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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

More often than not, when you plan to grow your content through a social media platform, YouTube will be one of the winning resorts.

Statistics show that 91.9% of marketers use social media for marketing their businesses in the US. When it comes to marketing through videos, approximately 89% of marketers prefer YouTube as a part of their marketing strategy. This is undoubtedly a reason for making YouTube the second visited site.

Considering the potential of this platform, marketers use it as a must to promote their video channels. However, making a video is entirely different from promoting a video channel, and the algorithm for both works differently.

With starters in mind, we have branded some key strategies that reveal how to promote a YouTube channel.

Let’s get started:

10 Tips to promote your YouTube Videos

Here are the 10 most authentic yet free sales practices to promote your YT channel in a short period.

1. Choosing Google-friendly keywords

Your YouTube channel holds some specific content that you want to promote. Right? And the excellent quality of any content is its great optimization for the users and search engines.

Similarly, a great YT channel is the one that must tick these two points on our checklist:

  • It should be user-friendly
  • It must be SEO-friendly

The first thing comes first. Knowing the users' intent is a prerequisite to promoting a great YT channel. A great YouTuber knows what his target audience wants to know and makes videos accordingly.

promote youtube channel

For instance, a YT food channel should ideally offer its users food-related videos rather than tell the users how to play games.

Talking about the second part: let us tell you that creating SEO-friendly content is the backbone to promoting a YT channel. Understanding YouTube SEO is one of the best practices for promoting your YT channel because well-optimized content is bound to pay off once you do it the right way.

2. Using custom thumbnails

Even though YouTube can create a thumbnail of its own, why not take advantage of creating a customized thumbnail of your choice to promote your video channel.

It’s a more decent idea, and a severe YouTuber knows its worth. He creates customized thumbnails of his preferences to make his YouTube channel more attractive to its viewers. Canva is the most preferred image creation tool loved by beginner YouTubers worldwide. For a customized thumbnail, you have first to verify your account. The bit by bit procedure for verifying your YouTube account is described below:

  1. Go to the Youtube website; select your country and choose whether to text or call the verification code under account verification. You will then be asked to enter your phone number.
  2. After you've entered your phone number, click Submit. The verification code should be sent to you via text or phone call, depending on your preference.
  3. Enter verification code and select Submit. You will see Verified.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Under channel status page, Enabled Custom Thumbnails.

promote youtube channel

3. Creating descriptive headlines

In contrast to written content, YouTube content is different since it includes visual presentation and appearance for marketing and promoting businesses. And to get this, you must make headlines worth watching.

A punchy headline can help viewers know what they will watch in a video. You can make headlines engaging by incorporating the primary keyword in the title of your video.

Ideally, the title of your YouTube could have 41 to 70 characters, the 50 suited and practiced more by many YouTubers.to improve the findability and clickability of your Video, a catchy headline is what you should practice the more.

TubeRanker is a YouTube Title Generator Tool that lends you a helping hand to create viewer-friendly titles. Simplified is another fantastic tool for converting viewers by writing great video titles.

promote youtube channel

4. Providing engagement

Have you ever seen there is a subscribe, like, comment button on YouTube channels? This is for boosting traffic on your channel and is the best promotional method to follow.

By engaging your viewers and pinning to the comments of your subscribers, you add health to your channel and help it boost in flying colors.

If you haven’t tested this method before, respond to your subscribers regularly and witness your channel promoting faster.

promote youtube channel

5. Beautifying the channel appearance

The video quality of your channel should be one of the primary concerns. A blurry video would undoubtedly negatively impact your viewers, and they won’t come again on your channel.

The video editors like Wondershare Filmora provide you with the most delicate editing filters and effects to create and polish the quality of your videos. Therefore, never overlook that a crystal-clear video is always better and more appealing to the viewers.

6. Cross-tagging your videos

You can follow this mind-blowing strategy as a successful promotional tactic: cross-promote your videos.

To achieve this, you can leave links to other videos in the description section so that the viewers can also check them out.

Or another better idea is to encourage your viewers to follow a specific video series on any particular niche. You can always hope your viewers will come back to your channel to view more videos.

A better and more valued idea is to promote your channel on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

7. Organizing your videos

This is as important as tagging videos for promotional needs. Once you start creating more and more videos, you will feel the urge to organize them for intelligent navigation. Here comes the solution.

Make a playlist to organize your several videos on a topic. Besides, giving your channel a professional look will guide your viewers to relevant videos while saving them a lot of time.

promote youtube channel

8. Running a contest

It sounds pretty alluring and is a win-win situation. The best part is people love taking part in contests and giveaways.

These types of promotional strategies are also a pivoting rule for winning audiences in the YouTube world. When you conduct a contest, more and more viewers come to your channel to know what you’re marketing and help in converting.

Likewise, more and more viewers engage with your channel when you promise a giveaway. Several brands observe this method to promote their products. You can also give this a try; rest assured to keep free birds away. Also, don’t do these practices frequently unless you’re sure that your efforts are paying off enough.

promote youtube channel

9. Getting more exposure

A driving force for any successful YouTube channel is getting exposed to new audiences. For this, you need to collaborate with another YouTuber.

The chances are that new audiences would subscribe to your channel since they have come to you through a trusted reference. For benefiting both of you, this strategy works as a fair game.

10.  Be more visible

For better performance and promotion of your channel, getting more visibility on YT is decisive. Paid YouTube ads come in handy as an excellent promotional policy.

Luckily, you’re provided with various YouTube ad formats such as display ads, skippable ads, non-skippable ads, etc.

Some allow viewers to watch videos on the desktop, while others are compatible with desktops and smartphones.

By running paid ads and engaging viewers organically, you’re contributing to making your channel go up.

Also, don’t forget to promote your YT channel on all other social media platforms to encourage them to become your subscribers.

How to make creative YouTube Videos

At this point, you must want to know how to make YT creative videos. As a starter, if you aren’t resourceful and lack equipment, ideas, and knowledge to kickstart your journey on YouTube, we’ve saved your back.

DemoCreator is an essential screen recorder and video editor tool for creating professional videos. Promising to help any beginner-level YouTuber to “take idea-sharing to the next level.” Either way, it is a free resource to help gamers and freelancers to do experiments with their videos. Create tutorial videos, stream videos, and support webcam. It also offers spectacular editing effects to make video recording a breeze.

The good news about the Wondershare DemoCreator tool is an easy-to-use interface that is 100% free to download for Windows users. Thankfully, even if you aren’t an expert, you can use this feature-rich tool without hassle. By letting you record the screen of your PC or allowing you to use the webcam for recording, this software helps make creative videos in real-time. It facilitates you with an in-built microphone to record audio. Shoot video and audio separately or simultaneously.

You can crop the length of your videos, but you can change the speed of videos. Edit titles, text, annotations, do various screen transitions or merge videos, add screen effects and cursor points to engage your viewers at maximum.

It supports various formats for videos, audio, images, and pictures.

An ultimate guide to making a creative YouTube video with DemoCreator:

First off, you must rack in your mind to know for which purpose you want to make a video. Do you want to be a career YouTuber, or do you just need to share your video on the platform?

After knowing this, brainstorm your ideas about making a video. Then, read this step-by-step guide to make your first-ever video:

A step-by-step guide to making your first-ever video

  • Download the DemoCreator from its website

promote youtube channel

  • Click the capture button for recording video, select the one option from three according to your preference.

promote youtube channel

promote youtube channel

  • On and off the audio of your system, as per your need.
  • Once you record the video, it will automatically take you to the editor window.
  • Go as creative as you can with various features of DemoCreator to make your video creation to the extent, making it stand out in the crowd.
  • You can also add other media files to your recorded video.

The steps mentioned above are fundamentals for making any video. You want to make a YouTube video with a virtual human avatar by using DemoCreator Software. Creating a VR human avatar is a matter of minutes and is practiced by gamers. All you need is to have a DemoCreator video editor software to start the process.

1. Open your DemoCreator software and see its new feature Human Avatar.

promote youtube channel

2. Choose a human character by default or change it to a new one.

promote youtube channel

3. Download your favorite character. Change the background if needed.

promote youtube channel

4. Record your video. After you've created your recorded video with DemoCreator's Virtual Human function, it's time to export it. Press the F10 key to stop recording.

5. Check the recorded promo video to ensure that everything is in order. After that, you can fast export or Re-recording your video.

6. Edit video to match your preferences.

7. Go to Settings to adjust the size of your video.

8. Click OK and export your video.

9. You can choose your favorite expression for voice-over out of man, woman, child, and robots.

Adding some creativity sticker and annotation or resource with DemoCreator

DemoCreator Effects is the fantastic feature of this software that allows you to express your creativity to optimal. If you haven’t tried its Stickers feature yet, the right time has come to give it a go.

Animation stickers, Emoji Stickers, Game Stickers, and Education Stickers are four types to choose your favorite Sticker expression to make your narrative captivating.

promote youtube channel

More to this feature, you can add/remove, modify, resize, reposition, rotate the sticker to get an adjustment of your liking.

How to add your brand picture with DemoCreator

DemoCreator also lets you add your brand picture by removing watermarks from your video.

to add your brand picture, follow these simple steps:

            • Tap your profile picture.
            • Click on your channel.
            • Edit Channel and click the banner image.
            • Upload the image. Done.

How to add transition effects

WonderShare DemoCreator is also worth using because of its multidimensional Transition effects feature. Not only you can Circle, Wrap, Square, and Ripple your video content to show your artistry and creativity, but it can catch your viewers’ attention at once when you want to overlap several clips to provide viewers with an actual video.

The step-by-step process of adding transition effects is illustrated below:

            • Record your video. Once the recording is done, the software takes you to the Editing window.
            • Now, click on the Import icon to Open various clips/files you want to make your video on.

promote youtube channel

            • Reasonably, this software allows the users to edit video clips to their specific requirements. Make them short trim them down into small pieces to create the video of your choice.

promote youtube channel

            • The fancy part comes: by adding transition effects to make a video fancy and more engaging.

promote youtube channel

            • There isn’t rocket science behind adding these effects into your video. The process is effortless. Pick your desired effect and add to the timeline between the clips in a particular video.

promote youtube channel

Edit your video or use the annotation feature to add text animations within the content of your video to increase its viewership.

How to Export Video

By far, you have learned how to make a YT video using DemoCreator and add a VR avatar to your desired video. You have also known the easy and comprehensive process of adding stickers and Transition effects in your videos.

Once you’ve done all editing to a video and have added effects of your liking, you need to know how to import your masterpiece to give it accessibility on YouTube.

            • You will find the Export button on the top right corner of the DemoCreator Window. Click the OK button for exporting videos to the default location of your PC.

promote youtube channel

            • Else you can customize the video file’s export settings for further formatting and altering destination.

promote youtube channel

            • Once done, click the OK button to export the video to the location for accessibility.
            • Export audio by selecting the format to MP3.

promote youtube channel


The bottom line is that you need a high-quality video editor to make your video content more appealing to your audiences for promoting YouTube videos successfully.

WonderShare DemoCreator is a multifunctional software that allows you to do plenty of creative things. The difference between a video without and with a video editor tool looks evident: without the tool; the video content is likely to have fewer subscribers; on the other hand, a video, when edited and formatted with the DemoCreator tool, will attract more audiences, increasing the number of subscriber to your channel.