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Get ready to take your videos to
the next level with DemoCreator Camp(DCC)!
Let's make magic together!
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What is DemoCreator Camp?

DCC is a fantastic incentive program introduced by Democreator.
Our goal is to assist our users in creating more innovative and captivating videos by enhancing their recording and editing skills.

What benefits can I get by joining DCC


Full Access to Paid Features


Official Certification


Exclusive Training


Financial Insentives


Social and In-APP Referral


Customized growth plan

What are the conditions for joining DCC

Have experience using DemoCreator to create and share at least one video.
Possess a passion for creativity and preparation, and a desire to craft a unique video.
Have a following of more than 1000 on social media, or belong to a specific professional group such as educators or trainers.
Open-minded and willing to explore new technologies such as AI, and actively participate in official events.

How to apply

Step 1 apply-arrow

Submit a video (Democreator tutorial or creative video with DC)

Step 2 apply-arrow

Get accepted and receive an official invitation to join DCC

Step 3

Join DCC creation events and receive free video tutorials


  • If you have a passion for creating videos, enjoy utilizing Democreator, and are eager to share your ideas with the DCC community, you would be an excellent candidate to become a DCC Certified Creative.
  • To join the DCC program, simply share a video on your YouTube channel. It can be a tutorial featuring Democreator or a creative piece you've made using the software. Don't forget to include #Democreator and in the description box.
  • We will review your submission and notify you by email of your DCC program application status. If you do not receive a response within two weeks, please assume that your application was unsuccessful.
  • DCC videos should be created using Democreator and be longer than 3 minutes. They can be tutorials or scene ideas showcasing its capabilities. We'll send you a video guide once you're accepted. Note: Application videos don't count.
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