Best 5 Free YouTube Video Editors

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:08 • Filed to: YouTube Creative Ideas

YouTube is the unprecedented biggest video sharing software of the world where the users watch videos almost every minute all over the world. The increase in daily videos on YouTube has been increasing every single day and videos are being uploaded on a daily basis giving rise to a content creation boom. Content creation is a continuous process where people are sharing their videos on YouTube. These videos can be tutorials, how-to videos, analysis, news sharing videos, comedy videos, sports videos, or other funny or serious videos that can be watched repeatedly on this video sharing platform.

The video-sharing platforms are a highly competitive space where people are fighting hard to come up with videos that are technically sound and can reach a far-reaching audience due to their excellence. Apart from good content and excellent presentation and it is imperative that the videos are edited professionally too. A question that has been there on the minds of the content creators on YouTube has been how to edit YouTube videos for free?

Well, in this article we bring to you some of the best video editors which the users can use to edit the videos on YouTube. These apps are available on various platforms and provide many different features which can be used by the users to create videos that are effective and help in easily creating videos that are as close to professionally edited videos as well.

The qualities of a video editor which should be present in all the effective video editors include how intuitive they are and how easy to use they are for their users. The users aren’t usually professional editors and the ones who create videos like gaming videos and other such videos need to be able to edit videos and access the editing features easily without any difficulty. Some of the editors are provided here below.


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YouTube’s Video Editor

The YouTube video editor free is a built-in video editor that is provided by YouTube for editing videos. It is the simple and basic software that can offer which allows the use of YouTube video editing in the most basic manner as they can edit the beginning and the end of the videos.

This is a video editor that can help in the blurring of faces and other objectives in the video for making them anonymous. The simple tool is allowing video trimming in the most basic manner. It allows clipping a few sections out of the video.

The video editor is suitable for use for the video editors who are using the most basic features of the video editor for posting it on the video-sharing platform and there are not too many complications involved while using it. The video editor is in Beta right now. The pros and cons of the video editor are provided here below

youtube editor


  • It saves time and also is free of cost and very easy to use
  • It offers the ability to trim the videos
  • There is an ability to reuse and remix the video clips
  • Multiple versions of the same video can be created here.
  • Effects can be added and the look of the videos can be changed like the black and white feature can be edited
  • The ability for adding the transitions and smooth video clip transitions
  • Videos can be trimmed to only use the best scenes


  • It is a basic editor and doesn’t have many features
  • Unable to make any music
  • Overlay graphics and text are not possible


Lightworks is one of the brilliant software which has been used by the users who want to create dynamic content for their videos. This is one of the best free video editor software which has also been used in some of the most iconic films, having said that it can be used by people who create videos for social media as well. These are videos that can be 4K HD too. This is one of the best free YouTube video editors.

The users can use this video editor to create the videos which will stand out from the crowds because of the many features which have been provided by this video editor. These features include all the necessary video editing tools such as a simple user interface and different frame rates.

Many different file formats are also supported in this software and it also allows the sharing of these videos to the different video sharing platforms or social media creates extremely professional videos. The pros and cons of this video editor have been provided here below



  • Simple user interface
  • Windows, Mac OS, and Linux support this software
  • Real-time editing for video and audios
  • Variable frame rate media
  • Grading sequence professionally
  • Timeline editing and trimming


  • It does not support different formats in the free versions
  • Can get a little technical for the beginners.


This is a classic movie video editor that allows the user to create videos at a level of Hollywood style trailers. This is a perfect choice for the video creators who are creating transitions and intros along with the filter selections. It is a highly accessible video editor and also has a mobile version of the software. This is among the best free video editing software for YouTube.

This is a free app that is available on the iOS operating system of the app. Apple has not released any of the Windows Version of this iMovie. It is a powerful editor that can split, edit, merge, and rotate as well as crop and enhance the video links.

It allows free elements such as titles, filters, and other dazzling translations and also many different stickers. It also offers royalty-free music as well as different backgrounds. It can help in putting photos and videos together. The pros and cons of the editors are provided below



  • Stunning quality films
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful mobile versions
  • Extended collections of animated credits
  • Creative video filters
  • Welcoming interface
  • Feature-rich


  • It is only available for iOS
  • Its interface isn’t customizable

Final Cut Pro

The Final Cut Pro is an engine that allows the editing of many different complex projects and also working with the larger sizes of frames and higher rates as well as a lot more effects and all of these take place at a super blazing speed. It has been built for the harnessing of extreme powers of the Mac and a next-level performance level.

The accelerated graphic tasks such as the rendering, exporting, and real-time effects are performed easily in the Final Cut Pro. The updates take place quickly in the user-friendly app and more and more features. The users of the Final Cut Pro are usually the ones who become experts on the iMovie software and can then go ahead in using the Final Cut Pro which is among the best video editing app for YouTube free.

final cut pro x


  • Stunning Aesthetics
  • 360-degree video editing
  • Advanced features for video editing
  • Motion graphics for templates
  • Sharing on YouTube
  • High-Quality interface


  • Only there for Mac
  • Difficult interface
  • The only auto-save function


DemoCreator is one of the fastest recording and editing software for creating the narrations and reporting the data to the teams for the product and for the customers. This is also used to create videos for gaming video recordings and the other recording videos such as the how-to and tutorial videos.

democreator windows

This is an intuitive interface making it easy for people to record clips. The users record high-quality videos and also create high-quality recording and editing. The video editor provides many different features that can be used by the users to create videos that can compete with professionally edited videos. It is also an expert in editing the screen recorded videos and allows microphone recorded audio and other background audios. Pros and cons of the video editor are given below

Key Features

  • Easy to use and fast editing
  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • High-quality editing
  • Audio features
  • Screen recorders
  • Best for gaming videos
  • Easy to share
  • Different formats

If you don't want to download any software and just edit the YouTube video online, you can choose one of the best online YouTube editors.


The free apps to edit YouTube videos provide the user's different options for editing videos for YouTube. The users have a plethora of options these days to create videos that they can use to edit the videos. The users have access to different video editing features and translations as well as the slowing and changing the speed of the video and translations. The users can also export the videos in a different format and share them on different social media platforms. These were the editors that we recommended. In case you come across others, do let us know?