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How To Rotate a Video with DemoCreator

Alma Elliott
2024-02-22 17:39:31 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

You've got a collection of videos that were shot in the wrong mode and need to be rotated? Regardless of the gadget, we are using, this is a frequent problem for most of us. It's not a big deal if you record your video in the wrong direction. Instead of starting again, rotate your video using the rotation settings to free yourself from stress and save a lot of time.

Part1. Reason to rotate a video

There are undoubtedly many videos on your hard drive that are in portrait format rather than landscape mode and vice versa. When we need to capture something fast, we may accidentally start recording in the wrong mode and then flip our device when we discover our error.

Many gadgets remain in the mode in which they began recording, leaving us with a video that is unwatchable unless we wish to break our neck. It's also possible that when we video anything from an unusual perspective, the gadget decides for us that it isn't what we wanted.

It's also possible that you're working on an artistic video project and want to experiment with spinning your videos in different directions.

It's useful to know how to rotate a video, whether you're bringing in vertical footage from your phone, trying to create a new viewpoint, or simply trying to repair a crooked clip.

The good news is that rotating a video is a breeze. In fact, you can do it in less than a minute.

Let's begin.

Part2. Rotate a video with DemoCreator

DemoCreator is an easy, online and free video editing tool for Windows, Mac and that allows you to quickly edit and create new videos from previous videos and pictures. Add transitions, cut clips, add titles and background sounds, and apply graphic effects to videos and images. You can also rotate, speed up, blur, and do a lot more with videos. You can rotate your videos by following a few basic steps using DemoCreator.


Download DemoCreator

DemoCreator is the best screen recording and video editing platform with a variety of tools that may be used to produce a variety of visually appealing videos. Even if you have never edited a video before, rotating is a simple process. You can freely download it and enjoy its amazing and wonderful features.

After downloading, open the tool. Click “Video Editor” for rotation and editing of your video.

Select your video for rotation

From your computer, select your video for rotation. You can select your video by clicking the “Plus” option.


The plus option will show two tabs: Import Media Files and Import a Media Folder. 

Click “Import Media Files”. This option will lead you to your media files. Choose your selected video.


After choosing the media file you want to rotate. The chosen video will be shown in the library. Drag or drop your video from the library onto the timeline. The timeline shows many options. You can crop, split, add markers, voice recording brand settings. If you made a mistake, you can undo and redo it.


For editing and rotating your video, go to the effects. Click the “Effects” option.

Rotate your video

Many options are available in the Effects menu, including functions, clip movements, filters, text behaviors, and more. For rotating a video go to the function option. Select the "Mirror" option to rotate your video.


For rotating a video, you need to select the mirror option and drag it on the timeline. The rotation will be applied to the video.

That's it! Isn't that quick? Try these editing suggestions if you want to make your video more appealing and give it a professional touch.

Edit your video

To edit, go to the mirror option on the right side of your screen. You can rotate your video horizontally and vertically as per choice.


After setting your video horizontally and vertically. Many other options are also available to edit a video. These options are listed below.


Once your video has been rotated, edit your video by changing the transformation. Scale, rotation, and shift position in X and Y are all included in the transformation settings.

In the transforming option, there is a rotation button, you can set the rotation of the video.


Composition setting includes editing of blending mode and opacity.


Speed settings include changing the speed and preset of the video. These speed settings also display the video's duration.

Save your video

It's time to save the rotated video after it has been turned to the correct angle. If you want to export your video after successfully changing the placement of your video. In the top-right corner of the video editor, click the “Export” button.

Part3. Bonus tip: Fill the space

When you rotate a video, it creates blank space. And you do not want to leave that blank space. It should be filled with something.

One easy tip you can do is the duplication of the layer and adjust the background of the video till it fills the entire space.

For duplication, copy and paste the video on the timeline. The duplication of the layer will show. Move the layer downwards, so that duplicated layer appears on the backside of the actual layer.

Other than a duplicated layer, you can also insert anything and adjust it so that it covers the blank space.

Now for filling the background of the video, click the layer which you want to zoom in and set its scale from the transform option.

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Part4. Are you ready to begin rotating the video?

DemoCreator allows you to rotate your files horizontally, vertically, or as you like, as well as flipping them upside down and backward.


The fact that DemoCreator is both a user-friendly and feature-rich video editing software is one of its key advantages. You'll be making high-quality and creative videos in no time. While many other video editors take hours to complete, DemoCreator allows you to create stunning videos in just a few minutes.

If you are facing any problems or having any queries while using our platform, you may contact our customer support team at any time. Open the chat window any time and enter your inquiry. Our experts will answer your queries as soon as possible. We also have an extensive library of tutorials that can help you learn how to use any of DemoCreator’s features.

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