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Are you tired of doing your own video narrations and spending hours of your day making audio recordings? Use DemoCreator's AI Voice Generator to convert your script to natural-sounding speech in a few minutes! Shhh – no one will be the wiser for it.

There's a Voice for Every Need

Maybe you'd like to add a touch of humor to your podcasts or YouTube videos. Perhaps you need professional-sounding video
narration for your corporate tutorials. Whatever the case is, you can use our AI voice generator to convert text to speech in no time.
125 human-like AI voices in 10 languages are available. Have a listen to some of the popular voices.

ai voice generation for educational video
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Educational Voices

Professional yet warm and engaging, educational voices are ideal for all academic purposes. Use them to enhance your class materials, create listening exercises, improve your online classes, and more.

ai voice generation for narration
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Narrative Voices

Suitable for everything from eBook narration to explainer videos, reviews, and more, narrative voices will keep your audience fully immersed throughout your video/audio recordings.

ai voice generation ai for news
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News Voices

Formal, energetic, and pleasant, news voices can be used for numerous applications. Use them in your video presentations, guides, tutorials, and marketing videos, depending on your brand persona.

ai voice generation for social media
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Dan Dan


Social Media Voices

If you want to create gameplay videos on YouTube or hilarious content on TikTok, social media voices will be just right for you. A wide selection of AI voices will help you stand out on social platforms.

Transform Text to Speech for Every Use Case

Whether you're working with a plain text file, an SRT or VTT subtitle file, or a video with subtitles, DemoCreator
can assist you in transforming your text into a natural-sounding voice. Even when the video doesn't have subtitle, you
can generate a new voiceover with a few clicks.

choose text to speech option
type text into the ai voice generator
start converting your text to speech
upload srt or stt file
choose text to speech
start converting subtitle to speech
voice generation ai for marketing
voice generation ai for marketing
voice generation ai for marketing

Unlock the Power of This AI Voice Generator

Recording your voice takes time, and hiring voice actors can be expensive. DemoCreator AI Voice Generator can save time and money by adding lifelike voiceovers to your audio or video files.

generate realistic ai voice

125+ Natural-Sounding AI Voices

Don't settle for robotic voices that don't fool anyone. Humanize your brand with AI while maintaining a realistic voice. Leverage our text to speech generator growing library of 125+ human-like voices to weave your story into an attention-grabbing video or audio.

text to speech in multiple languages

Support for 10+ Languages

Generate voice in multiple languages to reach more people. Choose from a wide variety of languages such as English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), and Spanish.

ai dubbling

Transcription and Authentic AI Dubbing

No text? No problem! Record your voice and generate subtitles automatically with DemoCreator's AI speech-to-text feature in the video editor. Then, create a genuine voiceover with one-click AI dubbing and fine-tune the audio with playback speed adjustments, cropping, background music, etc.

Human-Like AI Voices for All Your Content Needs

voice generation ai for marketing

Supercharge Your Promotional and Advertising Videos

Marketing videos don't need to burn a hole in your wallet to reach the target audience. DemoCreator text-to-sound converter eliminates the need to hire voice actors, saving time and money while making your videos more accessible and discoverable.

voice generation ai for explainer video

Enhance E-Learning Experiences Across the Board

Creating engaging e-learning video content takes significant time, even without recording your voice to match the on-screen text. This text-to-voice AI can cut that time in half, helping you transform captions and subtitles into an ultra-realistic voiceover that grabs your learners' attention.

voice generation ai for game video

Make Compelling and Exciting Explainer Videos

Instantly hooking your viewers to entice them to stay while you break down complex topics or highlight your brand's products or services requires the right tone of voice. Use DemoCreator AI text-to-speech generator and watch your SEO ranking and conversion rates soar.

voice generation ai podcast

Improve Your Podcast With Realistic AI Voices

You don't need multiple recording sessions to make an engaging podcast. Write your script and let DemoCreator AI speech generator create a realistic voiceover that attracts listeners.

Get Creative With DemoCreator AI Voice Generator
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FAQs About AI Text to Voice Generator

What is text-to-speech?
Text-to-speech (TTS) is a type of technology that converts written text into spoken words. However, the best tools ensure it resembles human speech.
TTS stands for text-to-speech. Experts refer to it as speech synthesis. It's the key to making content more accessible.
AI voice generator is an AI-based tool that turns written content into a human-like voiceover in multiple languages, matching diverse dialects to make the audio authentic.
We give that title to Wondershare DemoCreator. It features 125+ natural-sounding voices and transforms text into human-like speech in a few clicks. It can help you effortlessly create multilingual audio or video files.
It supports 10+ languages, including English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), and Spanish.
1. Import your SRT file into DemoCreator's video editor;
2. Find the AI text-to-speech feature in the Edit panel;
3. Choose a language and voice
4. Let AI convert your text into realistic audio.
The DemoCreator AI voice generator uses a credit-based payment system. By registering for a Wondershare account, you receive 100 credits, allowing you to convert 10,000 characters to speech for free. After using up the free credits, you can purchase additional credits: 1,000 credits for $9.90, 5,000 credits for $19.90, and 10,000 credits for $29.90.
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