Top 7 Free Online Video Trimmers

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:46 • Filed to: Free & Online Tools

The modern technology era allows us to record our moments and re-arrange them with our desired prospects. Sometimes, it uses several redundant resources like downloading and installing software in order to advance with such basic editing to your recorded content. An online video trimmer is a solution to this redundancy. Where you can easily evaluate the editing to your content in a handy way.

On the other hand, if you're fed up with software installations and buying for future purposes and want to get rid of those ordinary conventions, then an online video cutter tool helps you to bring new scope to the editing of your Vlogs or any sort of recorded video customization.

In this article, we will put a light on such online video cutter software in order to help you find the best way to enhance your videos and media content for YouTube or whatever purpose you want.

Online vs Offline Video Trimmer: Pros and Cons

Being a user of conventional video trimmer software is boring and without any advance features as technology advance with every moment. Here we have covered some basic aspects between online and offline video trimmer available tools.

Online Video Trimmer

Offline Video Trimmer

Provides finalized rendered video

Provides a rough video, good for practices

Best choice for professional editors

Best choice for learners

Free from download and installing panic

Even for a try, you have to download and install

Provides output file in a timely manner

Takes time to render your output file to a useful form

The efficient tool provides direct sharing access

You need to upload and then share the output file


Top 7 Free Online Video Trimmers

The above table demonstrates the useful purpose of online video trimmers and the time-consuming cons of offline conventional software applications. There are several more points to enhance the usefulness of online video trimmer and joiner tools which adds more to its importance and essentiality in this modern era. You can even experience it for any kind of video with plenty of templates available in a handy way within your selected online video cutter software.

1. Filmora Free Online Video Trimmer

A masterpiece by famous Wondershare, Filmora free online video trimmer is a resourceful and featureful platform available online to give your videos a professional touch to compete with the modern video editing requirements. If you are not comfortable with online editing, it also provides you a lightweight software to download and use it without a network connection.

free online video trimmers

Pros and Cons:

  • With Wondershare powerful availability, it loads to your browser in a faster way.
  • Provides basic as well as advance level editing features to your videos
  • Uploading and downloading allows you to change the format of the file
  • Limited services are available with the free account but in order to proceed with advanced features, you can buy the license.

2. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is the user-friendly sort of online video trimmer with its best and reliable services to online users. More than just a basic editor, ClipChamp has other useful features which makes it a stand-out online video cutter tool available for seekers. This tool has more specifications than you thought because of their various sections outlined in their interface.

Pros and Cons:

  • Comes with a variety of editing tools rather than trimming and cutting your videos online
  • A direct connection with your social media accounts, this online tool allows you to share your masterpiece directly.
  • Sign in is a must in order to try out this online editing tool, hence it might be an annoying factor for users.
  • Pretty slower than you consider as it has additional tools running at the same time which might take some time to process your editing.

3. Fastreel

A video editor by Movavi, Fastreel is a specified online video trimmer, designed specifically with the functionalities of trimming and making a video from other clips and photos. This online trimmer tool specifies the quality of the video as not to compromise while providing basic editing features to the video clips.

free online video trimmers

Pros and Cons:

  • A simplified tool easy for everyone to understand and use online services
  • Also, have the best merger and specific editing features for specific video clips added to the timeline
  • Allows you to download directly without any account specifications and qualifications as a pro or beginner level
  • Directs you to other parenting tools in case of out of the bound editing features which might annoy you.

4. Convert Video cutter

Convert Video cutter comprises a basic six features including Convert, Cut, Merge, Rotate, Crop, and Pad features for your uploaded video content and clips. With these specifications, Convert Video Cutter ensures the quality and the easily accessible online editing features to be enhanced and towards betterment as before.

free online video trimmers

Pros and Cons:

  • The cutting and merging speed of the clips is super fast with a very well displayed content visible to the users
  • Provides precisely cutting technique without re-encoding the videos which saves much of time.
  • Supportable to a variety of formats available in the video industry.
  • Its user interface UI is a bit complicated as it provides various functionalities that might be disturbing for beginners and general users.

5. Kizoa

Kizoa is a well-known and well-trusted online video editor software tool in the editing industry. Best designed for beginners, Kizoa provides you with one of the easiest wide variety editing tools to turns your video clips into a perfectly awesome mood with fun-filled editing properties that concern the viewer's eyes to stuck at the animations and transitions included in the timeline clips.

Pros and Cons:

  • Completely free of cost web-based editing software with flexible and fast editing techniques
  • Comes up with some advance level transitions to include between your photos and videos of slideshows
  • Include several templates specific for corporate businesses and private use respectively
  • Requires no installations or extension for the browser to embed before using this tool services.

6. Online Video Cutter

The best match for both Windows and OS web browser compatible, Online Video Cutter is just the perfect tool with a wide and clear interface that motivates the users to use this tool for their every video either it's their Vlogs or any other corporate businesses videos. This online tool is the overall perfect for the required features for any video editor who would love to use.

free online video trimmers

Pros and Cons:

  • Its trimmer and merger for various video clips is viable with the worldwide used mp4 format which make it more compatible for quality users
  • Designed specifically for video cutter, this online tool allows you to make quick enhancements to your video files.
  • It has a drawback of snapshot feature, which restricts users to take a snapshot to save their clips or make a thumbnail out of it.
  • Another limitation with Online Video Converter is its video converter inability.

7. WeVideo Editor

Designed specifically for YouTube video editing WeVideo Editor provides a well-designed interface for YouTube users in order to carry out their YouTube videos editing with this free online editing tool. It supports editing features for three basic categories including Business, Education, and Lifestyle video editings with an online web-based tool.

free online video trimmers

Pros and Cons:

  • Contains a wide variety of built-in effects and visual transitions which helps you pick a one and include it.
  • Supportable to any web browser whether it's with Windows OS or MacBook browser.
  • The only first video is free that too with a cost of registration with their software tool.
  • Restricted features for different packages available for users.


Video editing tools available online have several pros and cons depending upon the services they offer with their easily accessible software tool available online. If you lie in a beginner category and not familiar with how to shape your videos with online video cutter by link, then this article will surely help you choose a one wisely with their features mentioned above.

We recommend you should go for the best masterpiece which ensures the quality as well as offline availability for their online tool so, in case of slow or no internet connection, you can edit your online video trimmer YouTube vlogs with their offline software just like Wondershare Filmora Free Online Video Trimmer offers their offline services in the form of Wondershare Filmora9.