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What's DemoCreator Al Credits?

  • Al Credits is a comprehensive credits tool launched by DemoCreator7.3.0.
  • Each DemoCreator user will have an Al Credits account,and the credits in the account can be used for advanced Al features.
  • When using Al features,users will consume different amounts of credits based on how difficult it is for the Alto generate the features.
  • The user can view the credit balance and consumption history through the DemoCreator Account Center.

Why is DemoCreator deducting Credits?

DemoCreator needs to pay a lot of research and development costs to provide advanced Al capabilities. This includes high algorithmic model costs. Each time a user uses DemoCreator's advanced Al features, interface and server consumption are generated, so each time a user uses Al features, they need to use credits.

How to get Al Credits

Users can earn AI credits in several ways:
  • First-time free users of DemoCreator 7.3.0 will get 100 bonus credits.
  • When you purchase a DemoCreator paid plan, you will get a different number of credits depending on the plan.

Validity period

The validity rules for Democreator AI Credits are as follows:
Credits Type Validity Rules
100 bonus credits for free users 6-month validity
Al Credits from DemoCreator paid plan purchases Same validity length as the paid plan
The redeemed Al Credits from the user's remaining quota of Speech-to-Text or Text-to-Speech in the old version before DemoCreator7.3.0 Permanent validity
AI Credits from AI Credits Pack Validity within the authorization period
AI Credits from interactive activities Same validity length as the paid plan

Consumption rules

AI Features Consumption Rules
Al subtitle (Speech-to-Text) 8 Credits/minute
Al Dubbing (Text-to-Speech) 1 Credit/100 words
AI lmprove 4 Credits/time
AI Rewrite 20 Credits/time

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