Virtual conferences have made human work easier and simpler. You can hold important business meetings and presentations by giving flexibility to the attendees. The stakeholders, decision-makers, and other attendees can easily join a video presentation in the comfort of their homes. Due to the tons of advantages of virtual conferences, there are various tools that can help you to conduct a meeting video.

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Part 1: How to Live Stream a Video Conference in DemoCreator?

DemoCreator is an efficient tool through which you can live stream a video presentation or conference in a comfortable environment. This software contains advanced options to enhance your video meeting flawlessly. You can utilize its epic pen and whiteboard tool to draw illustrations while live streaming a conference. Moreover, you can add shapes, textual content, and text boxes that will allow your attendees to comprehend better.

DemoCreator is not only restricted to employees of a specific organization for holding business meetings. This software can be easily used by personal trainers and educational experts for online training or demonstration. With a few clicks, you can make a live stream presentation video for any purpose without any complications.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

Key Features in DemoCreator Video Presentation Mode

  • Supports Multiple Platforms: You can stream live meetings, conferences, and training sessions through various platforms. Some of the supported platforms are Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, YouTube, Discord, and OBS Studio.
  • Add Backgrounds: If you are holding a live meeting at your home, you can change the background through this software. With the help of its offered background options, you can make your virtual presence more professional.
  • Apply CAM Effects: To enhance your visual appearance, DemoCreator offers various vibrant camera effects. You can choose any of the preferred camera effects and can apply them instantly.
  • Change your Avatar: To make an eye-catchy appearance in a virtual meeting, DemoCreator offers more than 10 Avatars. You can also use the webcam to make a live video flawlessly.
  • Teleprompter: To make training or education videos perfectly, DemoCreator provides a teleprompter. Through this, viewers can understand your content more easily.
  • Visual Elements: DemoCreator allows you to add various visual elements to your video presentations instantly. You can explore their built-in library to check the collection of footage that you can add easily.

Steps to Live Stream a Video Conference in DemoCreator

Are you ready to use DemoCreator to make virtual conferences flawlessly? Read this section to learn how to make video presentations effortlessly:

Step 1 Upload PPT Slides

To initiate, launch DemoCreator on your computer and choose the “Start a New Demo Project” option from the main interface of DemoCreator. Once done, upload the PPT slides in this software carefully.

choose the demo project option
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Step 2 Change Background and Add Effects

Once done with uploading the required slides, you can change the virtual background by navigating to the right section and selecting the “Background” option. You can also apply CAM effects to enhance your visual appearance.

select the background for conference
Step 3 Choose an Avatar

After adjusting all the settings, you can tap on "Avatar" or "Camera" to proceed. By clicking on the “Camera” option, you can hold a virtual meeting through a webcam. Or you can choose any virtual avatar from the given options.

choose your avatar
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Step 4 Add Visual Elements

Afterward, you can add visual elements such as images, music clips, transitions, or video clips. Once done with all the settings, tap on the “Live” button.

tap on live button
Step 5 Make Camera Settings

Now open the app from which you want to conduct a virtual meeting. After opening the app, go to its "Settings" and tap "Webcam". Make the camera input to “WS VCamera". Now save the settings and tap "Start Streaming" to initiate a virtual meeting.

change the webcam settings

Part 2: Beneficial Tips to Hold a Live Video Conference

Do you want to make your video conferences look professional? In this part, you can discover various live streaming tips to enhance your virtual experience.

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1. Check Audio and Light Settings

In live streams, many people encounter audio issues that cause disruption. That’s why make sure to check the audio settings of your system and application to prevent any hurdles during the live streaming. Also, test your microphone to ensure your audience can hear the sound properly.

Apart from audio settings, you should also check the lighting of your room. Make sure to sit in a suitable corner of your room where the lighting is perfect. By ensuring proper light, your visual appearance would be enhanced automatically.

2. Rehearse Before Meeting

During live streams, there are chances of errors and mistakes. To avoid any unexpected mistakes, it’s better to rehearse before the meeting. This will give you confidence and decrease the chances of mistakes during live sessions.

3. Have Required Resources

Make sure to check all the props and resources that are required for your meeting. If you are conducting a video presentation, check the availability of PPT slides and other reading material.

4. Keep your Audience Engaged

During live streams, it's essential to hook up your audience throughout. Add personal stories, vibrant illustrations, music clips, and backgrounds to create engaging content. This will help you to deliver your message efficiently.

5. Choose your Live Streaming Platform

There are various live streaming platforms in use like YouTube, Discord, Facebook, and Zoom. Make sure to choose your live streaming platform according to your target audience. Select a live streaming platform where your targeted audience can easily connect.

6. Be Consistent with Live Streaming

To build your community or audience, be consistent with your live streams. You can schedule meetings and live streams to maintain consistency. This will help you to grow your audience over a period of time smoothly.


In the post-pandemic era, virtual conferences have become a new normal. The flexibility provided through virtual meetings has helped various businesses to grow smoothly. If you are looking forward to reliable software to enhance your live streams, DemoCreator is the best option. You can craft DemoCreator video presentations smoothly with the help of various advanced options. This tool supports multiple live streaming platforms along with facial beauty features.

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