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10 Tips for Social Video Marketing

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:25 • Filed to: YouTube Creative Ideas

Videos are the most popular format for social media content because of their aesthetic appeal. With video marketing, your brand may be shown most effectively and efficiently. Video has the power to captivate and compel viewers to take action.

More than eighty-six percent of today's online marketers use social media videos in their promotional efforts. On the one hand, it helps buyers better understand the brand's products and services. Companies may use this to boost their social media presence, build a fan base and increase income by using this tool.

social video marketing

A few ways that video material is getting increasingly popular include TikTok, Reels, streaming services, and broadcasting live on social media. According to several studies, you have an excellent chance to attract the attention of your target audience when they spend 16 hours a week watching movies online.

Internet films of all types are in high demand in today's culture. According to the study's results, consumers watch over a billion hours of video on YouTube alone every day. As you can see, video marketing has a tremendous amount of potential.

Every social media site is fraught with competition for attention and interaction. Your content marketing strategy should be honed by generating the right mix of resources. Make films to market your business and take it to the next level.

social video marketing

This is a great time to start utilizing video marketing if you haven't before. Video marketing has become a must-have for every company because of the falling effectiveness of traditional marketing and the increasing popularity of video. One of the most successful ways to promote your business, get new consumers, and increase the number of leads who become customers is to launch a social media video marketing campaign.

What's the trend of social video Marketing?

Video marketing became prominent in the public eye about 2010, but it wasn't until nearly four years later that it became cheap for those with minimal financial means. The internet is brimming with video marketing data, pointing to the same conclusion: video is the future marketing medium. According to Google's research, six out of ten customers would rather watch online videos than television.

social video marketing

According to YouTube statistics, around 1 billion hours of video are seen each day. Using video clips might help your firm create 66 percent more qualified leads each year. You will notice a 54 percent rise in brand recognition. Then there's the reality that videos have brought new clients to 93 percent of firms in the previous year.

Rise of Social Media Video

A video on a landing page boosts conversion rates by 80%, and emails with the word "video" in the subject line had a 19% higher open rate than emails without "video." Furthermore, shoppers indicate that videos help them make informed purchase selections 90% of the time.

social video marketing

Videos are crucial for marketing initiatives, but they have also changed the way customer service representatives interact with and amuse potential consumers and customers who have already made a purchase. Salespeople may reach out to cold prospects more effectively if they access backend data from marketing videos. According to video analytics on social media sites like Facebook, 93 percent of businesses indicated that videos helped them get new clientele.

social video marketing

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To meet this growing demand, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all embraced the 'video first' mentality and added new video-friendly features like 'live' broadcasting and 'stories.' Simultaneously, video-based platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Tik Tok have grown in popularity.

 They have become crucial for individuals who like viewing videos online. These figures show that video marketing remains relevant and beneficial to today's clients. In other words, consumers increasingly regard video marketing to be conventional practice.

Tips for social video marketing

In any case, video marketing may seem to be a little complicated, with everything from camera equipment to lighting and editing software to consider. So we've put up this tutorial to help you out. Don't worry if you're apprehensive about becoming a video marketer.

All you need to know about video marketing is covered here, and we'll lead you through every step of the process, from defining goals to making and distributing your video and tracking your success.

social video marketing

Set Goals For Social Video Marketing

Before you start setting up, filming, or editing anything, talk with your team about the goal of your video. It is critical to remember that every decision made throughout the video production process will be related to the goal of your film and the action you want your audience to do after seeing it.

Filming films and then sharing them with your devoted army of followers is a satisfying experience – provided, of course, that they get likes, shares, and comments from your devoted audience. However, before you begin shooting, you must create a strategy to benefit your company's growth.

Like any marketing plan, the first stage is defining your goals and objectives. What is the goal of your campaign, and how will its success be measured? To avoid getting mired down in theory, the most efficient way to establish the goal of your video marketing is to figure out where it fits into the marketing funnel.

First and foremost, before you begin creating any content, plan out your strategy for creating social media videos. These tasks should involve, among other things, market research, competitive analysis, brainstorming for new ideas and content production, budget allocation, and work delegation. All of them will help you create incredible videos that will considerably boost the success of your campaign.

Decide on your platform(s)

When creating social media videos, it is essential to consider the platform on which the material will be distributed. Your videos must be adapted to the platform (or platforms) you want to distribute them.

Because of the advent of IGTV and Facebook Watch, video marketing has also become more popular on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to fine-tune your video size to meet the criteria of each platform and to offer your visitors a great watching experience.

social video marketing

You should also be wary of the kind of videos shared on various sites. Educational videos, for example, are great for a network such as LinkedIn. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are ideal for sharing amusing videos with a large audience.

If you've never used video on any platform before, begin with those where you already have established audiences. According to Statista and February 2019 figures, those who use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat spend around half of their time watching videos on such sites.

Select your video types

When determining what kind of clips you'll make, the most crucial consideration is whether or not they'll be accepted for the specific job at hand. They must be relevant to your goals and the part of the marketing funnel you are targeting. To better grasp how the video marketing funnel works, it's good to familiarise yourself with various types of videos.

It's also a good idea to see what your competitors are doing. Take a look at their websites and social media accounts to see what they're putting out there for the public to see. The first step in building a marketing strategy for your organization is to choose the kind of video that would be most effective for your brand. There will be differences between each video, and that's OK. What matters most is that they help you reach your most important goals.

Explainer Videos: These are instructional and may assist new consumers in becoming acquainted with your brand. Their tone is often more professional and refined, which contributes to the brand's status as an authoritative figure.

Behind The Scenes: These depict employees and business activity.

Testimonials: You may use these clips to generate social proof for your company by giving the impression that they are customer highlights. Customer testimonial films show how happy your consumers are with your product or service.

Interviews: Interviews are an excellent method to introduce a new influencer to your audience, or it might be a way to capture your company's CEO message to the audience.

Entertaining: Among the various alternatives accessible to you are jokes and even pranks. Aside from being entertaining, they may assist you in establishing your brand's voice and cultivating a sense of belonging among your target market.

Plan content production

You'll save time and money in the long run if you have a well-planned content strategy. A flowchart or an old-fashioned pen and paper are acceptable planning methods for video production. To get you started, each video tells a story. In addition to being the primary vehicle for delivering your message, this is the body of the video itself.

An example of this kind of story is when the main character succeeds in getting over adversity. Most marketing tales revolve around the customer, and the problem your product or service solves is almost always the narrative's focus. This depends on your audience and the length of time you're spending with them when deciding on a narrative style for an "explainer." It's nearly a given that a social media "explainer" will be seen as a piece of journalism.

social video marketing

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Having outlined your story, the next step is to figure out how you will shoot it. You may use a storyboard to do this. Just as with any other kind of writing, scriptwriting isn't as terrifying as you would think. Always keep in mind that scriptwriting becomes easier with time and practice. Your writing will sound and seem more natural as you write more. When something is unpleasant initially, strive to work with people as much as possible to make it better.

In terms of content generation as well as post-production, you have a wide range of options. Stages 4 and 5 may be alleviated by hiring an advertising agency or production company. Just tell them what you want, and they'll take care of the rest. When reviewing the content strategy, you may discover things that need to be changed or neglected. This is especially true for those just getting started with video material.

Know what post-production entails

It isn't enough to just cut and paste clips to a soundtrack in post-production. Closed captions, overlays, call-to-action windows, and other similar features may be found here. Having a sound social media strategy is vital when running an online marketing campaign.

As vital as social media video is, it isn't the only weapon in your social media marketing kit; because of this, creating high-quality video content that people will want to watch and share requires substantial time and work, a solid and straightforward call to action at the beginning of each of your social media video marketing campaigns is essential. Adding additional video and polishing it will increase the time required to finish your project.

Schedule & promote the videos

Consider videos on social media as more than something to be viewed once and then forgotten. Depending on your social media strategy, a single entirely produced video may be distributed across multiple networks over a month or more. Consider videos on social media as more than something to be viewed once and then forgotten.

Depending on your social media schedule, a single professionally produced video may be shared across multiple networks over a month or more. A single filming session may produce a variety of different films. It is possible to promote individual clips or splice them together to create new videos. If you're going to promote a video, go big or go home.

Before implementing Facebook's algorithm changes, shareability was already a significant component of digital marketing. This suggestion becomes even more critical when it comes to video marketing. Make effective use of social media platforms and allow your video content to be a wrench in the works. However, it is best to approach each site with an awareness of its intended audience.

Learning youtube SEO

The SERPs are becoming more competitive over time. Everyone is competing for the top spots, whether new competitors, new items, or new services. Consequently, it would help if you devised tactics to widen your product range and consumer base.

As a result, matching the content of your video with the search intent of your customers is essential to getting your video to appear in search results. One of the most critical SEO components on YouTube is having a well-optimized video description.

social video marketing

After being posted, a video might be classed as "Advanced choices." Adding a category to your video is yet another way to have it appear in playlists and be viewed by many people who share your target audience.

Using hashtags (#) in video descriptions may help people find your video when searching for a specific hashtag. Whether for or against your YouTube videos, Thumbnails can help or hinder your success. Make your video stand out from the crowd by making something that grabs people's attention.

Understand & analyze metrics

It is vital to measure and assess your video marketing results during and after the campaign. Keep track of critical data to determine how many people see, engage with, and share your content.

You cannot determine how well a film performs unless you examine its data. How many views have there been in total? How are the watch times determined? What about sharing, liking, and commenting? Each network has its own set of metrics, and it is vital to understand them before incorporating them into your operating environment.

By checking the number of likes and dislikes your video receives on YouTube, you may ascertain its popularity. If you want to get additional insight from the monitoring results, you must go deeper into the data.

If you compare your previous movies to your current ones, you may notice that your viewers prefer longer videos. Look at your rivals' videos: How long are their most successful films on average? Two critical performance metrics to monitor are the number of video views and subscribers. Additionally, the view-through and interaction rates should be monitored.

Learning how to write titles and descriptions

The keywords you use on your YouTube channel, and video descriptions are crucial. Your description's keywords will help YouTube's algorithm comprehend, categorize, and surf your content. The more precise the terms, the better.

social video marketing

For example, Google Trends may help you determine whether or not a keyword you're considering is presently trending. Additionally, you may use the tool to determine which phrases get more search traffic than others.

As of 2021, appearing as a suggested video produces more traffic on YouTube than looking for a video in the search box. The description of your video is one of the variables that YouTube's algorithm considers when assessing the video's subject matter. This means that the description of your film is critical in determining where it will be suggested.

Your video description's first 100 to 150 characters will appear in search results and right under your video on YouTube. Thus, the title is crucial in attracting new readers and increasing click-through rates (CTR). Avoid utilizing clickbait video titles or irrelevant terms.

social video marketing

When video timestamps are included, human viewers will find them more user-friendly. This may increase the number of time viewers spend viewing your video, helping it climb the ranks. Additionally, mobile-friendly versions of the sites are provided in the index. Utilize keywords to specify your timestamps and take advantage of this novel approach of obtaining the visibility for your movie in Google's search results.

How to get more viewers

Although we'll talk about current subscribers and potential viewers later, obtaining a prominent position in search results is the most efficient way to bring in new viewers who aren't previously familiar with your channel.

As a consequence, think of yourself as a librarian while picking keywords. In addition to describing your video's subject matter, think about what different terms a person may use to search for that issue.

Once a potential viewer has narrowed down their search results and suggestions, a thumbnail plays a significant role in their decision-making.

To keep viewers from abandoning your YouTube channel once they've done viewing your content, you must organize and create video playlists.

social video marketing

Cards are pop-ups; thus, they must provide something of value to the user. The last thing you need is for your viewers to assume they're being spammed. You should provide links to videos or playlists that are up-to-date and provide more information or entertainment.

Audience engagement is just a term for forming relationships with people. Of course, increasing the number of people who see your YouTube videos is the ultimate goal of this exercise.

By allowing embedding, you're giving your fans a way to help spread the word about what you do. The more people that see your film, the more views you will get. Your videos will be more fascinating to the 69 percent of people who watch a mobile video with the sound turned off if you include subtitles.

How to make a video for social media using DemoCreator

DemoCreator enables you to take high-quality screenshots of your screen effortlessly. A significant advantage of this is recording everything on your screen in real-time.

How to record video

Follow the below-mentioned steps to record a video:

  • Select Screen+Webcam in DemoCreator. Multitrack recording includes the primaryScreen+Webcam recording option.

social video marketing

  • Decide on the size of the capturing zone. Record the whole screen, a specific region, or any combination of these options.

social video marketing

  • Select other inputs to record in addition to the screen. Webcam audio, microphone audio, and system audio are all options.
  • To begin recording, hit the red button or enter F10.
  • End recording by clicking the DemoCreator Recorder in the taskbar and then clicking the End Recording button."

How to edit

Wondershare Democreator comes with vast editing tools and features that help you build engaging content, such as:

  • Captions: DemoCreator's captioning collection includes choices for opening, closing, subtitling, and a lower third. Simply drag and drop your desired caption onto your timeline and double-click it to enter the options menu.

social video marketing

  • Transitions: The transition effects supplied in DemoCreator are pretty helpful and well-liked.

social video marketing

  • Effects: This is one of the most beneficial aspects of DemoCreator. You may add amazing effects to your films, such as AI facial recognition, mirroring, erasing the background, pan, zoom, etc.

social video marketing

  • Stickers: You may add a range of stickers and animations to make your video more interesting. They are classified into animation, education, emojis, and gaming subcategories.

social video marketing

  • Sound Effect: Similarly, you may use severalsound effects in your video. To the timeline, add the one you wish to change. There is a large selection of sound effects to pick from.

social video marketing

  • Annotations: The annotations tab is positioned on the left side of the screen. Annotating choices include text, speech boxes, lines, doodles, and shapes, to name a few. They'll be there if you drag and drop them into your video.

social video marketing

How To Export

After editing your work, it's time to offer it to your audience. This program simplifies the process of achieving your objective. You may continue by selecting the Export button in the upper right corner of the page to see the available export choices. With Wondershare DemoCreator, you can export it in several formats thanks to the extensive export window.

Your images and movies may be instantly shared with the world using the user-friendly interface of Wondershare DemoCreator. To share it straight to YouTube, click the YouTube menu bar in the Export window's left-hand corner.

social video marketing


Simple, consistent, high-quality video marketing and marketing, in general, may go a long way. Experiment with new concepts and media to maximize your online platform's potential. Avoid becoming impatient; keep in mind that a trend may take weeks or even months to change.