How to Crop a GIF: Top 5 Best GIF Croppers

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:43:18 • Filed to: Video Editing Tools List

The world has faced a very diverse transition in communication since the Internet took charge of the world's significant operations. With the Internet, communication got both easy and significantly convenient for people, connecting them with people worldwide. While using many different communication tools for this purpose, various features have been introduced with time. Communicating and sending images as a GIF file has become another highlight over time. While people prefer sending GIFs for its lower processing time and smaller size, this article introduces you to various GIF cropping tools with a detailed guide on editing GIF files using these downloadable platforms.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Shedding light on GIF cropper's first choice, Wondershare DemoCreator is known for its exquisite feature set and its impressive structure as a video editing platform in the market. While consuming it for various other purposes, DemoCreator can effectively provide you a very detailed designing set for managing your GIFs with ease. DemoCreator is also known for its user-friendly consumption, making it a first-rate choice among many beginners and professionals worldwide. GIFs can be easily created with it out of any format. Apart from the basic requirements in editing GIFs, you can effectively add different effects and transitions across your file. To understand this GIF file editor's use, you need to follow the simple steps as shown below.

  • Add the GIF file onto your platform from the desktop. Drag it onto the timeline for editing.
  • A drop-down menu opens up by right-clicking the clip. Tap on "Crop and Zoom" to proceed.
  • Set up the rectangle frame for cropping the GIF. Preview the results and tap "Export" when convinced with the results.
  • Select "GIF" as the desired output with other video settings to save the file in its perfect shape.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare presented its users with another intuitive option for a GIF cropper for Windows. Wondershare Filmora is known for its detailed structure and useful toolset to operate on. You can manage all kinds of images and videos across the software with its compelling design that is easy to use and function on. Using still images as an option to create GIFs and videos, you can cover all your requirements in the GIF editing. Filmora offers a very coherent environment for cropping a GIF. To understand the associated structure and the guide that explains the complete procedure of cutting a GIF, you need to follow the steps defined below.

  • Have the file imported onto the platform and edit it by dragging it onto the timeline after importing it.
  • Select the option of "Crop and Zoom" after right-clicking on the image.
  • Drag a rectangle across the image to navigate an area. Preview the results with the play button and tap "OK" when completed.
  • Tap on "Export" to proceed to a new window. Select the appropriate options for the GIF file to conclude the process.


Wondershare UniConverter

A platform that is known for its usability and compelling structure, UniConverter can be the best option that you can consider for cropping a GIF. This platform has been known for various other functions and uses; however, with its explicit feature set and special operations, you can simply understand how to crop a GIF with UniConverter. To understand the procedure associated with this process, you need to follow the guidelines explained as follows.

  • Download and install the software on your desktop. Launch the interface to proceed.
  • Tap on "Toolbar" followed by "Image Converter" to open a pop-up screen on your computer. This screen will provide you the option of adding the appropriate files from the system.
  • With the files added, navigate onto any image to select the "Crop" button from the list.
  • A new screen is visible over selection. Set the appropriate settings of the image and tap "OK" to conclude cropping the GIF.



Camtasia is another platform that is quite popular with its vast feature set and user experience. While being consumed as an industrial program, Camtasia offers an exceptionally advanced interface for users that makes it accessible for them to manage multiple photos over a single period. Known as GIF cropper for Mac and Windows, you can consume Camtasia for cropping a GIF as follows.

  • Import a GIF from the computer and have it added on the canvas. Tap on the specific image to proceed.
  • Select the "Crop" button on the top of the screen and select the appropriate area with the rectangle that appears on the front. Hold the space and leave the cursor to tap on the same Crop button for concluding the process.
  • You can download the desired results on the computer.



This multifunctional tool provides a very vast scaled feature set for managing both images and videos. Movavi offers a very intuitive structure for its users and completely fits as a GIF cropper in the market. To understand the simple process of using Movavi, follow the steps provided as follows.

  • Import the appropriate files on the working area or use the function "Add Media Files."
  • Tap on the "Crop" button on the toolbar and finalize the cropping frame.
  • Over the selection, tap "Apply" to conclude.


How to Choose?

There are quite a few factors that are quite important in understanding the choice of the best GIF cropping tool for managing and editing your GIFs. While looking over the GIF editors that can be downloaded, the primary factor that needs to be looked over is these platforms' price. Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that your work experience is significant to look over, making it quite easy for people to select the most suitable option. It would help if you looked over the article to understand various GIF croppers and their guide on how to use them for fulfilling the purpose effectively.