Best Way to Split Recorded MP4 Videos on Mac

David Wilson
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Video editing has maintained a popular stature in modern technology, where many people have opted for this profession and managed to consume it in their daily lives. Being a regular user of the internet, several platforms generally use videos to exhibit content and ideas to society. This led to a collateral use of video editors that allowed users to manage their videos and edit them to perfection with the aid of impressive toolkits. When it comes to traversing large quantities of video content, people prefer splitting their videos into sections to allow a successful transferring of data to another platform. This article directs you to consume a split video editor for Mac.

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Recommended MP4 Video Splitter for Mac: Wondershare DemoCreator

Numerous video editors have developed a reputation in the community and have gathered a large user base for consuming their editors to manage daily video creating and editing. While we revolve around these impressive video editors, this article escorts you to another platform that has presented a masterpiece with a market value that is very cheap in comparison to all the other video editors present in the market. Wondershare DemoCreator has presented users with a feature set that can be wholly compared with the editors that are considered the nonpareil in the community. This platform conjoins the screen recording and video editing features and provides you with a balanced environment that not only guides in creating unique content but editing it to perfection. Wondershare DemoCreator offers you the perfect environment to split video on Mac OS and manages to present an interface that is apprehended by the beginners and the professionals of this field. The application allows you to split recorded video on Mac OS with its pre-loaded, modern, and out-casting features that completely fit society's basic needs. Many reasons influence you in regarding DemoCreator as the perfect option to cut recorded MP4 videos, which are declared as follows.


  • A very straightforward platform to consume with a low-performance operation.
  • Works over various input video formats and allows you to produce different file formats while exporting it.
  • It provides a comprehensive and impressive set of transitions, effects, and filters for managing the video effects.
  • Offers a very lucrative audio editor with fast rendering speeds.


  • The free version leaves a watermark in the output video.
  • There is no hand-masking tool available with a minimal color grading tool to operate.

How to split recorded MP4 videos on Mac?

Splitting videos are quite important when managing large quantities of data for avoiding data losses during uploads. As you get to know more about Wondershare DemoCreator and the wonders it has brought to the community with its impressive toolset, this article directs its discussion towards the method that can be implemented to split video on Mac OS. To understand how to split the video in Mac OS using DemoCreator, you need to follow the detailed steps provided as follows.

split video on mac

Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare DemoCreator

You can consider downloading the free version of DemoCreator initially. After downloading the trial version from their official website, you need to install the platform by following the on-screen instructions. Launch the platform after installation and register yourself with a specific package out of Monthly, Yearly, or Perpetual License.

Step 2: Import photos and videos

As soon as you are done with launching and registering the platform, you need to import the important content over which you wish to perform split video editing. For importing the media files into the Media Library of DemoCreator, you need to proceed towards the "File" tab present on the top of the toolbar to select "Import Media Files" or "Import a Media Folder" from the sub-menu that opens up. Similarly, you can tap on the "Import" button present on the Media Library panel to browse videos from your local directory.

Step 3: Drag Your Video into the Timeline

As soon as you are done importing the essential files to carry out the operation, you need to add the videos into the timeline. For this, you need to simply select a video from the Media Library panel and drag it into the timeline or the Preview Window. If you wish to manage your videos' sequence in the timeline, you can simply perform this by dragging and repositioning them.

Step 4: Split video

For splitting the videos into separate parts, DemoCreator follows a straightforward protocol, which initially includes placing the Playheads at the point of the clip where you wish to split the video. After positioning it successfully, you need to right-click on the clip and select the option of "Split" from the drop-down menu to divide the clips into two parts. You can also use the 'scissors' icon from the toolbar for this purpose.

Step 5: Save and Share

With the video edited successfully, you need to direct towards saving the video on your computer. With the export window opened, you need to initially set a name and a location for the video along with an appropriate file format. The export option also allows you to set different video and audio settings that include its resolution, frame rate, bitrate, encoder, and several channels.


This article has introduced you to an efficient method for splitting videos on a video editor. It aimed to introduce you to a platform named Wondershare DemoCreator that not only offers you the best features but an intuitive environment that would help you drive towards a perfect video output. To understand how to split the Mac OS video, you need to look over the guide to get a detailed guide for executing such tasks. DemoCreator is surely directed in making video editing an easy task for users to complete.