DemoCreator for Engineer

Make Everyone
Understand the Code

Create engineering videos to review code, explain software demo features and document projects.

Why Engineers Use Videos

Explain and Review Code

Show what does your code mean and how it’s been written so that everyone understands your points.

Make Team Communication

Capture a video to give the designers and product managers a clear image of how things work.

Visual Documentation for
Project Management

Collect all the important knowledge and results of your project in visual format and save them in one place.

Popular Videos for

There are many popular types of videos for engineers to make, such as code explaining, software demo, troubleshooting and more.


Intro video

Code Explaining

Course navigation video

Software demos

GIF maker


fix metadata

Prepare Everything Before Starting

In order to create an engineering video that explains code and improve communication, there are several things you need to check before taking actions. Prepare a camera and microphone is the first step. To capture videos directly from computer, you need to use a screen recorder DemoCreator. It allows you to record screen, webcam and audio at the same time.

a camera
a Microphone
screen recorder

The Best Code Review
Recorder for Engineer

One click to capture screen and wecam
Add annotations to the code interface
Easily share the engineer video to your team

Tips for Engineer Asynchronous Video

Engineers and IT staffs will benefit a lot from using videos in their work and it’s time for you to create an engineer video by yourself. The following are some engineer video ideas and tips we’ve gathered for making a stunning video clip.

Find More Tips
Plan ahead of time

Write a simple structure or script for your video.

Simplify complex information

Make the complex information expressed in a straightforward way.

Speak clearly

Use a microphone to explain the content clearly.

Add annotations

Add annotations in the video to clear up confusions.

What IT Employees Are Saying

Steve, IT Manager

As a project manager, I always got many information to document, and it really takes time. With DemoCreator, I can record the important project knowledge in videos for better review.

James, Software Engineer

A new software update needs to be explained to everyone can be a repeated task. Now I can use DemoCreaotr to record everything of the updates and share to everyone in one time.

George, Director of Engineering

Inner communication efficiency is low during remote work. Now we have upgraded our way of messaging. Using videos to express long and complex things is a great way to improve team efficiency, and DemoCreator really helps a lot.