Do you hold virtual sessions frequently? Virtual meetings provide a cost-effective way to communicate and collaborate with team members. You can connect with your team members by comfortably sitting anywhere in the world. There are various webcam face filters to make your facial appearance more captivating.

This article will discuss the best webcam filter apps for live streaming. Using these apps, you can eliminate your facial flaws and make an impactful visual appearance.

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1. Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is an advanced tool that enables webcam recording in a secure environment. It offers customizable capture areas such as circles, rectangles, and full screens. It provides various beauty enhancement tools through which you can beautify your facial appearance. For instance, you can enhance your eye size and make your skin brighten. You can also modify your mouth size through the settings. You can also adjust the settings like face thinning and nose bridge.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

You can also blur your background through this app to hide unwanted objects. You can also remove the background through its advanced algorithms. Also, you can enable the Mirror option to change the direction of your screen. To use the DemoCreator live streaming feature, read the below guidelines:

Step 1 Create a Demo Project

Install and open DemoCreator on your PC to start the process. Afterward, tap “Start a New Demo Project” to adjust the streaming options.

create a new demo project
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Step 2 Adjust the Background Settings

You can control the webcam settings, system audio settings, and microphone displayed at the top left corner of the new window. Head to the “Camera” option at the top right corner. You can easily change the background properties and screen recording frame from there.

adjust the camera settings

Step 3 Use the Facial Beauty Feature

After adjusting the camera properties, click "Dressing". Here, enable the facial beauty options to make your visual appearance captivating. You can adjust the facial beauty properties through the slider. Once done, go to the “Filter” section and apply the suitable effects.

activate the dressing mode

Step 4 Start Live Streaming

DemoCreator allows you to do live streaming on Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Discord, and many more. To start the live streaming, tap on the "Live" button. After that, launch the application on which you to go live with your audience. Access that app's settings and change the app's webcam input settings to "WS VCamera".

change the input camera
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Benefits of Using DemoCreator Filters in Demo Project Mode

DemoCreator offers radiant filters that can drastically change your ordinary visual appearance. Cool Film, Hudson, Vintage, Arizona, and other offered filters. Each filter has a special meaning that can add depth to your visual appearance during a live stream. Even if you are not wearing makeup, the DemoCreator filters can save you during live streaming sessions. Thus, discover trending and captivating face filters in DemoCreator to make your visual appearance impactful during live streaming videos.

2. Snap Camera

Snap Camera is a famous live streaming app that offers multiple filters and lenses. You can utilize this software on both Windows and Mac platforms. Using this app, you can try funny filters to surprise your friends and color-correct your facial skin tone. If you are doing a live stream video, you can use the Snap Camera as your webcam. By doing so, you can apply lenses during your live stream easily.

In Snap Camera, you can also mark your Favorite Lenses which you prefer to use daily. Afterward, you can easily apply your favorite lens during a live stream without wasting time. Thus, Snap Camera is a reliable streaming app with webcam filters.

snap camera interface

3. ManyCam

Do you want to live to stream your meeting through your mobile phone? ManyCam can be downloaded smoothly on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. It offers three audio sources along with a built-in microphone. Moreover, it allows you to conveniently adjust the layer settings, corner radius, and opacity. To make your live streaming engaging, you can also easily add background images through this app.

Through ManyCam, you can add multiple picture-in-picture layers to your virtual conferences smoothly. This advanced app instantly allows you to switch between video chats, business presentations, and virtual conferences. You can also use your smartphones as camera angles and remotely control them. Hence, it’s a powerful live streaming app offering advanced options and webcam filters.

manycam interface

4. AlterCam

AlterCam is an efficient webcam app that allows you to execute professional live streaming. If you are annoyed by your room’s background, you can replace it through the virtual backgrounds offered in AlterCam. It provides over 50 webcam effects such as blur, mosaic, combines, etc. You can use these effects as webcam face filters to change your visual appearance completely.

AlterCam also offers HD resolution quality along with GPU acceleration. You can add text overlays through this app to explain your content. Moreover, you can change your voice in real time during live streams according to your preference. By using the voice-changing effect, you can funnily modify your voice easily.

altercam interface

5. Logitech Capture

Logitech Capture is an all-rounder live streaming app that gives high-quality results. It supports multiple recording sources, allowing you to live stream through a webcam, screen, or microphone. You can make text overlays by choosing a preferable font and color. Furthermore, this application allows you to conduct live streaming of a vertical video.

You can also use this software as a camera source to broadcast your live streaming. It also allows you to customize the camera settings, such as auto-focus, white balance, saturation, and brightness. Moreover, it provides high-resolution studio effects that you can apply while live streaming.

logitech capture interface


Are you tired of your dull visual appearance in virtual meetings? This article has shed light on the top 5 applications which offer multiple webcam filters for streaming. You can easily enhance your virtual appearance by using the recommended streaming apps with webcam filters. However, if you want top-notch webcam results, consider Wondershare DemoCreator as the best option. By using this single app, you can create a professional live stream video effortlessly.

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