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Record with AI Avatar, Unlock More Possibilities

Seamlessly integrate your virtual avatar into your recordings, adding a unique and captivating dimension to your content.
Note: This feature applies only to Windows versions.

Record Your Story Without Stepping In

Transform your persona into AGC or Cartoon avatars effortlessly, and avoid the need for real-life appearances. With dynamic features like AGC and Cartoon avatar options, our recorder adds vibrancy and uniqueness to your content. Elevate your videos with ease and creativity.

game recorder

AGC Avatar

game recorder

Cartoon Avatar

Enhance Your AI Avatar Videos with Advanced Features

Avatars with Facial and Motion Capture

Choose from 30 virtual characters with advanced facial expressions and motion capture capabilities. Import VRM models to enhance your avatar selection.

webcam recorder

30 Avatars

webcam recorder

Import VRM Models

webcam recorder

AI Voice

Facial and Motion Capture
Prompter and Script Enhancement

Prompter and Script Enhancement

Utilize the built-in prompter, enjoy seamless scrolling playback, and refine your scripts with ease.

webcam recorder

Scroll Text

webcam recorder

AI Optimization Script

Unleash Creative Control During Recording

Perfect your video with customizable avatar proportions, mirror effects, and background replacement options.

webcam recorder

Remove Background

webcam recorder

Mirror Your Camera

webcam recorder

Aspect Ratio Adjustment

Creative Control During Recording
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Effortless Video Sharing Across Social Platforms

Storing your creations in the cloud ensures accessibility from anywhere, while direct links facilitate easy sharing with others. Moreover, integration with popular social media platforms enables seamless sharing and collaboration with your audience.

Flexible Recording Areas

Flexible Recording Areas

Easily adjust your recording area with support for full-screen, custom selections, window capture, and even multi-screen selections.

Drawing and Effects

On-Screen Drawing and Effects

Enhance your narration with on-screen drawing tools, including arrows, graphics, brushes, spotlights, and cursor effects.

Elevate All Your Videos with Avatar Magic

Vtuber Journey

Elevate Your Vtuber Journey

Explore 30 diverse avatars for your Vtuber presence, each equipped with facial expression and motion capture capabilities, bringing unparalleled realism to your content. Elevate your virtual persona seamlessly with our advanced features, ensuring your videos captivate your audience like never before.


Dynamic eLearning Experience

Avatar recordings in eLearning can create an interactive, relatable experience with virtual guides and diverse characters. Customizable avatars foster inclusivity, enhancing overall engagement and making the eLearning Experience dynamic and impactful.


Engaging Knowledge Sharing

By infusing a personal and engaging element into the process, avatar recordings can convey information not only makes the learning experience more relatable but also visually captivating. They are effortlessly elevating the engagement and accessibility of knowledge sharing across diverse audiences.

Game Commentary

Interesting Game Commentary

Commentators use avatars to show themselves visually, making it more relatable and fun. The avatars can express feelings in a lively way, fitting well with the game's theme and helping the commentator connect better with the audience.