The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing 2022

More than entertainment, videos can be helpful in many ways depending upon your content. If you are a businessman, you can use video marketing to increase the audience's awareness of your product. It allows people to see the natural face behind the brand. People prefer to watch than to read. Video has become so popular because people understand better on visuals. It helps to gain people's trust.

Part1 Why will You Need Video Marketing?

Render forest survey found that videos helped businesses increase:

● Brand awareness by 70%

● Traffic by 51%

● Sales by 34%

You can use videos to attract, convert and make new customers. It is a powerful form of marketing that can engage your customers effectively.

Video Marketing strategy

Video marketing is a strategy designed by marketing teams to make and utilize videos to market their product and services. Video marketing aims to engage the audience with the brand so that they can easily understand it.

To capture the attention of the prospects, we need a platform. This can cause problems for marketers. Social media has solved our problem by providing us with a platform.

There are 4 Ps of marketing strategy

● Place

● Price

● Product

● Promotion

vedio marketing

For promotion, video marketing strategy is best of all. You can create your content, edit it, and post it on any social account such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. People use social media frequently. For video marketing, you should;

● Set your goals

● Identify your audience

● Identify the content of videos you want

● Create videos

● Share/upload them

● Monitor their success

By following this, you'll be able to know about your audience's interests. Video marketing provides a personable way to derive peoples attention.

Part2 10 Types of Marketing Videos:

Before making, you should be aware of the type of videos you can create for marketing.

10 types of videos that you can use for marketing are:

1. Demo Videos

A demo video is a product demonstration video. The primary purpose is to show how something works. For example, explaining how to use software, unboxing of product, telling features, and clearing up a complex matter.

You should keep your demo videos simple. Its a compelling way to communicate with your customer. To create a demo video of your product, you need to follow four steps.

demo vedio

● Plan your demo video

● Describe the product

● Provide a solution

● Show how the product works

● Provide the audience with call-to-action

● Start with a template

● Record your product and service

● Edit your video

● Upload it on any social media

To create demo videos, you need a tool to perform the aforementioned features. DemoCreator is an all-in-one software that allows you to capture, record, or edit any video.

It is a desktop capture tool that allows you to record, edit, and export videos for your business. You can use DemoCreator, a multi-featured software, to create videos whether you're a salesman or a businessman.

How to use DemoCreator to make Demo videos?

You can easily make videos for the marketing of your product by using DemoCreator.

● Download

To use DemoCreator, you need to download it first.

● Just visit the DemoCreator official website.

● Open DemoCreator by Wondershare.

● To create a demo video, select Start a Record project.

● Select edit video, Import recorded video, make changes the way you want and then upload.

democreator home

DemoCreator performs multiple functions.

Closed captions

You can also add subtitles (closed captions) to understand the audience better.

Save your video in different formats and store it locally:

You can export your edited video in any format such as MP4, AVI, WEBM, etc., compatible with your device.

export audio mp3

2. Brand Videos

Brand videos are created as a part of an advertising campaign by any brand. To show

● Companys high-level vision

● Mission

● Products

● Services

It aims to monetize a positive attitude toward users rather than promoting the company. The ultimate goal of brand videos is to build awareness of your company and attract your targeted audience. It will help you to increase your business.

3. Interview video

For marketing your product, the most important thing is to build trust with your customer. You can build this trust by capturing interviews with experts and leaders in your industry. Ask them how your product changed their life. This will give authenticity to your targeted audience.

Someone said People will grow from your hard work. So, don't be afraid to get tactical in your interviews.


Make a video to satisfy your customer by asking questions from leaders they are concerned about.

4. Explainer Videos

These kinds of videos are created to help your viewers better understand why they need your product or service.


Many explainer videos are based on a journey of a companys persona who is struggling with a specific problem. This problem can be solved by adopting or buying solutions offered by the company.

You can capture the videos and explain them one by one

●Why should they use your product?




5. Event videos

Such type of videos helps to cover any kind of event, whether it ts a round table conference or meeting, fundraising, or any other event. Is your business hosting any of these events? Then you should capture them for your audience.


You can make exciting videos from interviews and presentations to inspire people.

6. Animated Videos

Animated videos are created with original designs, drawings, illustrations, or computer-generated effects by using several inventive styles. Making animated videos is an eye-catching way to get the attention of the audience.

They don't require any live-action video to communicate with the audience.

They can be a great format to explain hard-to-digest concepts. People believe in strong visualization than reading.

7. Live Videos

If you want your customers to know the scenes of your company, live videos will be helpful. It has a higher engagement rate than any other video. Viewers tend to spend longer time on live videos than on demanded ones.


It includes:

● Live stream interviews

● Presentations

● Events

It allows the people to question during live sessions.

8. Customer Testimonial Videos

If you want to satisfy the audience, your product can (will) solve their problem. This is the only way to show them. Make a video that features your loyal customer; let people know how this product solved their confusion.

Get them on camera, describing challenges they had to face and how your company helped them out.

9. Personalized Messages:

Suppose someone has any doubt regarding your product or service. The best way to answer their question is via email or text. This is a creative way to respond to someone.

10. Presentation video:

In video marketing, presentation video plays an important role. You can record your presentation related to your product and share it with people.

You can present or put your views the way you want quickly and simply to make people understand.

Part3 How to Make a Video for the Market:

You can capture a video for the market through DemoCreator.

Uses of DemoCreator:

● Making Demo Videos

● Making Presentations

● Making a tutorial

● Record Gaming videos

● Share interesting things

● Record any bug/crashes

1. How to record?

First of all, download the software, DomoCreator by Wondershare on your PC.

● Open DemoCreator.

● A pop-up window will appear. Click on the Record

democreator home

● You just need to drag the border to adjust the size of the portion you want to record to customize your recording area. In this way, youll be able to make precise adjustments. By using the magnifier, you can adjust your screen size.

● After determining your screen recording range, you can adjust the Webcam and system audio icon in the bar.

● Enable the Webcam and microphone to record the screen with sound and camera. Make sure your Webcam and microphone are well connected to the computer.

new recording mode

● After settings are done, you can now click on the red round icon to start the recording.

● You can press start or stop the recording by pressing the F10 key.

● Press the pause icon to pause the recording or F9. You can resume it by pressing it again.

● Finally, the video will be saved to a specific location you choose. Open it in the editor phase.

2. Schedule recording:

You can also set a time to capture your screen. You can record the screen for 10 minutes in the free trial period. For more, you have to sign in or subscribe to the account. To schedule

● Open DemoCreator.

● Click on the Schedule time option.

democreator home

● A pop-up window will appear. Select Record timer, itll show you the adjustments.

● In the end, you can save settings to continue.


How to edit video:

To edit the captured content, now we need to edit it. There are four main operating areas in the editor interface

Media library

In the media library, you can import files add captions, annotations, stickers, transitions, cursor effects, and preview clips. Recorded videos will be automatically uploaded to the editor interface.


Drag your video into a timeline. Once a video clip is in the timeline, you can detach the audio for separate editing. You can cut, copy, delete or split the file the way you want. Mute audio and Add markers are supported as well.;

Preview window

It consists of backward, forward, play, and pause buttons. You can also voiceover and take a snapshot. Drag the border to make adjustments. You can also adjust it through the properties window.

1. Annotation:

●You can add the text you want.

●Open editor interface

●After importing the video/image, select the option Annotation.

2. Closed captions and subtitles:

To better understand the people, you can also add captions and subtitles.

●Open editor interface

●In the media library, click captions.

●Choose the option you want to add.

There will be other options as well



●Lower third


●End Credit

3. Add transition

DemoCreator also allows you to make your videos creative by adding transitions.

From the top bar, select Transition.

It will show many options such as






●Speed Blur

●Ripple and dissolve.

Part4 How to Edit Online with DemoAir

demoai logo

Wondershare DemoAir is a free screen recorder that you can use for team communication. It allows you to record your screen or Webcam and then share it with other people.

How to Record an Online Screen?

●Visit Wondershare DemoAir website.

●Click Add to Chrome to install it.

demoair download

●Go to the extension panel to get started.

●You will see three options.

●Browser tab


●Webcam only

●In the Desktop and browser tab, you can set to record your

●Desktop screen

●Your Webcam

●System audio

●Drawing tools

●In Webcam only tab, you can record

●Microphone sound

●Webcam images or video

(Make sure your Webcam and microphone is well connected to the computer)

●After you have finished the recording setting, click on "Start recording."

●After capturing the screen, go to the extension and save the recording but pressing the red button.

demoair recording example

●The Recorded video will automatically be displayed in the DemoAir dashboard.

●You can name your recording under the preview.

Share with a link to colleagues:

●After the video is recorded, youll see options to share the video

demoair share your-video

●Copy the code or share it with your colleagues.


Desktop recording

You can record your desktop screen

Screen drawing tool

You can also draw on your screen.

System audio

DemoAir allows you to record with a microphone


You can also record the screen with Webcam


It’s a web-based software

HD resolution


As we have discussed above, Video marketing is important to increase your business, attract the attention of the audience, or explain to them about your product. Whether your business is on a small scale or a big established company, you can use a video marketing strategy.

You can create demo videos of your product to satisfy customers. We are here to tell you about some software that you can use to create videos. Through DemoCreator, you can record, edit and upload your captured content on any social media. It is free and has multiple features.