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Best Product Demo Examples

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More than ever before, consumers are able to make better decisions about the products and services they purchase because of their internet research. To ensure a transaction goes well, it's critical to thoroughly answer any questions a prospective customer may have regarding a product and to confirm that it meets their needs before making a sale. Product demonstration videos are helpful at this time.

It is critical for SaaS firms to do a product demo, which is also known as a sales demo, throughout the sales process. Using a product demo film, you may show off your products to potential customers through a video presentation. If you want to demonstrate the value of your product to a prospective customer, this is a unique chance.

These videos allow you to illustrate to your potential customers the most significant parts of your product, which enhances the possibility that they will become long-term customers of your company.

Why will You Need a Product Demo?

People get a better idea of what it will be like to use the real product after watching a product demo video. This is because the video shows how the product works by showing it in action.

Benefits of Product Demos

Following are some benefits to opt for product demos:


If you want to put your customers' minds at ease regarding your goods, show them a video demonstration of it first. As a result, potential consumers get to watch a demonstration of the product in action and learn about its benefits.

Having a clear picture of how your product will help your prospective clients achieve their goals boosts the credibility of the promises your product makes.

Thorough Explanation of Benefits and Features

Using demo videos, you may present your product's features and benefits to potential customers without making it seem as if you're actively marketing it. You'll get a chance to showcase your product's unique selling proposition during the demonstration. You may also explain why specific features have been implemented and how these features make it simpler for your customer to solve their problem.

Real-Time Feedback

During a product presentation, you are permitted to ask customers directly whether they have any questions, complaints, or suggestions concerning the product in question. This type of real-time feedback may provide you with unique insights into how to improve the quality of your products.

Blueprint of the Product

Using a product demo video, you may explain your product in a way that is both understandable and convincing. Because of this, you may use it as a template when presenting your product to your employees. A demo video of the product will provide customers with a better understanding of what the product is all about.

As a result of this, your employees will be better able to explain your product to your customers. They would be aware of the most significant features and benefits, as well as the points in the presentation when they should focus on a certain component.

Types of Product Demos

To understand how different types of product demos work in various industries, let’s go through the three most common types of product demos that are often seen when the need for a product demo arises:

1. One-on-One Product Demonstration video

Its critical weapon in a sales team's inventory is the one-on-one demonstration because, when conducted well, it engages and attracts the client, determines the customer's needs, sets the framework for future contact, and ultimately increases conversions.

Consequently, they must be creatively constructed to be nothing less than an instructive experience for all participants. To be effective, you need more than the standard salesman's arrogance and a gimlet eye.

Remember that only the elements that are relevant to the customer's problem will pique their attention. As you go through your well-rehearsed presentation without pausing for air, you should keep in mind that they do not want to be directly addressed. Therefore, ask questions without presuming you know the answers.

2. Video Demo of the Product

Visitors who view a demo video have a 1.81 times higher probability of completing a purchase or becoming a customer of yours than those who don't watch the video.

When a potential customer sees a demonstration of the product or service you provide, it may have a significant influence on their choice.

Over ninety-six percent of viewers watch these films with the sole purpose of better understanding the product or service they're seeing. They may learn more about the product or service through a one-minute explainer video than they would from reading the whole website.

Why Should You Choose Video Demo?

If you want to use demo videos in your marketing strategy, you need to know what drives you and what goals guide your decisions before you can use them effectively.

The preferences and expectations of the target audience will be important in the decision-making process since you will base the format of the video, the platform on which it will be distributed, and the things that will be shown in the video on those things.

Animated product demo videos are equally as popular as live-action ones. Since you don't need actors, props, or post-production costs to make an animated video, it's less costly to produce. An animator is in charge of creating everything from start to finish.

3. Software Demo

A software demonstration is an important element of the marketing and sales materials used by all software firms. These videos are meant to help potential customers quickly understand a program's features and benefits. In addition, they may help new users learn how to use the software system without becoming lost in a confusing user interface. They can.

Brands may utilize software demos in a variety of ways. To attract new customers and set appropriate expectations about your platform, they might be an important tool.

Additionally, the company's present customers may find them valuable. The quantity of support calls you get may be reduced if you properly illustrate how your products and services function.

When and Where to Deliver?

It is possible to deliver software demos in a variety of formats. Once the complete version of the program is downloaded by customers, it is only usable for a certain period, such as fourteen days. This is one of the most common ways to do the task. If a client decides to buy an activation code along with the software, the program won't become outdated until the activation code is entered into the system.

Interactive Demos

An interactive demo is a demonstration of a product or service that includes a walk-through. It's important to follow an established storyline while creating the demo, which is represented by a series of photos, videos, and textual explanations of the product or service. Logic is then added to the Story to allow the user to progress.

Interactive product demonstrations allow both new and current customers to have a hands-on look at a product without having to wait for complicated set-up procedures. Aside from marketing and sales, interactive product demos may also be used to welcome new clients or show off the latest features to existing ones. This is because fresh templates can be swiftly generated.

10 examples of product demo videos

Here are 10 examples of product demo videos from popular brands.


You've undoubtedly heard of Duolingo, it’s a language learning platform. Look at their product demo video.

The demo video is pretty simple, clear, attractive, and understandable. They used a simple screen recording of their product (app) and explain it with the help of some text and audio.


One of the most effective ways to get a product demo off to a good start and ensure that customers are instantly interested is to introduce the purpose at the beginning of the video. This is exactly what the IKEA space product demonstration video does.

At the outset of the commercial, it is made clear that IKEA wants you to be aware of their brand-new augmented reality software.

Using IKEA's newest app, consumers can see how various pieces of IKEA furniture will appear in various areas of their own houses. This is shown in the next segment of the film.

A voiceover tells the user how to use the app in a series of easy-to-follow stages accessible at the back of the app. The app's actions are condensed down into a few simple lines, making them easy to follow.


It's impossible to find another demo like SurveyMonkey's. It's like playing a mobile game where SurveyMonkey takes you through a survey that covers the bulk of their capabilities.

The audience is shown how easy it is to distribute a survey using SurveyMonkey. Their knowledge of its compatibility with third-party platforms like Slack extends even further.

This is a demo video that does its job well and also shows the viewer how SurveyMonkey can fit into their regular workflow and how easy it is to use, from signing in to sending the survey.

Users will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the product based on their own experience with it. Even though this strategy isn't for everyone, companies who have tried it have found it to be quite lucrative.


Doors and locks manufactured by Doorport are of the highest quality. There's no need to worry about who's at the door because of their approach, which makes every house a smart home.

Doorport demonstrates in their product demo video that, despite its smoother appearance, successful demonstration videos need not necessitate a costly aesthetic.


It is possible for sales managers to keep track of and organize their sales processes using Pipedrive, a CRM software application. It takes four minutes to see their demonstration video.

There is a sense that you are listening to a real person in the narration of this sample film. Their respective demo video has personality because of this amount of detail. Because of this, you should be able to watch the 4-minute sample video without any issues. Writing and directing are both top-notch.


Simplicity and vivacity are the "essence" of Apple's products, and the company excels at this task time and time again. Even though this movie had to explain three different items, no one's tangent was ever mixed up with another.

Each of the phones is introduced in the film, with a succinct description of its distinctiveness and usefulness to the user. In addition, the video's "in-video text," which appears next to the features, is not hurried at all. In this way, readers have the opportunity to fully comprehend the content.

Even though the A12 Bionic chip is explained in great detail, the narration stays straightforward. Thus, everybody may easily comprehend what is being stated.

Graphics are used just when necessary to enhance the aesthetics. The visuals in this video are of a high grade, creating a visually attractive product demonstration. It took Apple a little over four minutes to get 32 million views for this video.


It is possible to record both the screen and the user's face at the same time using Wistia's "Soapbox" capability. This implies that you may use the Soapbox application to produce demo videos.

The script is crucial but it's not everything, as shown by Soapbox's clever use of advertising and information delivery. This company's product demonstration video demonstrates the importance of price in video creation, as well as the effectiveness of using comedic aspects to keep viewers engaged.


The masterClass is an online learning platform that allows users to study from some of the world's most renowned experts in various fields.

Despite the platform's high quality, Masterclass must prove its worth.

Using their product demo video, they demonstrate that the information they provide is reliable and worth the cost. This demonstrates a mastery of the art of public speaking.


Headspace's animated product demo video is cutting-edge, accessible, and makes it appear easy.

Their claims include "a healthier and happier living" and "a range of users with a variety of goals and at a variety of times" may all benefit from the program.

The effectiveness of this presentation lies in its ability to deliver a vast number of information without overwhelming the viewer.


With Slack, a common misconception is that it can only be used by people to communicate with one other through its vibrantly colored product demo video. They use their interface to show viewers how teams may communicate with one another.

In addition to showing off Slack's features, the demo video's narrator walks viewers through an actual usage of the program to demonstrate how they might benefit from them. This demo video concludes with a clear call to action in the shape of a simple message that reads "Get started with Slack, today."

How to make a demo presentation with Wondershare DemoCreator

In this section, we will thoroughly review how to use Wondershare DemoCreator to create stunning and sales-generating product demos.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is a screen-recording tool, however, it has a wide range of functions that go well beyond basic recording. It's up to you whether you want to capture the whole screen or just a certain portion of it. Changing the video's size and position is necessary. For a dramatic impact, you may zoom in on the image or use panning effects.

Using this cutting-edge program, you can edit your video clips, capture your webcam's content, record sound, utilize a green screen to modify the backdrop of your films, and export your projects to several file formats. You may use this program to record your monitor's content as well as utilize a green screen to modify the backdrop of your video clips.

 product demo video

Screen Recorder

Recording only what you see on your screen is often insufficient. You'll need Wondershare DemoCreator to record the audio from your microphone as well as the video from your camera. Moreover, with help of your microphone, you can speak remarks in your recording respectively. The result is that you will be seen as more credible by others who see them.

 product demo video

To show a customer how the software works, you can either give them a live demonstration or record a video tour of the application that they can watch at their own pace. Use your product's strengths to gain the trust of your customers.

Wondershare DemoCreator makes it simple to record gameplay and tutorials from your favorite PC games. It gives you a slew of options for capturing gameplay footage. Yes, it is possible to record games at frame rates as high as 60 fps and higher.

Importing your video to DemoCreator is supportive

Wondershsre DemoCreator has a handy interface. It isn’t difficult for amateurs to operate it, as it is highly perceivable. You can easily import your media by clicking on the “+” sign or by clicking on “File” from the menubar. It supports a variety of formats, so users don’t have to worry about anything.

 product demo video

Virtual presenter

The "Virtual Human" option in DemoCreator allows users to create their own animated and professional-looking webcam footage. The DemoCreator virtual person can track your jaw, eyes, ears, and pupils using machine learning. If you move your head, your avatar will follow suit. Speaking into your microphone will cause the avatar to lip-sync or even imitate your recorded voice.

 product demo video

You may choose the background of your video before it is shot. Backgrounds featuring a school, business, conference, or gaming environment are just a few of the various options available for use as a background.

Media assets and built-in avatars are available to users, and some of them have unique video effects that are not available elsewhere.


People who don't have time to customize the text themselves usually choose to use a caption template, which is also sometimes called a text overlay. Below are four Caption types that may be generated using DemoCreator:

  • Opener
  • EndCredit
  • Subtitle
  • Lower third.

You may now use the DemoCreator to generate subtitles for your videos automatically. Your subtitles will be generated with near-perfect precision thanks to this artificial intelligence-powered function. A caption created by speech recognition software may be accessible by pressing a button.

 product demo video

Rich video stock for stickers, transitions, and annotations


Annotations may be used to emphasize information that is important to you. It's possible to add annotations to any portion of a stored screen recording. To add a video annotation, just choose the one you want, then drag it onto the video.

 product demo video

Annotation length may be adjusted in proportion to the video clip to meet your specific needs. You may edit, resize, and rotate existing annotations, as well as cut, copy, and paste them.


One of the most crucial aspects of successful video production is the use of transitions and effects. There are many options to pick from when it comes to transitions and effects in Wondershare DemoCreator, compared to apps that limit you in this area.

 product demo video


One of the best features of Wondershare DemoCreator is the inclusion of stickers, which allow you to garnish your movies in several ways to maintain a cooperative tone with your audience or just to make your viewers laugh.

 product demo video

Change voice

It's feasible that voice recorders can be an extremely beneficial tool for activities that need crystal-clear speech with the least amount of background noise. Connecting a microphone to your laptop or computer and recording a voiceover may be added to your screen recording.

 product demo video

With this tool, you may ensure that your audio and video recordings are in sync by simultaneously playing a video on the editor. You won't have to worry about pausing the video to capture your audio.

 product demo video

The Wondershare DemoCreator video editing software is a powerful tool for both beginner and expert filmmakers. Make beautiful films with voiceovers, such as instructional, explainer, and narrated ones using this tool. It was designed particularly for individuals who find the process of making voice-over films to be daunting.


DemoCreator is a flexible application that not only offers a broad range of tools and capabilities but also simplifies the usage and understanding of those tools and capabilities. A broad range of industries and organizations utilize DemoCreator, from corporations that concentrate on marketing and sales to educational and research institutions. With this tool, you may quickly and simply capture what's on your screen, edit it as it's being recorded, and create outstanding demo videos for your product.