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Wondershare DemoCreator: The Best Instagram Video Maker

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:23 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Video recordings are additionally captivating, more critical, and more well-known than media marketing out there. They're significantly more mainstream than sites! Furthermore, the best part is video altering doesn't need to be muddled. Numerous Instagram video maker toolkits available don't need a lofty expectation to absorb information and will get your recordings up in only a couple of minutes! A great deal has changed for the stage with more than 1 billion months to month dynamic clients. Presently we have recordings, Instagram Stories, paid promotions, and even IGTV with change video resolution aspects. Furthermore, with that comes applications, as Instagram video editorial manager applications.

At the point when Instagram first arose, it was about the photographs. And keeping in mind that it's still to a great extent zeroed in on photographs today, Instagram has added numerous approaches to set Instagram video resolution and share recordings to your feed, like Instagram Stories and IGTV. In reality, as we know it where beginners make viral recordings and organizations need to identify with their crowds on an individual level, there are a lot of motivations to venture up your camera-taking care of and video-altering abilities. With Wondershare DemoCreator Instagram video maker, transferring recordings onto your Instagram record can be utilized to make high-changing over missions, produce leads, and make brand mindfulness with your devotees.

The Best Instagram Video Format You Should Use

As video proceeds to increments in ubiquity, adding it to your center promoting procedure is basic. Although you can cut video size for Instagram, with so numerous video choices, it's anything but difficult to do! Instagram has gotten a staggering measure of reception and highlight to uphold from the stage. For a long time, the square was the solitary video proportion you could share on Instagram. In any case, times they are a-changing' and now you don't need to make all your IG recordings square. You can shoot, change video resolution, and transfer them in the square, vertical, or level angle proportions.

The best Instagram video design is MP4. However, you might've seen a couple of individuals state the best Instagram video design is codec. That is because both of these documents are comparable and firmly related. Yet, monitoring all the privilege Instagram video angle proportion and measurements can leave you scratching your head. Hence here are the summed-up specifications associated with the MP4 best fit format for today's Instagram video related features:

  • Frame Rate: The fps of the Instagram video has a limit of 30 frames per second.
  • Video Dimensions: The width x height associated with the best-fit Instagram video is 1080 Px which is in height and 1080 Pixels in width.
  • Length of Video: For a simple posting video, it has to be around 60 seconds but luckily, now it supports long-tail IGTV videos of huge lengths as well.
  • Aspect Ratio: The ideal ratio for portrait Instagram video has to be a 4:5 aspect.
  • Size of Video: The maximum size of the video to be supportable is 4GB hence you can easily manage within this extent.

How to cut or set Instagram video resolution in DemoCreator

Meanwhile, working with the Instagram video maker you always be looking for powerful yet intuitive software so you can keep yourself aligned with the updated content management of Instagram videos and terms. Here in this regard, DemoCreator is playing its pivot role as this software brings you the bright chances to perform the handy as well as customized resolution even for Instagram as well. So, to do that, DemoCreator Instagram video maker gives you two methods where you can opt for the best feasible one for you. Check them out below:

Method 1: Set Instagram video resolution via Screen Recorder

In the first method, we'll demonstrate to you about the setting of your video resolution of Instagram right as you record it via DemoCreator. This method will be helpful concerning when you're opting for recording your screen with the sole purpose of uploading it to your Instagram. Let's dive into the steps involved in this methodology.

Download and Install

The very first step is installing this software right within your PC or MacBook so you can start using it without any hassle. Usually, this software is just a click away from you as it requires a simple downloading and installation process to initiate the customized resolution Instagram video. To ease your work, here we have provided you with the links to access direct download of Wondershare DemoCreator as follows:

Now as you're done with the download process, just open the downloaded file and install it accordingly without any anomaly as it also supports default installation to your required folder within the PC.

Open Screen Recorder

In the next step just after the installation of DemoCreator, you need to open the software from your Desktop and you shall be facing the starting screen.
As this method is setting up your Screen resolution for Instagram videos, hence you need to opt for Screen Recorder of DemoCreator, and for that, just hit the New Recording button from the screen as follows:

Initiate Screen Recording

After hitting the screen recording button, you're left with the screen recorder interface of DemoCreator.
Now to initiate recording, first of all, you need to make minor changes according to your requirements which this software has made easy with the direct buttons approach, for instance, Webcam Recording or Microphone recording buttons as above.

Set Instagram Video Resolution

Here comes the main step which involves setting up the screen resolution for your Instagram video meanwhile recording your videos via DemoCreator. Now to go for it, refer to the Recording Area section of the screen recorder window, and here you can simply set the resolution of the screen by changing the numbers.

You can also go for by default setup of your screen resolution for your Instagram videos just from the dropdown within the screen recorder as shown above.

Cut Instagram Video Resolution

Here's an additional step in screen recording formation as with DemoCreator, you can simply apply the screen cut out to your specified dimensions with the control of your mouse pointer. To do that, drag and release the screen area of your recording screen to your required Instagram video resolution as shown in the recorder interface.


Advance Set up of Instagram Video Resolution

Till now, we are just going through the basic level screen resolution setup techniques, but if you're a pro and you have firm know-how of Instagram video resolution customizations then this step is solely for you to try within DemoCreator. You can go to Setting > Advanced from your screen recorder.

Now as you're within the advance level customization of your Instagram video resolution, it's worth mentioning that here you can go for the Screen menu and set your screen resolution with the default drop-down options as follows:


You can also change the frame rate of your Instagram video resolution within the DemoCreator screen recorder by customizing Frame Rate as follows:


Export Screen Recording

Now as soon as you're done with the setting up and cut out of your screen resolution with the DemoCreator screen recorder with all the fun. It's time to step forward with the recordings and with DemoCreator, you have got a variety of techniques to implement on your required screen resolution Instagram videos. To simply export your masterpiece, you can do that by hitting the Export button at the top of the DemoCreator editor as follow:


Meanwhile, if you don't want to edit your recording and advance with the required Instagram screen resolution recording then here's the simplest optionality of Fast Export with DemoCreator as well which will allow you to Export directly with a single click to your required location inside your PC. To go for it, right-click on your Instagram video recording within the media files and select the FastExport button from the list as follows:


Method 2: Set up Project Resolution of your Instagram Videos

In the second method, Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to set up your Instagram Screen Resolution right within the editing panel so you can do it without any hassle as well. This method is useful when you need to set the Instagram video resolution of your pre-recorded videos or the editable video recordings which can be done in the process of post-production editing. The best part with the Wondershare DemoCreator is that it allows you to edit your Instagram videos to a pro-level effectively and handily. So, to set up the Instagram video project resolution, follow the steps below:

Open the Video Editor

In this first step of this methodology, just after you've opened the DemoCreator software within your PC, this time you need to opt for the Video Editor option.
This step will take you towards the intuitive interface of the Wondershare DemoCreator video editor where you can perform the upcoming steps hassle-free.

Import Instagram Video/s

In the next step, you need to import your pre-recorded Instagram video to the DemoCreator software, and to do that, hit the Import button from the main interface of this software.

You can also import several Instagram videos at once and in addition to the videos, images, audio files and GIFs can also be imported within a few clicks with this editor as follows:


Now after the successful import of your videos to the software, now is the time to drag the videos to the timeline.

Set up Instagram Screen Resolution

In the next step, here's the kicker as you need to set up your desired screen resolution for your Instagram videos. To go for it in a straight-forward way, hit the File menu from the menu bar of intuitive DemoCreator as follows:


From there, select the Project Settings and hit it up which will take you to the Project Settings of your current Instagram videos project as follows:


Here you can perform the various customizations to your Instagram video resolution.

You can set up the screen resolution of your output Instagram video project just by changing the resolution numbers as follows:


Note: You can also go for the presets as DemoCreator has already defined for you to pick up your best fit for the project.

To change the Frame Rate of your project, you can simply select the frame rate in fps from the drop-down options of various frame rates.

Now to set up the playback resolution of your project, you can cut it up in half or four times by opting for the drop-down Playback Resolution button.

You can also change the background color which will appear only if you've Instagram video resolution lesser than the defined project screen resolution. You can select your desired color from the list as follow:


Export and Share Project

After you have edited and selected the desired screen resolution for your Instagram video, now is the time to export and share it to the desired location or YouTube channel depending on the sole purpose of your project editing. Here are a few of the exporting options you can opt for after selecting your desired screen resolution for the project. Just hit the Export button.

Now to go for a simple export to your desired location within your PC, select the customized settings, and hit the Export button within that window.

On the other way, you can also hit a direct YouTube share button from the YouTube menu bar where you will require to sign in to your YouTube channel account.


Making and sharing recordings on Instagram is advantageous to your organization and an incredible method to draw in with your crowd through visuals. Adding visuals to your popups like this tells the client more about you, and will prompt more changes. Video on Instagram is making an immense sprinkle. This makes now the ideal chance to jump aboard with Instagram video maker. Regardless of whether it's an in-feed video or video advertisements, organizations of all shapes and sizes have seen a lot of progress utilizing Instagram's different strategies for promoting.

There are additionally a lot of alternate ways you can utilize recordings in your advertising procedure. So, Wondershare DemoCreator is for anybody searching for a modest, basic approach to make fun Instagram recordings. In case you will make Instagram recordings, you ought to set up your image as a presence on the application itself. This implies having a functioning page with ordinary posts that produce traffic and discussion for how to cut the video for Instagram. Contingent upon your sort of business, you would now be able to include an online store inside the Instagram application itself, making it simple to connect to from your Instagram recordings.