PowerPoint presentations have long been regarded as the ultimate and most effective method of reporting data or teaching a course. When you want to preserve the information in the presentation, it makes sense to record a video of it and make it available on demand. However, most people do not know how to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio, and since we can all agree that audio is an important part of the audio-visual experience that video provides, a video with no sound would be completely useless.

Consequently, the goal of this article is to demonstrate how to audio-record PowerPoint presentations. We'll look at some effective software that allows you to do voice over PowerPoint and demonstrate how to use it to produce a stunning video. In order to give your presentation that extra magical appeal, we're also going to show you a special tool that can be used to record and edit such videos. Keeping your audience's attention during a presentation necessitates a visually appealing presentation that keeps the audience interested in the topic while enjoying the graphically appealing slides. Wondershare DemoCreator comes to our aid in this regard by allowing users to convert slides into high-quality videos.

A personal touch is always necessary during presentations in order to keep the audience interested at all times. More than just slide templates are captured by the DemoCreator screen recorder and video editor. Demo Creator allows users to record their webcam and add voiceover to a PowerPoint presentation, giving the slides a more personalized touch in the COVID era when everything has gone virtual. This gives your PowerPoint screen recording a more authentic feel. Keeping your audience's interest while eloquently and elaborately presenting the subject is crucial.

The Best Way for How to Add Voice Over to PowerPoint

The Best Screen Capture Tool for PowerPoint Recording is DemoCreator.It is essential to find a screen recording tool for your PowerPoint presentation. Given the variety of tools available on the platform, it is critical to understand the best option for screen capturing. Wondershare DemoCreator includes one of the best desktop screen-capturing systems. It simplifies the entire process by providing users with a variety of features to enjoy.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

Wondershare DemoCreator includes a toolkit that makes screen recording enjoyable. If you want to record yourself while presenting a PowerPoint, DemoCreator is the place to go. It allows for simple recording, editing, and sharing on a single platform. Along with the impressive AI-facial technology of the effective screen capture tool, users can customize the frame rate of their recording. DemoCreator includes a very simple method for recording a video of yourself while delivering a PowerPoint presentation. To understand how to record yourself while presenting a PowerPoint presentation, you must follow the steps outlined below.

Step by Step on PowerPoint Voice Over

01of 04Install Wondershare DemoCreator

Finding a screen recording tool for your PowerPoint presentation is critical. Given the variety of tools available on the platform, understanding the best option for screen capturing is critical. One of the best desktop screen-capturing systems is included with Wondershare DemoCreator. The New Demo Mode is the most recent addition to DemoCreator V6. In Demo Mode, you can easily make amazing PowerPoint presentation videos. After installing the Wonder Share Democreator, your home page should look like this. Now click on the start a new demo project.

voice over in powerpoint
Launch DemoCreator
02of 04Use the Video Presentation Mode

When you click the "Start a New Demo Project" button on the main interface, you will be taken to the Demo Mode. All "Clips" can be uploaded from the panel's left side, where you can also add Pages, PowerPoints, videos, images, and other media files. You can also directly share the desktop screen that you want to record.

how to voice over powerpoint
Video Presentation Mode

After selecting the new demo project, you will see the following interference. Now, when you click the plus sign, you'll see the different options for creating a presentation. Which option is on your preference you can select it.

03of 04Webcam, Microphone, Volume Settings and Other Features

Please first make sure that the camera, microphone, and sound are authorized. The Webcam (External Camera), Microphone, and Volume settings options are represented by the three icons on the left side of the panel at the top, close to the "Clips" section. The "Camera" and "Avatar" options are located right next to the icons. These enable you to either use a preferred virtual avatar presenter or record the video presentation with your real-life presenter on the screen.

how to add voice over to powerpoint

Then, you have options for various video recording scenarios under "Live," "Meeting," and "Demo & Record". "Live" refers to the presentation screen being streamed to live streaming services like OBS Studio, Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube Live, and more.

Similar to the "Live" feature is "Meeting." It has the ability to live-stream the presentation or recording screen to platforms for video conferences like Zoom, Voov, Tencent Meeting, Skype, Microsoft Teams, TeamViewer, and others. Therefore, when you have video conferencing, webinars, chat, or virtual events, you can share your presentation screen on your own PC with the participants.

At the bottom of the panel, you'll find the "Teleprompter," drawing tools, and content and character preset. There are five drawing tools available: Pointer, Pen, Text, Whiteboard, and Clear All. Using these 5 incredible tools, you can easily create the presentation that you desire.

powerpoint voice over

A video resource library is located on the right side of the panel.

Suppose you're in "Camera" mode. The "Camera Effect" settings are available in this case for adjusting the contents of a webcam or external camera. You can change the camera display's frame to round, square, or rectangle. The "Blur Background" and "Remove Background" options are useful for users who do not want to reveal their surroundings when removing the background. The next setting tab, "Dressing," contains a one-click facial beauty function, as well as customizable facial beauty settings. The third tab, "Filter," allows you to apply a filter to the camera's image. Background, Sound, Transition, and Objects are listed below "Camera Effect." You can find various virtual backgrounds, visual annotations, and other awesome SFX in these libraries.

OBS not working
Record with Camera Mode

Use Avatar: If you do not want to use a camera for your presentation, you can use an avatar. Assume you're in "Avatar" mode. The "Camera Effect" will be replaced by "Avatar Selection," from which you can choose a preferred virtual presenter to replace your real character. There are 12 attractive virtual presenters for your choice. In that case, you just need to click one, and the character will apply to the preview window.

how to do voice over powerpoint
Record with Avatar Mode

DemoCreator 6 Demo Mode includes a wide range of sound effects, transition effects, and objects. Browse the effects in "Background," "Sound," "Transition," and "Object," then download and save them to make it easier to find the desired effect when creating videos.

For example, select a preferred virtual background and then click to apply it to your presentation video.

how to voice over a powerpoint
The Virtual Backgrounds
04of 04Start PowerPoint Recording with Voice Over

You can change the size of the presenter or the content clip by dragging and dropping the four corners once all the clips and presets have been prepared. It is convenient to move or adjust the position of the portrait character, the content clips, and the background of your recording screen by dragging.

If you want to recode the voice then click the "Demo & Record" button to start your recording. Demo Creator has a screen recorder for computers. This screen recorder feature offers the ability to record the Webcam Stream, capture the desktop screen, and the choice to do both, making it an all-in-one solution. The viewer can interact with you while you present your presentation.

voice over powerpoint
Click Record Button


Explaining a presentation to your audience is crucial, so you might need an excellent screen recording. In these situations, you should look for the ideal tool to serve this function. To help you record yourself while presenting a PPT, Wondershare DemoCreator offers you an exceptional environment with an intuitive screen recording feature.

Wondershare DemoCreator comes with a toolkit that makes screen recording fun. The New Demo Mode is the most recent addition to DemoCreator V6. In Demo Mode, you can easily make amazing PowerPoint presentation videos. DemoCreator is the place to go if you want to record yourself while presenting a PowerPoint. It enables straightforward recording, editing, and sharing on a single platform. Users can customize the frame rate of their recording in addition to the impressive AI-facial technology of the effective screen capture tool. DemoCreator includes a straightforward method for filming yourself while delivering a PowerPoint presentation.

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