Create Interactive Presentation Videos for VTubers

Create a VTuber model that talks, and mimics your facial expressions and moves in real-time.

* The VTuber features are currently available on Windows only

DemoCreator VTubers Works Anywhere

DemoCreator VTubers Fully Compatible with OBS, YouTube Live, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Discord, Skype, Zoom, Teams, Skype...

DemoCreator VTuber
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DemoCreator VTuber
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DemoCreator VTuber
DemoCreator VTuber
DemoCreator VTuber
DemoCreator VTuber
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DemoCreator VTuber

Entertainment Evolved

DemoCreator puts fine-designed VTubers models in your hands, so you can create interactive VTuber videos instantly. With an extensive library of Vtuber stocks of selections, the creativity can be endless.

Dynamic eLearning Experience

Instantly convert text-based or audio-based training content to lecturer-led video, to deliver more immersive and effective elearning and training experiences.


Impressive Business Introduction

Communicate with customers and team members in engaging, VTuber-led videos, which are easier to understand, and deliver a more engaging customer experience.


Knowledge Sharing

Present yourself with VTuber makes your audience feel more authentic and the eLearning experience with more fun.


Game Commentary

You can record the gameplay and upload your game video to YouTube. DemoCreator makes your game highlights even more attractive than ever before!


Unlock the Full VTuber Features from DemoCreator

Easily to create your own personalized VTubers, and bring your VTuber model to life and level up your streaming experience instantly.

1. Import your own VRM or choose the preset models

Already have a VRM model? No need to start over! Upload your existing models to DemoCreator, or create a fresh new model with VRoid Studio. DemoCreator is now a proud partner with VRoid Studio.

VRM import supported
capture in realtime

2. Take your streaming exprience to the next level

DemoCreator is compatible with your favorite streaming platforms. With the high-precision motion tracking technology, the DemoCreator VTubers model can sync your facial expression and movement in real-time.

3. Take your VTuber to everywhere you go!

DemoCreator works with any webcams and it's fully compatible with OBS, Discord, Zoom, Google Meetings, also including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming streaming services.

live stram with VTuber

Three Easy Steps to Create an Expressive VTuber Video

DemoCreator puts AAA-quality avatars in your hands so you can create interactive avatar-based entertainment or education for audiences around the world. The possibilities are endless, with a vast set of easy-to-use features, an extensive library of imaginative avatars, engaging animations, and more.

  1. Step 1. Choose or import

    Select or import your VRM VTuber model.

  2. Make sure your webcam is enabled and on.

  3. Follow the instructions in the Calibration Mode to refine the motion tracking effects.

Choose or import VTuber
Enable the webcam recording
Calibrate and capture
democreator virtual presenters

Create Interactive Presentation Videos
with DemoCreator VTubers!

With the DemoCreator screen video-making tool, you can create a video featuring AI virtual Presenters with accurate mouth shapes, facial expressions, and movements.

What can DemoCreator VTuber do?

Present yourself as a VTuber for more engaging and impressive eLearning, training, tutorial videos, and everyday communication.

Pro-Made Stock
Pro-Made Stock

Access a wide selection of high-end media stocks, including video effects that you won't find anywhere else.

Motion Capture
Motion Capture

DemoCreator's high-precision motion tracking technology enables VTuber model acting like you with accurate facial expressions and movements in real-time.

Various VTubers Available
Various VTubers Available

DemoCreator comes with various pre-make VTubers models ready-to-use, and support VRM import.

No Skills Required
No Skills Required

Make studio-quality videos in minutes and 100% royalty-free, with no coding or video production skills required.

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