and body language, making sure that your camera is well adjusted.

youtube promo video

  • Align the position facing, test if the avatar you choose can move in sync with you. Afterward, click the red button or press F9 to start recording.
  • Another exciting feature for Avatar users is that they can change the backgrounds before recording. The DemoCreator comes up with various backgrounds, including the classroom, office, meeting, gaming, etc.

youtube promo video

  • Once you have uniquely made the Youtube promo video using DemoCreator's Virtual Human feature, it's time to export it. Hit the F10 key to stop recording.
  • Check the recorded promo video to ensure that everything is perfect. Afterward, you can Fast Export your promo video or Re-record it.

How to make promo ads?

Besides promo videos you can also make promo ads on DemoCreator, you can use these promo videos to promote your business, event, product, services etcon Youtube, or any other social media platform which your targeted audience use daily. Follow the simple steps below;

Add Photos/Videos

To upload your pictures/videos hover to the Library > All, click on File, and click Import Media Files.

youtube promo video

youtube promo video

Preview the Clips

Before you begin editing, make sure to preview your video. For this, move around the cursor over the clip to get a preview.

Adjust the Speed

You might have seen promotional ads with fast forward speed. This is because the maximum time of a promotional ad is 15 seconds, so you have to deliver your message in this time frame to grab the attention of your potential customers.

youtube promo video

Select the clips to adjust their speed, go to the Properties window available on the right0-side of the interface. You can input the desired percentage to speed up or slow down to adjust the speed of the promotional ad.

Add Captions

To express your promo information to the audience you must add the captions which can deliver your message to your audience. Caption effects and other text can make your promotion ad standout and assist the viewer to understand your message.

youtube promo video

The DemoCreator provides four captions, including the opener, end credit, and lower third. To add a caption in your promo ad, drag a text you desire onto your clip and double click on it to open the settings panel where you edit, modify and type the text.

How to make an event promo video?

DemoCreator is a complete solution for all your video recording and editing challenges. You can record any video, whether lecture, meeting, game, and so on.

You can also promote your event by making short teasers for the events. You can record yourself discussing the preparations; you can also record your guests (who will be attending the event) in which they will promote and invite others to join at the event.

Let’s begin making an event promo video with DemoCreator;

Begin with Screen recording

youtube promo video

Launch the software of DemoCreator and move to the option of screen recorder. Click on the option “Screen+Webcam” under the Recorder Tab. After adjusting the options of capture area, and audio click on the “Record” button to begin recording.

youtube promo video

WebCam Capture

youtube promo video

You can capture your face via the web camera while simultaneously recording your device screen. This feature will help you in explaining your audience the objective behind the event you are going to host and the screen recording of slides will support your message.

Microphone Sound Capture

youtube promo video

Suppose you don't want yourself to be presented on the screen while recording; you can also engage your audience by voice only. Wondershare DemoCreator may also capture high-quality audio directly from a microphone for this purpose.

It also keeps the recorded audio separated from the captured screen, allowing for better editing later, like mixing, blending, and adding separate sounds.


youtube promo video

While editing the promo video, you can also record the voice that you want in the video. The Voiceover feature will help you directly speak to your message aside from video, and it will assist the audience with your primary motive.


youtube promo video

Once you have finished editing your promo video, now it's time to export it as an MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, and MP3 file as you desired. You will name your video and choose a location to store the exported file.

In this Export window, you can adjust your video's resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and other settings.

How to make Personalized Messages?

Marketing campaigns are created to attract new customers to your company. The next step is to start the communication process once you have the name, email address, and contact information.

A personalized video can help you reach out to your potential customer and communicate with them. It should include important information and data for your customer.

For instance, you can give your customer a customized video based on their product usage, a unique demo based on their needs, or a customized travel itinerary video based on their preferences. The possibilities are infinite.

Personalization is effective. Two-thirds of customers prefer to buy from a company that knows their name and buying history. Personalized marketing, when done correctly, boosts brand loyalty, engagement, and conversions, as well as customer retention.

youtube promo video

The secret to achieving success with the Personalized videos is to plan a proper strategy. Create a good video rollout strategy, track its success, and tweak it as needed.

The video platform is one of the most critical factors influencing the entire process. A full-featured video platform with screen recording, customization of content, webcam embedding, video editing, video sharing, and more.

Use Wondershare DemoAir as your video platform if you want to see the benefits of sales videos spread throughout your sales team. It provides your sales force with the necessary and advanced capabilities to help them meet their sales targets.

DemoAir is an online screen recorder that allows you to record only your desktop, browser tabs, or webcam and publish the video to various platforms.

Let’s begin learning to create a Personalized video with DemoAir;

Install & Launch

Browse the official website of DemoAir and click on “Add to Chrome” button. Likewise, you can also go to the web store of the Google chrome, search “DemoAir” and directly install extension on your browser.

youtube promo video

Add To Chrome
safe accessSecure Access
Start Recording Now
safe accessSecure Access

On the top right corner click on Extensions icon and enable the toggle infront of DemoAir.

youtube promo video

Start Recording

Launch the Google Chrom and click on the DemoAir Icon from the extension bar when you want to record a Personalized Message. From here, you have to select a mode;

  • If you want to record all the activities on your desktop, then go for “Desktop mode.”
  • If you want to record a specific Tab, go for the “Current Tab mode.”
  • If you want to record yourself making a personalized message, then go for “Webcam only mode.”

youtube promo video

Here, we also have some additional options to set up the microphone or webcam or turn on/off the system's audio for recording. Once you have setup everything clicks on "Start Recording."

You can make an excellent personalized video using any of the three modes. Suppose that we have selected the "Webcam only" mode to make a personalized message that effectively communicates with your customer.

The Webcam mode enables the camera and microphone access on Chrome. When you will click on the “Start Recording” button, it will start recording the webcam input with dedicated options at the bottom.

youtube promo video

Using the Drawing Tool

When recording a personalized video/message on DemoAir, you will see a drawing toolbar at the bottom of the interface. And from here you can use its various features like pen, mouse highlights, and focus mode.

youtube promo video

Using Focus mode, you can use your pointer to focus on any area. The Pen tool will assist you in selecting a color to draw anything on the screen. With the Mouse highlight mode, you can simply highlight the mouse clicks.

From the extension tab, you can pause/stop the recording.

Export and Share

Once you have recorded your personalized message, it's time to save it. Click on the DemoAir icon and hover to the "My Videos" feature. Please select the videos you want to export, rename, or directly download on your computer from the videos here.

youtube promo video

You may find the option to share the video with others by generating a unique link in the sidebar. You can also easily upload it to YouTube, Google Drive, Google Classroom, and other platforms using the embed code generated here.

DemoAir's free edition allows you to record movies for up to 5 minutes; upgrade to the premium version to access its screen recorder without watermark.


A promo video is a mini commercial to push viewers to check out a product, service, event, or content asset. Also known as hype videos and teaser videos, the primary purpose of a promo video is to entice people to learn more.

Promo videos drive traffic. They're like big flashing signs pointing viewers to your website or landing pages. Naturally, brand awareness goes hand in hand with these videos that live at the top of your marketing funnel.

Great promo videos are highly shareable and quickly summarize a product or service while creating buzz and generating leads.

Wondershare DemoCreator is an all-in-one tool for all your video sharing and screen recording tasks. This contemporary screen recorder version integrates screen sharing and video editing on the same platform.

With DemoCreator, you can make an outstanding Youtube promo video to promote anything you want. Using its "Virtual Human" option, you can also introduce a virtual cartoon human of yourself in your promo video using its "Virtual Human" option.

You can also make attracting promo ads with DemoCreator to drive your sale or promote any other thing. You can also make an event promo video with it to promote an event.

It comes with hands-on video editing knowledge. This program provides customized video demonstrations using cursors and keystrokes. It allows you to convert videos to MP4, AV1, or MOV formats. It also allows you to record speech and video from your camera.

Using Wondershare DemoAir, you can make a powerful personalized message and share it seamlessly from the same platform.