With new technological advancements, people are devising new ways to become more productive. One of the latest trends globally is video presentations which many people prefer nowadays. In-person presentations have certain restrictions which can cause obstacles in achieving the determined goals. However, with the facility of virtual presentations, people can communicate and connect with their work efficiently.

This article will discuss the main reasons behind the growing popularity of virtual presentations. Moreover, we will also discuss a reliable tool that can help you to record presentation videos in the best environment.

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Part 1: Why the Virtual Presentation is Becoming Popular?

Virtual presentation is becoming a new trend among trainers and professionals. There are various benefits of conducting a virtual rather than an in-person presentation. To learn the advantages of virtual presentations, read the below reasons:

1. Cost-Effective

Holding an in-person presentation will require you some definite arrangements. You would need a place where you can gather your audience easily. However, virtual presentation lets you connect to your audience from anywhere. Thus, it's a cost-effective way to hold presentations with greater flexibility.

2. Broaden your Audience

In-person presentations can only be attended by a limited number of people. Conversely, virtual presentations can easily be attended by a broader audience. People from different cities and countries can also join your video presentation comfortably. Thus, you can extend your target audience through this facility easily.

3. Better Illustration

While recording a presentation video, you can add different elements for better illustration. You can draw on the screen while giving a presentation to make your attendees understand better. You can record a virtual presentation using various tools and illustrating features.

4. Reduce Chances of Error

During in-person presentations, you can never undo or amend the mistakes. On the other hand, while recording a virtual presentation, you can begin from the start if any error occurs. It will give you a better opportunity to deliver your presentation flawlessly.

5. Supports Multiple Platforms

After recording a video presentation, you can access it from multiple platforms. Moreover, your audience can repeatedly watch your virtual presentation video from either smartphones or computers.

Part 2: How to Adapt Your In-Person Presentation Into a Virtual Presentation?

To adapt your in-person presentation into a virtual presentation, you can try Wondershare DemoCreator. This tool can be used for educational training, digital marketing, tutorials, etc. Using DemoCreator, you can conduct virtual presentations through mainstream platforms like Zoom, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, etc.

In high resolution, you can effortlessly record a presentation video with a webcam through DemoCreator. Moreover, you can use unique avatars as virtual presenters to look more engaging. Hence, you can conduct impactful and captivating virtual presentations efficiently through the platform of DemoCreator.

Free Download
Free Download

Method 1: Make a Virtual Presentation in DemoCreator Demo Project Mode

This method will use Demo Project New Mode to make a virtual presentation. Through this mode, you can add backgrounds, effects, and objects to your presentation with a single tap:

Step 1: Choose Demo Project

Download and launch DemoCreator on your PC to start. Click on "Start a New Demo Project" from its main window.

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Free Download

Step 2: Add PPT Slides

Now tap on the “Plus” button given on the left side and tap on "Add PowerPoint". After importing the PPT slides from your computer, select the "Webcam" icon to choose a camera. Also, you can adjust the Microphone settings for the perfect sound.

add your ppt slides

Step 3: Add Attractive Backgrounds

Navigate to the right section to modify the settings. Click on the “Camera” tab to remove or blur the background. You can also select the recording frame and green screen background from this tab. Proceeding to the “Background” tab, you can add backgrounds like 3D pink rooms, city buildings, dark wood at night, etc.

access the demo project backgrounds

Free Download
Free Download

Step 4: Add Objects or Use Avatars

You can explore the Transitions tab to add suitable transitions to your presentation. You can add arrows or punctuation marks to your presentation from the Objects tab. If you don’t want to show yourself in the virtual presentation, you can select the “Avatar” tab to add unique virtual presenters.

choose an avatar

Step 5: Record or Live Stream Virtual Presentation

Once done with all the adjustments, you can hit the “Live” button for live streaming the virtual session. Or, you can click on “Demo and Record” to begin recording your virtual presentation. To stop the recording, you can press the F10 button.

record or live stream virtual presentation

Method 2: Make a Virtual Presentation in DemoCreator All-in-One Recorder

Another efficient way to make a virtual presentation is through the All-in-One Recorder of Wondershare DemoCreator. It’s a simple and efficient way to record a virtual presentation on any specific app.

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Free Download

Step 1: Select All-in-one Recorder

First, open PPT slides that are mandatory for your video presentation. Then initiate DemoCreator on your PC and select "All-in-One Recorder." By choosing this option, a recording window will open on your screen.

choose all in one recorder

Step 2: Select Webcam and Microphone

You can choose the capture area and modify the setting like webcam, system audio, and microphone. You can also select a recording scheme to either export or edit the captured screen recording.

modify recording settings

Step 3: Begin Recording Presentation

Once the presentation recording settings are done, click on the "REC" icon. You can press the F9 key to pause and begin the screen recording on your opened PPT slides. Press the F10 or hit the “Stop” icon to stop the recording. While recording your virtual presentation, you can easily use drawing tools to explain the concepts.

stop recording virtual presentation

Step 4: Edit and Export the Recording

Once the recording finishes, you can edit the recorded presentation in its built-in video editor. After executing the edits, you can click on the “Export” button to save the video.

export edited virtual presentation

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Free Download

Part 3: Which Method is More Suitable for Virtual Presentation Making?

The best method to make a virtual presentation is by using the Demo Project Mode. In this method, you can add enhancements such as changing the background color and adding camera effects. You can add filters and select engaging avatars. Furthermore, you can add elements like arrows and question marks to make your presentation professional.

DemoCreator enables you to add beauty filters to add visual appeal instantly. You can select a suitable facial beauty filter from the wide variety. Also, you can add transitions to add an artistic touch to your virtual presentation. Thus, this method provides more features to create an engaging presentation video.

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Virtual presentations have drastically changed the working environments of various sectors. Virtual platforms allow people to connect and communicate with each other anytime and from anywhere. This article has discussed a reliable tool known as DemoCreator that can help you make flawless virtual presentations. This tool offers two methods through which you can make video presentations proficiently.

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