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Watermarks, logos, text, people, and other elements that have no business being in your videos can be distracting and take away from the visual appeal. Remove objects from videos with AI using DemoCreator's Object Remover.

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Frame, Click, Gone: 3 Simple Steps Done

Video object removal with DemoCreator is a walk in the park, requiring no specialized skills or experience.
Here's how to remove objects from videos in three steps.

Upload Your Video

Launch DemoCreator and open the Video Editor to remove objects. Then, import the desired video and drag and drop it onto the timeline.

Select Unwanted Elements

Click Video Effect > Object Remover and drag and drop the effect onto the timeline. Then, frame over an unwanted element to delete the object from the video. You can also select multiple objects.

Remove & Export

Click Remove Objects Now and watch DemoCreator do its magic. Once the AI erases the object from the video, preview the result and click Export to save the file to your device.

Remove Anything From Your Video

DemoCreator can erase any object from a video or image, making it more aesthetically pleasing or helping you
protect sensitive information. The best part? It preserves the original quality.

Remove Unwelcomed Static
Objects From Video

Are there unsightly trash cans in your landscape videos? Do you wish power lines in your cityscape footage weren't visible? Have you recorded an outdoor interview and failed to notice the graffiti in the background? Delete those unwanted static elements with DemoCreator.

Remove Text & Logos From Video

Do you want to delete hardcoded subtitles or irrelevant text from videos? Do some of your clips feature logos or sensitive information? Remove elements from videos using DemoCreator's AI Object Remover and make your content shine.

Remove People From Videos

No one wants to capture a photobomber when recording in public. Unexpected passersby can also ruin your footage when conducting an outdoor interview or shooting landscape, making it seem unprofessional. DemoCreator to the rescue! Use its AI to remove a person from a video and make the content more visually appealing.

remove object from image

Remove Watermarks and Other Objects
From Images

Besides static AI object removal for videos, DemoCreator can remove watermarks and other unwanted elements from photos. Images are a breeze for its AI algorithms, which can delete anything you want to make your pictures uncluttered and eye-catching.

Advanced AI Object Removal Features That
Accelerate Your Editing Process

automatic content fill

Automatic Content Fill

When activating its image or video object eraser, DemoCreator automatically fills the void of the removed elements using surrounding pixels. You can't tell that anything was ever there once it works its magic.

fast object removal

Lightning-Fast Object Removal

Say goodbye to hours of editing and erase elements from photos and videos within seconds. DemoCreator's unwanted video object remover is the fastest you'll ever use.

high quality export

High-Quality Results

Don't worry about compression or blurry areas where removed objects used to be. DemoCreator is the king of maintaining the original video and image quality.

Easy-to-Use With Real Features

Beyond Object Removal:
All-in-One Video Recording and Editing

DemoCreator is a full-fledged video recorder and editor for anyone's needs. Explore its myriad tools and features to take your visuals to the next level.

Video Effects
Text and Subtitles
Audio Effects
Video Recording
Learn more about DemoCreator Video Editor >>

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FAQs About AI Video Object Removal

Is there a way to remove an object from a video?
Yes! AI object removers like DemoCreator can delete unwanted elements from videos within seconds.
It's a tool using AI algorithms to erase selected elements like watermarks, text, logos, people, and animals.
It lets you select a static or moving element in a video using framing or brushing. Then, it deletes it while using the surrounding pixels to fill the area, leaving no trace of object removal.
You can eliminate objects from a video with DemoCreator. Here's how:
  1. Upload your video into the Video Editor and drag and drop it onto the timeline.
  2. Click Video Effects > Object Remover and drag the effect onto the timeline.
  3. Frame one or more elements, click Remove Object Now, and export the video to your device.
It takes only a few seconds, regardless of the number of selected elements.
You bet! DemoCreator doesn't compromise quality.
This AI tool can only remove static elements from videos. However, we're working on extending the feature to moving objects, so stay tuned.
Yes, but not entirely. There are no completely free AI video object removers; however, most tools offer a free trial version. Some of the best options include, AniEraser, HitPaw, Vidnoz AI, and Vmake. DemoCreator also allows you to remove objects from videos for free, but the premium version unlocks many more features.
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