Top 10 Useful Tools to Merge Videos Online Free

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Video merging is a useful technique that helps us in the place where we have no option but to record small-length videos on our mobile as the mobile never allows us to record large videos.

It creates many problems for people belonging to different professions like vloggers, news reporters, teachers, sometimes product designers, etc.


Let's take the simple example of a youtuber, or social media vlogger, who just started his career and is struggling. A beginner vlogger will always use a good quality camera at the beginning days but still this good quality camera will not help him in making large videos. This problem sometimes becomes hard to tackle.

But, don’t worry, here in this article, we have brought you the solution for this problem.


To solve this puzzle, you have to use the video combining concept as mentioned above. A video combining or merging is nothing but combining two or more videos into one video file.

Those multiple videos can be both short or lengthy. The best thing about video merging is that you don’t have to use the combination of complex tools in video editing software to merge your videos, instead, they are already developed and available in the software or application separately.

In this article, we will give you the ten best software for video combining, and in the end, we will tell you which is the best software today and deeply cite how to use it to merge videos.

9 Tools to Combine Videos Online for Free

The best thing about the online software or application is that they run on your web browser and so never require hardware specs to run on your localhost. The software below is also web-based and that is why they require the internet to run.

You can use them just by first signing up and later login in to get inside your profile to make your projects. The other best thing about them is you as a user don’t have to worry about upgrading the software, the developers of the site handle it by themselves.

The top ten best online video editing software are.

NO. 1

As the Pixiko website says, the software is online and completely free to use. The application is so easy to use that you just need to follow three steps to merge your videos.

Pixiko has a powerful video editor that you can use after merging your videos. The editor contains all the tools like trimming, crop, background music, effects, filters, animations, transitions, texts, and a lot more.

You can also use their hundreds of pre-generated templates on your videos. Open the application after signing up or logging in. You will have the main window with the menu bar of different options above the screen. From here you just have to click on the upload option to import your videos to the application.


Then you will click on the Merge option from the above menu bar after that it will motivate you to set the order for your videos, set the order, and then click on the merge below on the left corner. See, it is so easy.

NO. 2
Fastreel by Movavi

Fastreel developed by Movavi is another best online option for you. But the software has a pricing option for advanced features. Fastreel allows you to merge, compress, split, and make a video in the most efficient way and with the best editing tools.

You start by selecting the merge option on the website and then upload your videos by clicking Add your files option.

fastreel by movavi

After that, you will add the settings and transitions and then by clicking on continue your videos will be merged. After that, you can select the download option to download your project. Fastreel also contains video editing tools like adding your watermark, cropping, speed controls, reversing, adding music to your videos, looping, rotating, resizing, and a bundle of more tools.

NO. 3

Clideo is a well-known online video editing application. The application has over 4.1 million-plus monthly users. Clideo allows you to merge, compress, add subtitles, resize, cut, make memes and videos, and control the speed of your videos. It is all in one easy to use web-based application. But for advanced features, you have to go for the pricing option on the website.


You can easily merge your videos by just clicking on the merge option and then a screen will appear asking you to choose files from your local storage to merge them. You can add transitions, music to your video also.

Not only videos but you can also merge audio and pictures too. Drag and drop your videos from the project panel and arrange them to the timeline. You can set volumes, add duration, etc. And then, easily download your projects.

NO. 4

Typito is another free video editing tool available online. The application has a dazzling and powerful video editor that allows you to merge your videos quickly. Typito is an easy to use drag and drop video editor, you can design a brand for your products,

you can add instant captions, add dozens of video formats, use 600,000+ free images, use 500+ templates, and other exciting features.

Start designing your video by just signing up and logging in. For more features than available in the free version, Typito gives your pricing option. Start by clicking get started-it's free and then drop your media to the application and start merging them.


NO. 5

Wofox is also the best choice to merge and edit your videos. It is also free to use and only requires signing up and logging in to start using it. The application gives you a bundle of tools to edit your videos like merging, story maker, intro maker, animated design, cinematography, graphic design, templates, effects, and many other tools and features.


NO. 6
Creator Kit

Creator Kit is a free easy to use application. Creator Kit has a very user-friendly and appealing user interface. The application allows you to add templates to your videos, you can add animations, you can make brand design plus make ads for your products. Creator Kit is specifically developed for raising you on social platforms. Start editing your videos by signing up.


NO. 7


Kapwing is the most appealing and exciting application developed for video editing and merging. You just have to start by clicking on start editing to start clicking your videos. Kapwing makes you record, edit, collaborate on video efficiently. The application gives you ways to add templates, modify backgrounds, add music, and edit with other powerful features quickly.

After clicking on start editing, upload your videos from the local storage and start merging and editing them.

NO. 8
Online UniConverter


Online UniConverter is a video and picture format converter as well as a well-recommended online video editor. The application allows you to merge, compress, convert, edit videos and audios in a very small time and yet produce the best results. The application is free to use but again you have to purchase this application for accessing advanced features.

You can start editing by signing up or just by clicking choose files option on the website. You can also make thumbnails and gifs from UniConverter.

NO. 9


With Keevi you can create professional and exciting-looking videos in a few minutes. Keevi is not only an awesome video editor but can also merge your videos perfectly. Go to their website and start by uploading your files and start editing them.

You can add texts, stickers, backgrounds, effects, themes, and transitions to your videos. Keevi has special functionalities for making youtube and other social media videos like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The application has an artificial intelligence-powered video editing tool and hence gives you suggestions and corrects where you go apart from the track. You can easily share and export your videos on more than 30+ social media platforms.

DemoCreator-The Best Video Editor Tool

DemoCreator is the foremost both online available and desktop available application. DemoCreator is specifically developed for video editing. The application is completely free to use and is completely beginner to use. You don’t need any video tutorial to perform any video editing while using DemoCreator.


DemoCreator has more than five hundred video editing resources. The application allows you to record your screen drawing on screen while recording or making videos, you can catch webcam and microphone recording and edit them easily. DemoCreator also allows you to add voiceovers and remove voice from the background.

You can add background music, templates, themes to your videos. Some of the powerful features of the application are given below.

Combining videos

You can quickly combine your videos easily using DemoCreator. After downloading or installation formalities launch the application and the main window will ask you to record screen or edit videos. In your case, you have to edit the videos.


Now, after clicking the video editor, the main window will appear. Click on the File option above and then click on the Import option. After importing your videos to the DemoCreator project panel, select them all and right-click. A small window will appear on which you have to click add to timeline at playhead.


After that drag and drop the videos on the timeline. On timeline arrange your video by dragging in the order you want to arrange them. In this way, you will combine your videos.


Trim video

After dragging your files to the timeline, you have to double-click on the video you have to trim. After opening the clip, set your cursor to the clip corners and then drag the clip by setting the marker in any direction.


Cut video

Now, after following the above same process and after adding your videos to the timeline, right-click on the video part you want to cut and then click cut from the small menu.


Make video slideshow

Again after adding all your photos on the timeline by the same process described above you can make your slideshow after adding some tweaks like transitions, stickers, intros, texts, and a lot more. See the snapshot below. These are the options that you can use on your slide show.

These are the options you will select from the left side of the main window.

Plenty of video resource packs

DemoCreator has more than five hundred plus video editing resources. Download the application and start exploring it now. Some of them are already described above.

Transition effect

You can add a transition effect on your videos or photo slideshow after clicking the transition option on the left of the window. Select your favourite transition from the window showing multiple transitions and drag it to the timeline on the video or photo where you want it to be.



From the left of the window, click on the Caption option as you click for transition effects. Then select and drag and drop your caption to the time on the video, before the video or after the video. If you want to add a caption before or after the particular video then drag the caption on a video and then select a video and drag it to left or right separating from the video.


From the right of the window modify the captions according to your satisfaction.


You can also add annotations to your videos or photos easily. After adding all your media stuff on the timeline. Click on the annotation option on the left above the caption options. From here, you can add annotations by dragging them to the timeline and editing and modifying them from the right-most setting panel.


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