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YouTube video ad campaigns are advertisements designed to promote a product or a service. The different ad campaigns are a part of the digital marketing of the company's products. It helps to gain reach and engagement of consumers. In other easier words, the main motto of running an ad on YouTube is to grow the business by accomplishing an adequate amount of sales and generating a good profit.

Not just the promotion of businesses is done through YouTube video campaigns, but creators also seek to build brand recognition through it. As YouTube is the hottest search engine after Google, it helps brands and businesses build their identity and stand top.
Importance Of Advertising:

Video content marketing plays a vital role in generating sales and building the brand for the company. It helps to establish friendly and profitable relationships with the consumers and with the employees of an organization.

According to research, 94% of marketers find it practical to use video marketing as they observed a change by applying this strategy. After creating video content and promoting them, the marketers and creators experience a good boost in their sales and insights. There is diverse importance of advertising YouTube videos.

Effective Engagement:

Running ads on YouTube provides an effective engagement of consumers towards the business. It creates an organic reach that is profitable for brand recognition and customer video campaign

Generates Fast Results:

The strategy to advertise YouTube videos also helps companies generate results faster and more accurately. As YouTube is the fastest growing platform, the positive and negative results are highlighted and shown quickly.

Increases Traffic:

Video content marketing and promotion is also an essential aspect. It increases and boosts SEO and traffic of your website, which helps you be on top of the search results in front of many eyes.

Builds Brand Image:

Advertising on a platform such as YouTube is a great way to make your brand recognizable to the audience. It helps you in building the brand image and ensures customer equity.


Running ads on YouTube is cost-effective, and they don't require millions or billions of dollars. Instead, they just require an excellent eye-catching strategy and can attract customers.

Easy Targeting:

YouTube video promotions make it easy to set your target audience efficiently. It has a massive reach, so targeting and attracting the audience to your schemes is not a complicated task.

Competitive Advantage:

Running YouTube ads with a planned strategy is an excellent source to gain a competitive and sustainable competitive advantage over the other competitors.

Part1 The Need for Advertising:

Advertising plays a primary role in the marketing of the company. The core function of marketing departments in a company or business is to generate revenue from sales. Advertising attracts potential clients that could be beneficial for the company. The advertising YouTube video strategy plays a leading role in the company's profits, making it the most vital strategy.

What's New with YouTube Ads:

With the changes in technology, the trends are also changing. Whether they are related to technological trends or socio-culture trends, the digital community is facing a change everywhere. The YouTube ads are also changed as compared to the previous years. Some of the significant changes observed with YT ads are:


With the changing days, the reach of YouTube ads is also prospering rapidly. The average number of users on YouTube currently is 122 million users daily. In the modern era, YT ads are the central hub for advertising.


Now advertising on YouTube is much easier and more cost-friendly than in older times. The modern-day YouTube ads can cost anything between $0.03-$0.30 per view, with a $2000 average cost to reach 100,000 viewers.

Type Advancements:

Now the strategy to advertise YouTube videos can be of different types. One can advertise long ads and short ads. Story-type ads and influential ads depend on the requirements of generating different reaches.

Part2 Types Of YouTube Ads:

Various types of YouTube ads are used to sell and promote a product or service. Some of them are:

TrueView Ads:

Actual view ads are the type of ads that gives its user some options. Such as skipping the ad or choosing the ad of choice is the primary function provided by actual view ads to its users. Marketers most favor genuine view ads to help them reach their desired target audiences. Also, they seem to be non-hectic for the users and cause greater engagement than other types of YT ads.

Video Discovery Ads:

The primary function of YouTube video discovery ads is to place your brand, product, or service alongside YouTube content that your audience will likely view. Moreover, these ads appear in the YT home feed, newsfeed, & search feed. They effectively target the audience and make them attracted to your video campaigns.

Instream Ads:

The ads streamed before or after the video or during a YouTube video are instream ads. The most significant advantage of an instream ad is that an instream video enables an ad to be streamed within the timeline of a video that is targeted toward an audience. For more profound information about the instream ads, click on

Prero'll Ads:

A pre-roll ad is a highly efficient YouTube ad that typically runs before a video. A pre-roll ad is a professional and paid advertisement. It is approximately 15-30 or sometimes 60 seconds longer. The pre-roll ads are primarily practical and convey attractive messages to the consumers. They are both skippable and non-skippable ads.

Bumper Ads:

The bumper ads are the briefest type of YT ads. They are non-skippable and 5-6 seconds long. Bumper ads usually run at the start of any video as the bumper ads are unskippable, so the company's main motto is to create brand awareness for the audience. Usually, shorter, more straightforward, & memorable messages are delivered through these ads to attract audiences rapidly.

Outstream Ads:

The out-stream ads are usually designed for mobile devices or tablets. They are special-purpose ads and are specially designed to spread brand awareness. The ads usually play outside the YouTube videos on the partner site.

Masthead Ads:

The masthead ads are used to promote your brand and product. They are the native video-based ad format that appears in the YouTube Home feed across all devices. This type of advertisement is ideal for people who want to gain massive reach or plan their buys and don't want to rely on auctions.

Part3 Golden Tips to Advertise on YouTube:

As YouTube video advertising is essential and has a significant impact on sales, brand recognition, & customer equity, here are some essential tips to effectively advertise YouTube videos.

Engaging Titles:

Writing engaging titles is the most helpful strategy for advertising YouTube videos. Before the videos, the titles of the videos are the most eye-catching. They have the capability of attracting a viewer to your video ads. The titles must be straightforward that could be easily understood by anyone.

Also, the title must relate to the video content. Unrelatable video titles can lead to negative feedback and impressions from the audience. Furthermore, you could also add humorous but not too complex titles to boost your viewership.

Optimizing Videos Accurately:

Optimizing videos on YouTube efficiently can be a plus point for many businesses to promote their brand and product. After the mighty google, YT is the second most powerful search engine.

You could optimize your videos by using relevant keywords that are most searched. Furthermore, using more specific titles can also help you optimize the SEO of your video. Also, the usage of relevant and trending tags dramatically adds to the optimization of your YouTube video.

Figuring Out Target Audience:

Figuring out the target audience and having a sharp look at competitors can also help you be in the top list of searches. YouTube is a comprehensive platform with a vast extent of categories.

 Computing out what your audience wants and expects from you can significantly help you out in many cases. Another solution for selecting the accurate target audience is to look at your YouTube Analytics if you’ve already uploaded videos. YouTube gives you detailed information on audience demographics, location, engagement, and other helpful stats.

Engaging With YouTube Community:

Although YT is not a social platform but engaging with YouTube communities of creators can benefit you in multiple ways. Firstly, it can help you reach out to many people who might be your target audience. Moreover, it can also help you gain more potential buyers that might be profitable for you.

Attractive Thumbnails:

Professionally customizing thumbnails can help you stand out among many others. Thumbnails are a valuable source for attracting audiences. If your thumbnails are nonserious or off-topic, the audience might switch off towards you without responding to your videos. Creating thumbnails yourself makes your videos look more appealing at a glance and signals a certain sense of professionalism.

Promoting Your Videos Organically:

Promote your videos through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Try posting content on social media regarding your video and target audience. Gather a substantial audience on social, and it will help you build your brand and make your offered product or service recognizable.

Attempt To Make Giveaways:

Organizing and attempting giveaways can attract more audiences to your videos. Free giveaways attract various people. Free giveaways of products can encourage people to subscribe to your channel and be your daily viewer.

But for this strategy, you want to make sure you’re getting results from your efforts: otherwise, you’ll waste time, money, and resources. For tracking down the results and rate of subscribers, you could use YT tools to keep track of your records.

Create Playlists:

To advertise YouTube videos effectively, create playlists. Playlists can organize your videos in a much more effective manner. It helps you sort out your videos properly so that it can be easy for your viewers to figure out their choices.

The channel’s various playlists help guide subscribers to relevant content without digging for it. Creating playlists not only organizes your content correctly and adequately but also helps your channel look cleaner and more attractive, helping you achieve a competitive advantage in a much better manner.

Call To Action:

Sometimes simply asking for attention is the best way to get your videos noticed, especially when considering the proximity and relationship that video content can create. Not everyone who enjoys one of your videos will remember to drop a like or become your subscriber, so it’s become increasingly common to put these reminders in the description or in the video itself.

Live Streaming:

Live streaming your videos is also a considerable action for gaining more reach and target audiences in your pockets. Live streaming videos can attract more people to your YouTube channel.

 Furthermore, it can also be a medium to establish friendly relationships with your viewers. You could contact your viewers in real-time. This will also ensure understanding of what your audience wants from you and make you more attractive to them.


Collaborating with other content creators is also an ideal advertising YouTube video strategy to gain more reach. Collaborating with other content creators can gain you more insights in terms of more subscribers and views. They can organically increase your views and circle, causing you more friendly and profitable relationships.

Running paid campaigns:

Another critical point to advertise YouTube videos and promote them is running ad campaigns. Running paid ad campaigns grants, you more visitors. Your sponsored types of advertisements run on social media.

With combined marketing, you can gain a lot of audiences attracted to you by this strategy. For this purpose, you can run many different types of advertisements for your YT videos, such as Display ads, Skippable and non-skippable video ads, Bumper ads, etc. For more info about running paid campaigns, hook up with

Creating Series:

Make different types of specific content-related series. The series might tend to be attractive to the viewers. Encourage the viewers to view your series and gain insights and popularity through them. Series are a win-win for creators and viewers alike.

For creators, you hold yourself accountable for creating fresh YouTube content and don’t have to stretch your brain for ideas. Your audience has something to look forward to and a reason to keep returning to your channel.

Part4 How To Create a Better Version of Videos with Demo Creator:

After understanding the importance of advertising, it is clear that advertising needs to be done with sheer quality. There are different types of YouTube video advertising but creating a better version of videos to achieve a competitive advantage requires some skills.

What Is DemoCreator:

youtube video campaign

DemoCreator is a powerful software that is used as a screen recording tool. This software is usually used by gamers, YouTubers, & streamers. There are extensive features of this software that helps people efficiently record their screen videos and post them further on.

Besides the recording, the Demo Creator is also an excellent tool used for editing, & then exporting the end quality product. It provides extensive features that seem a cherry on the top of the videos.

It differentiates from other normal editors and screen recorders because of its several features such as adding annotations, adding captions, real-time drawing, audio fading, sound capturing, fast exporting, adding quality effects, transitions, and much more.

Due to these features, the video recording, editing, & exporting is done easily by the editors. Also, the DemoCreator enhances the quality of videos which is a bonus point for the creators.


The very first step for making a YouTube advertising video is correct planning and strategy that can meet the set requirements. Initially, a company has to set its objectives and then target to record a promotional video. An advertising video needs to be short, simple, accurate, & purposeful.

It is not necessary to add humor every time. Most consumers find it hectic to watch detailed videos about the promotions, and instead, they consider skipping that. Moreover, the message must be delivered must, be sound and straightforward, and easily understood by the consumer.

Some brands and businesses hire actors for their branding, but it is preferred to be genuine and not hire any other persons outside an organization as it seems to reflect fakeness. The recording of video can be done in any place. The core principle and objective of recording an advertising video is to attract the customer and make them buy your product.

Recording with DemoCreator:

To record a video on DemoCreator, launch the software and click on “Start a new project”.

youtube video campaign

A pop-up window will appear, where you can select:

● Screen capture area

● System Audio

● Microphone

● WebCam

You will also find the advanced settings if you click on the settings icon on the top right side of the pop-up.

After selecting the settings, hit the red button named “REC”. Demo Creator will start recording after a counting 3.


Try to capture the consumer's attention in the starting 5-10 seconds as, after that period, a viewer may lose interest in your video. For better results, add captions to the video so that your target audience may spread and viewers speaking various languages can understand the concept and idea presented by you. For better final results, adjust the tone of the content correctly.

A higher or lower voice tone can lead to various distractions. Setting the correct video length is also the primary function of editing a video. Adding the cherry on the top, adding annotations, jump cuts, & stickers might also help edit a video and result in a better-finished product.

youtube video campaign

Editing with DemoCreator

After recording the video, DemoCreator will open your video in its video editor. Drag and drop the recorded video into the timeline.

DemoCreator editor tool is made for nonprofessional video editors (People who are not experts in video editing).

As I discussed earlier you can add annotations, captions, stickers, and transitions.

In the second menu bar is on the top left corner, there you will find all these options.

Let’s say you want to add stickers to the content, click on the stickers button. It will show you many options, like stickers related to Education, games, Gifs, Emojis, etc…

Use your creativity and simplicity of DemoCreator to make your content attractive.


The third and last step for the strategy to advertise YouTube videos is exporting. Suppose you made a fine video, and edited it with style but you stuck while exporting it. For exporting a video try using reputable software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, etc. For better quality aims towards 1080p or 2040p.

 Another thing to add, different sites offer different frame rates for uploading a video. For websites such as Facebook, Instagram, & Snapchat, the recommended frame rate size is 16:9. Whereas, for websites such as Twitter, & LinkedIn, the recommended frame rate size is 2:3 & 1:2:4 respectively.

Exporting with DemoCreator

DemoCreator gives you multiple options. To check out all of these options, click on an export button from the top right corner of your editor screen.

Then you will see all of the available options like:

● Export to your PC in more than 10 formates.

● Export to youtube

● Export to your drive

After adjusting all of these settings, hit export and you will get your file on your desired location.

Part5 Tips for Ads Video

Some tips that need to be avoided while creating an advertising or promotional video, are:

● Don't publish all your videos in a single day. Spread them timely so your audience can connect with you in a better way. Make a proper schedule for your videos so you can be organized.

● Don't ignore feedback on your videos. Whether they are negative or positive, take them as a challenge and try to improve regularly.

● Don't avoid engaging your audience. Engaging your audience can create friendly relationships. This can also help in gaining major insights into your content.

● Don't compromise on your YouTube video quality. Edit, record, & present them professionally.

● Don't beg for subscribers and comments on your video repeatedly. It's ok to ask for it and apply a call-to-action button but refrain from continuously asking for the same thing.


The bottom line is that YouTube video advertising or the strategy to advertise YouTube videos plays a vital role in generating insights for the company. Its importance cannot be ignored as it is the most vital key factor for the survival of the business.

Whether it is done by any method the creators always need to think out of the box to be unique and achieve a top position among their competitors. Moreover, the above-discussed tips needed to be followed for creating better content. To add, the quality of video for promotions should not be compromised as it creates a positive impact on the client, and it is the best possible way of attracting the audience.

The companies must also not compromise on the strategies for their sales and promotions as they are the only way through which a business or brand can achieve a competitive advantage and the sustainable competitive advantage in the industry.

Related FAQs

1. What is closed captioning?

As explained earlier, closed captions in a video can be enabled or disabled as required, and can even be formatted for improved visibility or to match the theme of the video. Closed captions for a video are saved in an independent file, typically with the *.srt extension.

2. How to deal with the auto-caption process failure?

While making auto-captioning, you can try to stop the transaction process if the program fails to recognize it. Then launch and sign in to the software again and check your transaction time.