Why Invest in Training Videos?
The benefits of using videos in training and development cannot be understated in this digital era.
This is evidenced by YouTube tutorials with millions of views and likes because viewers find them highly effective.
Raise Engagement
75% of all employees prefer watching training videos to reading typed tutorials and emails. They feel more engaged and entertained if you introduce videos to your training sessions.
Raise Engagement
Improve Knowledge Retention
Recent research showed that 80% of people remember what they watch or videos compared to 20% who remember readable materials.
Improve Knowledge Retention
Measure Effectiveness
Host a video online on YouTube, Zoom, or any other platform and use it to gauge your employees' response. The most effective employees are likely the first ones to appear and most engaging in the virtual room.
Measure Effectiveness
Reduce Training Costs
Probably a fortune because you must hire a professional, secure a training room, print out papers, and more. But with a tutorial view, staff training and development becomes more cost-effective. You only need a video recorder like DemoCreator to create a high-quality training video that can be accessed by future employees.
Reduce Training Costs
What Makes an Effective Training Video for Employees?
#1. Clear Learning & Training Objectives

A good training video must have a specific goal that it intends to achieve at the end of the training session. This means the creator should identify the purpose before generating the video. For example, there is no point in creating a customer service tutorial video for employees working in the manufacturing department.

#2. To-the-Point Video Content

Another point that you must implement when creating a training video is simplicity. Employees will quickly feel overwhelmed and bored if they watch a video that keeps beating around the bush. So, go straight to the point and explain the main objectives of the video. If possible, you can visualize or highlight critical information and add a call-to-action at the end of the clip.

#3. Enticing Visual Elements

Videos that have visual elements are generally more interesting to watch. For instance, you can add a picture-in-picture effect to show your facial expressions and actions as you explain the concepts. You can also use animated effects like transitions, slides, pan & zoom, etc.

#4. High Production Value

It's also important to note that your video must be high-quality to attract the required views and attention. A video recorded in 1080p or 4K will likely attract more attention than a 480p video. Besides enhancing video quality, you should consider the audio quality and background music. A video with scratching sounds is a big no!

key factors in creating perfect training videos
Presenter Training Video
A presenter training video is an instructor-led training program where a professional explains a specific concept to the viewers. These explainer videos are often concise with critical material like presentations, images, shapes, arrows, etc.
Presenter Training Video
screencast training video
It comes in handy when you want to record a video showing your employees how to use a new software. In most cases, this video will need a voiceover narration, although a picture-in-picture overlay may not be necessary.
Screencast Training Video
Animated Training Video
An animated training video may contain cartoon narrators, moving infographics, 3D designs, kinetic texts, etc. They are usually perfect for explaining complex processes and ideas.
Animated Training Video
Interactive Training Video
Interactive training videos are perfect for getting employee feedback about a subject matter. These videos usually have quizzes or surveys, making them highly effective for learning development training.
Interactive Training Video
How-to Video
These are arguably the most popular training videos on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. It's a demonstration video where you'll provide a guide to completing a specific task. For example, you can teach employees how to create videos.
How-to Video
HSE Training Video
HSE (health, safety, and environment) are training videos centered around workplace safety. These educational videos help employees to become more conscious about their health and well-being in their workplaces.
HSE Training Video
Employee-created Video
Training videos can come in the form of employee-created content. For example, your employee can create a video about their experience with a specific program or machine. These videos can make your workplace more effective.
Employee-created Video

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FAQs Regarding Training & Development

  • Yes, multiple studies prove that training videos significantly improve engagement and knowledge retention. Training videos are also easy and affordable to create.

  • With DemoCreator, you can easily create an instructional video for your employees. Launch the program and select the recording zone. After that, choose the recording devices like system audio, microphone, and webcam before capturing the video. Remember, it has an inbuilt video editor to elevate your project's creativity.

  • Wondershare DemoCreator is undoubtedly the best program for creating a training video. It's simple to use, and you can record videos in multiple forms. Better yet, you can record your own anime avatar in the training video.

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
- Benjamin Franklin
improve employees retention
Organizations that invest in employee training have 94% employee retention.
most employees ask for training
74% of employees believe they have untapped skills and need more training.
training videos are more attractive
67% of employees are more likely to complete tasks shared using videos or texts with images than plain texts.
corporate training cut down business cost
Employee training can increase a company's profits by 21%.

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