Many people don’t know that side hustles can bring financial freedom. The best part is that some require very minimal overhead to start. All you need for successful hustles to make money is perhaps a few hours a day and of course, some commitment. The primary job’s salary is never enough, especially, for the middle-aged group. A survey by of 2021 shows that 43% of full-time workers do have side hustles for some extra coins. And according to The New York Times, 48% of American workers do have multiple jobs. This shows that side hustles have been widely adopted, with a good percentage of workers opting not to bury their heads in one job.

Side jobs for money
What are some of the best side hustles to make money?
  1. Sell a product online
  2. Make grocery deliveries
  3. Participate in online surveys
  4. Try Carsharing
  5. Sell scrap metal
  6. Walk dogs in the neighborhood
  7. Create videos

Start a YouTube channel

This will work for you whether you are a savvy tech or not. Start a YouTube channel and engage your viewers for the better. This could be about some DIY at-home videos for simple tasks, selling a product, or entertaining your viewers. Remember when the “Subscribe” hits 1,000 then you’ll be ready to start receiving some incentives from Google. More so, you can get additional revenue from affiliate links on your posted videos as well as a good cut from the YouTube programs that run ads on your videos.

Sell a product online

Online stores have a spike in sales as per the 2021 statistics from Oberlo. It reported that the number of digital buyers makes up about 27.5 percent of the world’s 7.75 billion people. This number is set to grow amicably as the years go by. Amazon and eBay are some top successful online selling points selling in billions. Why not start from somewhere for some good returns?

Make grocery deliveries

This is a perfect idea if no major farming activity goes on around you. Simply source for groceries and other foodstuffs and sell around. So if you own a car and wish to venture into something meaningful, why not get orders and deliver food and groceries? You can also use other modes of transportation like riding a motorbike or just going on foot.

Participate in online surveys

The online survey is a great online side hustle to make money right from your comfort zone. You are good to go with a reliable internet connection. Most surveys only take a few minutes to complete with payment done via a PayPal account. It’s easy to start, just source online survey companies online, sign up, fill up your profile then wait for available surveys.

Try Carsharing

Carsharing works pretty much like car hire. You rent your car to someone without providing your driving services. You can source for carsharing apps where you register and then be part of the team. So, whenever you aren’t using your car, simply leave it open for a hola and hire.

Sell scrap metal

Earn money on the side by selling scrap metals. According to, it is possible to garner up to $400 a month on the side by selling scraps. To do this, source around for scrap metals and take them to any local recycling center around you. They’ll pay you based on the type of metals you bring.

Walk dogs in the neighborhood

Probably you’ve seen a neighbor walk down different dogs some days of the week. There is a high possibility those aren’t all his and he’s just out to make some cash. If you love dogs then this is a perfect opportunity to have fun as you enrich your pocket. Walking dogs will help you make money on the side.

Create videos for money

Can you tell how many viewers are reached by a single video? It is thousands in a single click. Well, video creation is a perfect side job to make money from home or your office. Video trends like explainers, vlogs, and animated, are among the top reaching videos for any niche. You can use various types of videos to make good money.

Presentational videos – you can make personalized videos to share your product or service presentation to potential customers.

Informational – These give your viewers certain tips in areas of gaming, product descriptions, or general Do It Yourself steps.

Educational – Teachers use videos for in-depth expressions to improve teaching efficiency. It is found to be highly effective as compared to the traditional teaching approach.

Shoppable videos – You can lure buyers just by how you present your videos. Shoppable videos will help you to hit that high sale in a few shows.

Animated videos – Animation is a great approach for not only kids’ shows but general advertisements.

How to Tell Apart the Best Video Creation tool

Video creation involves more than you may think. You need to put several ideas in place before embarking on your video creation journey. The major one is a perfect video creation tool. It should be easy to use, highly interactive and able to edit your video. DemoCreator video creator and editor fits the space pretty well. It comes packed with advanced features which include:

Screen drawing tool – This feature entails tools like the spotlight, highlight pen, shapes like circles, arrows, and text.

Multi-track editing – With this, you can automatically divide your audio from video tracks. Likewise, you will swiftly add, remove, or trim any part of the video or audio.

Presentation mode – It will demonstrate real, virtual as well as multiple avatars for presentation. It also supports demonstration on multiple video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype.

Recording – Choose to record your screen size whether full, half, or any portion. This feature also supports a webcam camera and microphone recording and editing.

Transition and Effects – You, of cause, need to polish your video to perfection. Make use of the over 100 available effects to improve your video.

AI Intelligence – This supports AI face recognition and beauty enhancement to make you look fabulous as you carry on your presentation.

How to Use Video to Make Money

DemoCreator has gone through tremendous upgrades with the latest giving your numerous presentation options including a 3D Virtual Avatar. It also has a virtual camera that will automatically be installed by your computer once you download and install the tool.

Step 1Download and install DemoCreator
Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

Click on the “Free Download” tab from the DemoCreator website to download and install it on your computer.

Step 2Record video

Remember that a virtual camera will automatically install on your computer after a successful installation of DemoCreator on your computer. So, start the recording by setting your camera to recording size, position, and frame. You can move on to record your face as the “Demo and Record” mode provides AI facial recognition features. Otherwise, simply use the “Virtual Presenter” mode if you don’t want your face to be on the screen.

Select avatar mode
Step 3Import video

First, choose a layout from the toolbar. It could be any layout such as a newsroom, or classroom, among others. Likewise, you can start from a blank page and fill it with content from previous recordings or a PowerPoint presentation.

Step 4Edit the background

DemoCreator gives you the option to change your background to your taste. Click on the “Resource” area and choose the “Background” option for any background template you want to use. You can as well add sounds and other effects as desired. The “Demo and Record” mode also lets you add whiteboard tool, and text for in-depth explanation.

Step 5Import clips and start recording

Go to the “Clipboard” to import your videos, clips, and images, and adjust them to your desired order. Once you have your needed clips, start to adjust the size of the content. Just drag and drop the 4 corners. To record a video, click on the “Demo & Record” button and the app will begin the recording session. Remember that you can use drawing tools to highlight important sections of your video.

Record video
Step 6Save and Export video

The final step is to save and export your video in any format. Simply upload your video directly to Vimeo or DemoAir. The latter is a DemoCreator Cloud platform that lets you manage your videos and share links on several platforms.

Save video


Don’t just waste your precious time while there are several ways to make money on the side of your primary job. The best way to showcase your talent is by creating a compelling video to help you sell that burning idea. DemoCreator makes it easy to compose an eye-catching video and reach your audience in just a few clicks.

David Wilson
David Wilson Jan 08, 24
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