DemoCreator for Marketer

Better Connect with
Customers and Team

Create marketing videos to communicate with customers and team members to express your points clearly.

Why Marketers Use Videos in Work

Better Communication
with Customers

Record a user guide or troubleshooting video and send it to your customers to improve the communication efficiency.

Announce Product Updates

Forget words! Making a video to announce the product updates will increase the interest of your customers. Show the core features of the new update and explain any confusing part with ease.

Improve Team
Collaboration Efficiency

Convert your sales PPT and marketing reports to videos and share with your team members to avoid endless meetings.

Create Video for
Online Marketing

It’s time to switch blog to vlog. Turn your blog articles into videos and embedded them on your website is a great way to improve content engagement.

Common Types
of Marketing Videos

For a marketing staff or salesman, the common types of video you are recommended to make are: customer guide, product update announcement, brand, vlog content, sales report and marketing training.

Customer Guide

Intro video

Product Update

Course navigation video

Brand Videos

GIF maker

Vlog Content

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Sales Report

GIF maker

Marketing Training

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Record Videos to Meet Every Marketer’s Needs

It not always requires professional skills to make a video for marketing. With the best screen recorder DemoCreator, you can turn the marketing reports, sales presentations and other files into videos with simple clicks.

A handy screen recorder for

The DemoCreator is an all-in-one marketing video maker to turn business report, sales presentations and files into videos and enhance the video with cool effects.

How to use DemoCreator

Record Screen and
Add Annotations
and Text
Share to Customers
and Teams