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  • ●DemoCreator is a free online background remover.
  • ●It is also an advanced captions editing tool.
  • ●It is a free online auto captions generator.

Top 10 Online Video Background Remover

David Wilson
David Wilson Originally published Jun 28, 22, updated Dec 01, 23

To produce the kind of better film we want, we sometimes need to adjust the backdrop of a video. By switching a video's mundane backdrop for an amazing one, we may raise its level. Video becomes more appealing and interesting in this manner. Changing the movie backdrop may also be helpful, particularly when we lack necessary tools (such as expert lighting). You may change the backdrop of a video by removing the original one using a program that removes video backgrounds. A simple backdrop may be changed into one that is more aesthetically attractive. You may select from the top 10 free video background removers on my list.

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Why You Will Need Video Background Remover

Before AI background removal techniques were developed, removing picture backgrounds was a pain. Having a clear cutout provides you the chance to change the design while you are creating a presentation or editing product images. You may use automated background removers to remove the background from images for free now due to AI-powered background removers. You may find a list of online picture background removers and background removal programs in this review. The majority of them use AI algorithms-driven automated backdrop removers. We uploaded the photos and checked each one individually to check their functionality. You just need to go through this collection of picture background removers as a result. Find the finest one now to streamline your productivity and encourage creativity.

10 Best video background removers

1. DemoCreator

DemoCreator is a feature-rich, free video editing program that is still among the finest for PCs. It is easy to use even for beginners despite having a lot of capabilities. A video with only one color may have its backdrop removed with this editor. It has a Chroma key filter that allows you to simply supply the background color to this tool in order to eliminate the backdrop from a video. This program also allows you to modify the backdrop of a movie in addition to deleting it.

DemoCreator has established itself as one of the top programs for media editing with all its brilliance. There are several icons throughout the incredibly simple and clean UI. It provides a selection of alternatives and tools that are practical as you advance in your video editing career. This might be a fantastic alternative if the project you're working on doesn't call for a lot of visual effects or really extensive changes. A video background remover is another feature of the user-friendly program that offers customers simplicity and enjoyment when it comes to removing a backdrop from a video.

Key Features:

  • Countless tracks and layers
  • The simple design and user-friendly interface make it ideal for basic modification.
  • A vast collection of audio and video transitions, as well as animated title templates.
  • Unlimited layers for watermarks, audio tracks, and video backgrounds.
  • Simple video cutting, cropping, and resizing
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Effective keyframe animation framework

2. Kapwing

Given that it is entirely online and offers all the fundamental features of professional video editing software, Kapwing is one of the finest free video editors for both Windows and Mac users. To make a shareable movie, use Kapwing to crop and edit video segments, add transitions, overlay pictures, and music, and produce subtitles. Additionally, it enables teams, allowing producers to work together and edit or produce a video in Realtime.

online video background remover

A free and all-in-one video editing, resizing, trimming, converting, and cutting tool is called Kapwing. Even with the free plan, you may add, modify, and remove video backgrounds for up to 30 minutes. While Kapwing is among the top free video editing programs for Windows and Mac users, its subscription plan offers extra tools that help improve editing even more.


  • Collaborative workplace that is simple to utilize
  • provides almost all of the fundamental editing features you'd need to make your next Vlog stand out.
  • Drag and drop editor
  • A large selection of templates
  • Allows for the import of audio and video from YouTube and other URLs.
  • AI-powered tools including the automated translation function, background removal tool, and subtitle generator.
  • Backs HD resolution

3. UnScreen

Kaleido created the internet utility UnScreen. With a free and pro account, it is a specialist video background remover. You may submit your video, edit it without using a green screen for the backdrop, and download it as a watermark-free GIF or PNG using the free account. You must upload and download information. There is nothing extra, and UnScreen automatically removes the video backdrop with great results! UnScreen replaces the original backdrop by default with a transparent one, but you may alter it to a different movie, color, or picture.

online video background remover

UnScreen is a fantastic solution that will automatically remove the video backdrop without requiring even a single click. To begin editing, you simply need to submit the footage, which should be in the MP4, WebM, MOV, and gif formats. It's as easy as drinking coffee while getting the work done to upload the footage, choose from the gorgeous backdrops you wish to use, and get your file. To begin editing, all you need to do is upload the video clip in the MP4, WebM, OGG, MOV, or GIF format. Next, choose a stunning backdrop for your movie from the collection.


  • Full HD quality Support for both videos and GIF
  • Online and easily accessible
  • No registration required
  • 100% automatically, online, and free
  • No watermarks on the output videos
  • Remove video backdrop with only a few clicks

4. BgRem

BgRem makes it simple for you to quickly remove the backdrop from your movies or images. You must submit your video or picture for BgRem to remove the video backdrop for you online for free. By creating an account with BgRem, you may delete up to 30 seconds of watermarked, 1080P Full HD movie backdrop.

online video background remover

An entirely other video, color, or picture backdrop may be used in lieu of your photo or video background when using BgRem. It offers a simple Dragan drop interface, multiformat timelines that let you mix and match resolutions and frame rates within a project, and Dragan drop objects. It contains a stunning color wheel that enables professional-level color correction, as well as several video wipes transitions. Additionally, you may submit your own background image or just leave it translucent.


  • Generators for color, text, noise, and counters
  • Includes tone generators, audio scopes, and mixers.
  • Numerous transitions and filters
  • 360-degree video effects and filters
  • Support for several platforms and codec independence

5. Deelvin (online)

For designers looking to work more productively and efficiently, Deelvin is the perfect picture backdrop remover. In order to provide you with a crisp, smooth, and natural cut, particularly on the edges, Deelvin AI precisely finds the primary topic in each picture. This tool is used by users in photography, journalism, news, advertising, and other sectors to remove white backgrounds and other backgrounds from photographs.

Whether using a PC or a smartphone, the web-based program enables users to remove undesirable backgrounds with the assurance that the erased backgrounds will be replaced. To assist you to decide whether you could utilize the online product, a few characteristics are described below.


  • Complex filters and effects
  • Photo editing magic
  • Rapidly download and analyze images
  • A variety of preinstalled backdrop patterns
  • Several pre-installed backdrop patterns

6. Cutout.Pro (online)

Cutout.Pro video backdrop removal is handled for you by The result will be a stunning video that lacks distracting backdrops and is free of clicks, cropping, and unpleasant distortion. The first cloud-based; one clicks video backdrop removal service in the world is called Cutout.Pro. You don't have to spend time on tiresome manual work since they remove your movie backdrops automatically and without a single click. With our wide range of professional tools, you may remove any kind of background with this. It's never been simpler to edit.

online video background remover


  • There are several editing features.
  • You have the option of using the manual removal method if you're dissatisfied with the automated removal.
  • Batch editing is supported.

7. Keevi (online)

Another excellent option for you is Keevi. This program is designed for those who detest spending time on convoluted video editing tools. You don't have to with Keevi! You can simply modify your video, including eliminating background noise and changing the backdrop to any video, using their free video editor.

online video background remover

With Keevi's new "Backdrop Remover tool," you can quickly remove the background from your shot. To quickly and instantly erase your backdrop, just click "Erase." Our image collection offers more than 1 million photos, which is all you'll ever need to quickly produce high-quality graphics. Keevi can help you create the perfect Facebook cover picture, Instagram post, or PowerPoint presentation for business.


  • It is basic and straightforward to use.
  • The topic is automatically removed.
  • Users are free to select the backdrop of their choice.
  • It works with all gadgets.

8. Filmora

With Filmora, you may instantly eliminate video backdrops while editing your videos. Even without a green screen, Filmora may easily remove unwanted backdrops with just one click. This software's general user interface is well-organized, making it easy to locate and utilize the necessary capabilities. By dragging your backdrop to the timeline, you may rapidly change the video background in Filmora with your own.

online video background remover

Another free video background removal program for Windows and MacOS is Filmora. It can also erase the backdrop from a video that just has one color, like other comparable tools. It has a Green Screen tool that enables you to completely eliminate a color from a video's backdrop. Additionally, it offers a large number of built-in video effects, video filters, transition effects, text effects, etc. Additionally, it provides a variety of tools for editing videos, including a timeline editor, the ability to divide selected clips, the ability to remove audio links, the ability to reverse clips, and more. As a video editor, it has the built-in capability to import video files in a variety of formats, including MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, and MP4.


  • It enables mass picture background removal.
  • For a precise backdrop removal, Filmora provides a manual option.
  • The original quality is maintained throughout the export process.
  • It offers a no-cost trial version.

9. Flixier

Another free video backdrop removal program is Flixier. You may eliminate videos with backgrounds made of only one color with this additional video editing program. The backdrop's color is irrelevant; nonetheless, it must be a background made up entirely of that one color.

online video background remover

You may use it to edit videos, vlogs, lesson videos, and other types of videos since it is also a video editing program. Additionally, it provides all necessary video editing tools, including a multitrack timeline editor, editing tools (Trim In, Slide, Slip, etc.), a video preview player, etc. Additionally, it can handle video, picture, and audio data in almost all formats flawlessly.


  • Various color grading and color correction tools are provided.
  • Additionally, this program offers a number of specific audio tools.
  • It has a manual removal function that the user may employ.
  • There is a preferred backdrop selection option.

10. (online)

The only thing you had to do to use Removeit, another great video background removal program, was to open your web browser. Upload a video and let their AI servers take care of removing the backdrop while you sit back and relax. The simplest approach to making a professional-looking video with a green screen backdrop is to use an online editor. You may edit your movie to perfection and add any backdrop with only a few clicks! It offers a range of affects you may use to further enhance the appeal of your video in addition to being quick and simple to use.


  • Images that are automatically cropped seem excellent.
  • It works with all gadgets.
  • Users may choose their chosen backdrop from the altered picture, which keeps its quality.
  • The altered picture has no watermark.

Our Recommendation: Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is without a doubt the easiest video background remover available. It is an excellent program that may automatically eliminate the video backdrop without requiring even a single click. A PC video editing program with an astounding selection of effects is called DemoCreator. All transitions, visual effects, and drag and drop capabilities are available with ease.

It can enhance your videos with its wide selection of overlay effects and video filters. The program allows you to create slideshows of music videos and can trim and edit a video like a Hollywood blockbuster utilizing effects like zoom-out, sketch, and vintage cinema. You may quickly convert AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, and pictures to many formats with this tool. All major video and audio formats are compatible.

1. DemoCreator as Screen Recorder

This all-in-one screen recording program provides several choices for recording the screen, as well as video demonstrations, presentations, games, and more. The nicest feature of this program is the ability to choose the area of the screen to capture. In addition, you are permitted to modify the video that is being captured by the program live on the screen.

online video background remover

2. DemoCreator as Video Presenter

You may work with many media files simultaneously while using this video editing software. Yes, DemoCreator allows you to edit video, audio, and photos in 50 different formats to produce your professional demo work.

online video background remover

You have a variety of possibilities using the program to upload various movies from your computer system. To add additional files to the movie, just choose File from the main menu and then click Import Media Files.

3. DemoCreator as Video Editor

DemoCreator provides all the necessary video editing tools to edit, chop, divide, and modify your films, just like any other video editing program. For simple video editing, just choose the necessary tool from the tool’s menu.

online video background remover

Many more video editing capabilities are available with rapid access, including fade-in and fade-out effects, separate audio in tracks, annotation effects, interactive video effects, cursor effects, and much more. You may also use a variety of additional tools to give your movie a more polished appearance. By adding a title with text and animations, you can make the movie your own.


Without using Photoshop, you may effortlessly remove the background from a picture utilizing automated background removers. Just submit a picture, and AI will take care of the rest. With web-based background erasing programs, ease comes at the expense of accurate accuracy. However, for the majority of individuals, the change is either undetectable or just not worth the effort invested. We advise pursuing DemoCreator in tandem for this reason.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.
David Wilson
David Wilson Dec 01, 23
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