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How to Add Transitions and Other Effects to Your Videos with DemoCreator

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:27:13 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

I’m just going to go a little poetic here and say that effects and edits in a video are like salt in food: too many ruins it, a total absence makes it bland and just the right amount makes it delicious.

Whether you are making a presentation, recording a tutorial, or preparing a lecture for your online class, you need to have some effects in your video. Some people might be intimated by the idea of video editors, and they may leave out adding any effects or modifications while subscribing to the idea that the software is too "tech" or advanced for them. Some people may think that adding decorations is childish or useless. This idea is corroborated and justified a bit due to the fact that newbies can go a bit overboard with their editing; making the video a mixture of flashing colors, bouncing text, and rapid transitions capable of giving the viewer headaches. But you don't necessarily have to add a lot to your recording. You could make do with some subtle and artistic touches that are just enough to add a bit of flavor to your work but not too much to make it look like an 8-year old’s PowerPoint project.

In this post, we are looking at how you can add video effects (especially transitions) to your recording using DemoCreator. We will finish up with a couple of editing options that you can apply to your work to make it look nice and professional.

Part1. How to add effects to your recorded video in three steps

If you are using DemoCreator, adding effects to your recordings can be a breeze. While there can be other editing software that is not very beginner-friendly and easy to use, DemoCreator is not one of them. Below are three steps using which you can add your desired effects easily.

Step 1: Find the effect you want to use

First, you must choose which effect you want to add to your clip. DemoCreator has a simple user interface that is fairly easy to learn and get around. Once you are in the editor, you will find all available effects in a panel on the left-hand side.

There are different categories that you can choose from. There are Annotations, Transitions, Captions, Sound and Cursor etcetera. You can scroll through the categories, pick one and browse through the available alternatives. An awesome feature of DemoCreator is that you can double-click an effect to see a short video preview of how it works and looks. Talk about efficiency!


Step 2: Add the effect to an object on the timeline

Once you have decided which effect you want to use, simply click on it and drag it to your desired spot on the timeline. You can add transitions to the ending or beginning of a clip this way, and control where all your other effects are placed in the video.


In this screenshot, you can see that the selected caption has been added to the clip in the timeline.

Step 3: Customize how the effect looks like

After you are done dragging and dropping your effect on the timeline, you can double-click it to open up a little menu on the right side of the screen. In this menu, you can edit some of the properties of the effect. Here, have a look at this screenshot:


I selected the clip, and I got a bunch of options on the right that let me change things like scale, rotation, speed, and opacity. You can get similar options for almost every effect.

Part2. Some effects that you should start using right now

That was it about the ‘how-to’ part. You click stuff, you drag-and-drop some stuff and that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. But you could be wondering what effects would be the best for your clip, and what point in the clip would be most ideal to apply them. Let’s take a look at some effects that you should start using right now:


If you are looking to avoid doing ‘a bit bunch’ and just add some subtle effects to your video, transitions are your best bet. Transitions help you jump from one clip to the other smoothly. You could have some clips where you are displaying different windows and screens. Without transitions, you would just be blinking from one screen to the other and that doesn’t look too good. Adding a transition helps in making the shift seamless and aesthetic to look at.

There is a variety of different transitions that you can use with DemoCreator. Be sure to not overdo it, and add them just where they are needed.

Some transition effects include:

  • Box turn
  • Cube
  • Dissolve
  • Evaporate


Other Video Editing Effects

Transitions, although important, are not the only effect you can add to your video. With DemoCreator, there are other features that you can use to decorate your clip such as adding annotations and captions.

Captions allow you to put in an animated display of text. You can use these to make an intro or outro to your tutorial. If used correctly, these effects can be sufficient to add a touch of minimalistic professionalism to your video.

You can also use the ‘Annotations’ feature to add text at any point in your video. This can be useful if you want to give some input in your recording or if you want to point something out etcetera.

Use Cursor Effects to direct your audience’s attention

Another awesome feature that you can use is the Cursor effects. In order to make sure that your audience is looking at where you want them to look, you can add a cursor spotlight, rings, and highlight etcetera. The useful thing is that once you drag and drop your chosen effect on the track, every click you have done during the recording will be automatically edited. You don’t have to separately enable any option prior to recording the video.


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That’s definitely not all, folks!

Apart from what has been mentioned in this brief guide, there are a lot of other features and effects that you can use with DemoCreator. Any sort of work that you want to record can be decorated and polished with edits and effects. From just some introductory text and graphics to a whole bunch of transitions, you can use DemoCreator to any degree you desire, and come up with a smooth video that is pleasant and aesthetic for the viewers.

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