Save PPT as a video

  • 1. Automatically match the video resolution to the right setting.
  • 2. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates, record and edit in one stop.

How to save a PowerPoint as a video?

David Wilson
2023-09-11 10:41:31 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Do you also want to make a video of your PowerPoint presentation? Then you are in the right place. By the end of this article, we will be well familiar with how to make a video of your PowerPoint presentation and some of the best applications that will help you to edit further those PowerPoint videos.

In this article, we are also telling you some possibilities that will make you make a video of your PowerPoint presentations. Let's deep dive.

Part 1. Why would you need to save a presentation as a video?

We all are living in this digitized era, and with the emergence of the pandemic, we become more remote with each other and start appearing virtually more on the Internet. The pandemic increases the possibility of making a video of the PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint is a powerful tool that is extensively used for professional and academic purposes.

In the professional life or work, the employees or the teams extensively use PowerPoint for the project management, making clients familiar with your product, marketing, and other recruitment drive purposes.

save powerpoint as video

PowerPoint is used almost in all aspects of professional and academic work. Let us take an example of project management. When the deliverer is presenting the points on the presentation,

you barely get the time to ask query questions and write the points, so to make your views clearer, you ask the questions and neglect writing the important points.

save powerpoint as video

Here the problem arises, it is necessary to note the important points while being lectured because these points help us in the future with implementing those important points.

When a deliverer makes the video of his or her PowerPoint presentation and sends it to the team in the MP4 format, then it becomes easy for the team to use this presentation while working on the project.

The same goes for academic purposes. A student finds herself or himself in the most difficult place when it comes to writing the important points from the slide when a teacher is delivering it.

save powerpoint as video

Rather than just showing students a slide, a teacher can also make a PowerPoint video of the presentation and send it to the students to use throughout the course.

Microsoft PowerPoint makes the life of its users heavenly as it integrates the feature in PowerPoint for making videos of the slides. The way to make a video of the slide is listed below.

Part 2. Guidelines for making a video of a PowerPoint slide

save powerpoint as video

  • Make the slide go to the File and then click on Save and be sure that you saved the slide in the pptx format.
  • Now after saving the File in PowerPoint presentation format, again go to the File and click on Export; after that, click on the Create a Video option.
  • Select the video quality you want in the first dropdown box under the Create a Video heading. The video quality is briefly described in the coming section.
  • Under the Create a Video heading, the second dropdown box tells about the narrations and timings of the video.
  • By default, the value is Don't Use Recorded Timings and Narrations if you have not recorded timed narration.
  • You can also change the time shown of each video to increase the duration of each video. By default, the value is Use Recorded Timings and Narrations if you have recorded a timed narration.
  • Now, click on the Create Video option.
  • Then save the video the same as you save other documents.

Resolution Configurations for the PowerPoint slide video

When you try to save your PowerPoint presentation in the video format, then the first dropdown box gives you the four options for setting the video resolution in which you will save the video of the PowerPoint presentation.

The video quality tells the size of the File. The higher the video resolution or quality, the larger the file size is.

There are four options for you.

Ultra HD (4K)*

If you set the video quality to Ultra HD(4K)*, then the resolution will be 3840 x 2160 that making it the largest file size. This type of video, whose quality is so high, is watched on large monitors.

Full HD (1080p)

Full HD(1080p) is of the 1920 x 1080 resolution, making it a large file size. This type of video is watched on HD and computer screens.

HD (720p)

HD (720)p is of the 1280 x 720 resolutions or pixels, making it the medium file size. You watch this type of video on the Internet and on DVDs.

Standard (480p)

Standard (480)p is of the 852 x 480 resolutions or pixels, making it the smallest file size. You watch this type of video on portable devices.

Now, you understand all the resolution configurations of the PowerPoint slide video. Recheck the point that tells where the video is watched and then set the quality according to it.

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Part 3. How to save the presentation for PowerPoint and add narration, computer audio with DemoCreator

In this section and the coming, you will get familiar with the most dazzling and exciting application called DemoCreator.


DemoCreator, developed by Wondershare, is the powerful video editor and the perfect screen, microphone, and webcam recorder that includes all the features and tools that are developed to suffice while performing the editing and recording tasks.

  • DemoCreator has more than five hundred video editing tools, features, and resources that are so easy to use and have a beginner-friendly user interface.

With DemoCreator video editor, you can do any type of editing on your videos. The application allows you to import your media files efficiently and edit them easily.

  • You can use annotations, graphics, transitions, captions, songs, background music, voiceover, voice removal, and all other features that are provided by the DemoCreator.
  • DemoCreator has the most efficient and powerful screen, audio, and webcam recorder compared to other applications. You can do any type of recording with DemoCreator.

The application has made it easy for the gamers to record their gameplays with the extra gaming features of the DemoCreator.

  • You can also write on the screen while recording, magnify the point, highlight it, capture it, and use all other recording features that will help you make tutorials, social media content, personal clips, gameplays with DemoCreator by Wondershare.
  • The application is almost free to use besides a few features. You can easily edit and record with the appealing user interface of the DemoCreator that requires no other requirements to use besides downloading and installing on your desktops.

Record screen, audio, and webcam


DemoCreator by Wondershare has made it easy to record the screens, audios, and webcams. All you have to do is.

  • Download and install the application.
  • After installing, launch the application by double-clicking it.
  • Now, a window will appear that will prompt you to choose between multiple editing and recording options.
  • Choose any recording option according to it.
  • The horizontal window will appear asking you to set the audio, video, and screen resolution setting for recording purposes.
  • Click on the start button to start your recording from the same horizontal window.
  • You can also utilize the shortcut keys like F10 to start or stop the recording and press F9 to pause or resume.

Cut and trim the video. Add voiceover, pan & Zoom, audio fade in and out.

Editing with DemoCreator is very easy. You start importing your media files to the application and start working with it.

  • For importing your media files to the DemoCreator, launch the application. On most left of the screen, you will see a vertical panel with multiple options. The first folder-themed icon is used to import the videos. Click on it and import your media files.
  • After importing, right-click on your videos on the project panel and click on the Add to timeline and playhead. It will drop your files to the timeline of the DemoCreator that divides your videos into hundreds of video frames.



  • Now, for cutting the video, right-click on the video on the timeline, and then click on the Cut option. Place your playhead before the section you want to cut and split the clip into two to cut a section of a clip. Now, place your playhead at the end of the section and split it completely.


  • Trimming with the DemoCreator is very easy. On the timeline where your videos are placed in the frame order, select the clip that you want to trim and then cursor to the clip edge until the icon turns purple.
  • Drag it forward or backward to cut off the unwanted part.
  • Add a Marker on the clip's specific point and then drag the clip edge to the Marker point to trim perfectly.

Voiceover, pan and zoom, fade-in and fade-out

DemoCreator also provides you with the audio features, tools, and settings that will help you while editing the audio. With the Voiceover feature of the DemoCreator, you can add voice to the videos, slides easily.

The pan and zoom effects are available on the recording part of the DemoCreator. You can zoom, magnify, and write on the screens while recording your screens, audios, and webcam with this option.

Fade-in and Fade-out are the most useful features while editing the audio with DemoCreator.

Adjusting the fade-out makes the sound softer while fading away until it's completely silent. Drag the mouse over the music track to set the option. Now, push the slider bar in the direction you want. Also, mark the start time.

Add transitions, stickers, annotation, and captions to your video, and you can apply some animations for your presentation video with DemoCreator.

DemoCreator allows you to add transitions, stickers, annotation, captions to your video with the options available on the leftmost corner of the screen. These options are on the vertical panel.

save powerpoint as video

Select every option, and then a window will appear asking you to select transitions, stickers, annotation, captions, songs, emojis from hundreds of them. After selecting, drag them to the timeline where your video resides in the framed order. Add to the position of the video where you want to transition, annotation, caption, sticker, song to be.

Export video with the resolution

You can export your edited and recorded video with the export button available on the top right of the screen. Click on the button and then set the quality and resolution of the video according to your needs.