How to Use Videos in Digital Marketing

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The term marketing refers to the selling of products or services to anyone for the sake of generating revenue. Digital marketing is the selling of products and services by digital means such as through email.

Modern-day digital marketing is limited to just emails. Instead, it is advancing and can be quickly done using personal computers, mobile devices, or the internet. Digital marketing is the promotion of brands to link with conceivable customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication.

Buying and selling goods and services are done through various processes in digital marketing. Such as by copywriting and writing product descriptions. By running ads on different channels, creating digital marketing videos, & so on.

Part1 Importance Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plays a vital role in our daily lives. From brand recognition to product awareness, from customer loyalty to generating revenue, digital marketing is essential for every business seeking a profit.

Digital marketing is the best possible way to connect with the customers and establish friendly and profitable relations. Adequate promotion of offered products or services creates flexibility for a business. Digital marketing is the central aspect for every business and type of business for generating a good return on investment, brand image, and customer equity.

In the current and modern era, digital marketing plays a significant role compared to just more direct marketing as it is the advanced era of mobile phones and laptops. Hence, promotions and advertisements are not complicated as they were in old times. Digital marketing grants flexibility and creates better awareness to the consumers.

Internet marketing also creates a vast extent of reach through social media platforms. They are much more flexible in content creation, editing, and then promoting them. Furthermore, with the rapid advances in technologies, you can innovate your digital marketing processes.

The innovations can be done by making quality content, editing it with professionalism, and then promoting your product to achieve a competitive advantage over other competitors or firms that will help you gain more organic insights and will help you build a good brand image.

Part2 Accomplishing Digital Marketing Goals Through Video Promotions

Creating videos for brands and products is a vital aspect of digital marketing. It helps to attract customers and creates equity among the customers. The videos for the promotion & digital marketing can be both explanatory and brief.

video in digital marketing

The primary function of creating such videos is to sell the product to the consumer. Furthermore, creating a compelling digital marketing video is the company's core strength that can help in the vigorous promotion and recognition of a brand and its offered product to an audience.

Planning and directing such content also require more excellent expertise and research. When designing the videos for selling any good and service, the three main question that arises for a firm or organization are:

1. Why is video content required for digital marketing?

2. What kind of videos can be used?

3. How do you make the videos?

Part3 The Need for Video Content for Digital Marketing:

Videography in digital marketing plays a more significant role in the selling of a product. It ensures the customer about the details of the product and the product's descriptions. According to research, 94% of marketers claim that digital marketing videos have increased users' understanding of a product or a service.

video in digital marketing

There are also other sales and promotions methods, such as writing the product descriptions, copywriting, or designing posters. But the concept of developing videos in the sense of ads or promotional posts extensively benefits the marketeers. Various reasons could be concluded that the need for videos for promotions is necessary and profitable.


Creating a video for your offered product or service can be unique and differentiate you from your competitor. The following uniqueness results in an excellent competitive and sustainable competitive advantage.

video in digital marketing

Good ROI:

The advertisement done through videos in the sort of ads generates a positive image of the product in the customer's mind. This positive image and pleasing consumer feedback help generate an extensive amount of productivity and return on sales.

video in digital marketing

Videos Attract People:

According to research, in 2017, the official YouTube blog said people watch over a billion hours of YouTube content every day.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Twitter revealed 2 billion video views on its platform every day. Additionally, tweets with video get ten times more engagement than those without. This finalizes that video content creation is a suitable method for attracting people to the product.

SEO Boost:

Uploading videos to your website or a YouTube channel helps in boosting SEO and ranking your content among the top ones in various search engines. It helps to generate the traffic inflow toward the website. The vast amount of traffic generated through video creation results in a reasonable revenue generation for a brand or company.

video in digital marketing

Part4 What Kind of Videos Can Be Used for Digital Marketing?

There are different types of videos with different research and purposes that can be used for online advertising. As discussed earlier, the core step for creating digital marketing videos is to generate a purpose.

If the content is non-entertaining and purposeless, it will not be engaged and will not generate a good impact on the product. After defining a clear purpose and goal, the different types of videos can be designed.

Company Culture/Meeting Videos:

Company culture videos help to promote and give insights to other people about the culture of the company. This type of video advertisement is a good sign of advertising and promoting the product as it creates an awareness for the buyer about the company and its culture.

video in digital marketing

These types of company culture videos give consumers an inside look at your company and help in building brand equity. It also encourages a consumer to know why he is selecting your company to buy the product or service. Additional culture videos include recording office games, employee interviews, birthday and holiday parties, and everything.

The goal of these types of promotional videos is to highlight that your company is more than just a process. Genuine humans with personalities work at your organization. A bonus of high-quality culture videos is that they can attract new, motivated candidates to your company.

Round-Up Videos:

Round-up videos are brief types of videos of around 3-4 minutes that highlight some important concepts. They are also necessary for promoting and capturing insights.

Furthermore, the round-up videos are to the point and engaging, and entertaining. Product descriptions, pros, and cons of the product, or product reviews can be discussed in these types of round-up videos.

The goal of roundups is to be quick, entertaining, and engaging. For example, some easy ideas for roundups for marketing companies would be:

4. Ten tips for video creation types

5. Ten best features of XYZ products to help you in future

6. top 5 best marketing strategies to implement in 2023

Behind The Scenes Videos:

The behind-the-scenes videos help to ensure a better understanding between a company and a consumer. It maintains a friendly relationship, and your business seems less like a corporation.

The consumers and buyers of your products or your services love to watch the behind-the-scenes of your company. It excites them how the product they are using is made. These footages and digital marketing videos are a good source of gaining insights and positive reviews from the customers.

It is a core principle for strengthening the relationships with the consumers of the product and the employees of the company. The BTS strategy is effective in all types of businesses, whether they are manufacturing businesses, merchandises businesses, or services businesses.

Behind The Scenes Of Making My YouTube Videos - YouTube


Vlogs are usually created by a single person that highlights and shoes his daily life and things that are part of his regular routines. The vlog style of video is cheaper and can be profitable and beneficial for a company. For the business, you can detail what you do daily at your company or have team members take turns vlogging on the brand’s behalf.

This kind of video content creation can build a friendly relationship with the consumer as they will be aware of your business and your daily routines. Vlogging is also considered the best and the cheapest medium to share your slightest bit of details with the audience.


Interview Videos:

Interviewing usually includes two types of people where one person is interviewing another person about the product or the other business details. The interviewing is a good purpose for gaining insights from the consumers.

Through compelling interview videos, one can deliver a positive and effective message about the products or services offered. The interviewing is also a good source of seeking help from the experts in relevant sections.

Furthermore, the interview type of videos conveys emotions that help create a brand value for a company. Words are a powerful tool to convey a message. You can use interview content to introduce new team members, show off brand values and align yourselves with other exciting personalities in your field.

How to Interview for a Job in American English, part 1/5 - YouTube

Q&A Videos:

The Question and Answers videos are also effective for establishing good relationships with the consumers. The difference between Q&A videos and interviews is that the Q&A session is done with the public.

In these interactive sessions, you let your public ask you questions about your product or business. This establishes an understanding between a seller and a buyer.

The Q&A video sessions also boost digital marketing, and it is a positive sign for maintaining and establishing social equity with the consumers. It is recommended to use pre-record sessions in this type of video content to save you from many things.


Tips/Helping Videos:

Providing tips and helping videos might also be a beneficial initiative for the business to generate insights through digital marketing videos.

Clients and consumers look for possible help and how-to videos that might ease their confusion and helps them to ensure a better understanding of the product or the service offered by the company. Generating the tutorial video may help the company to build profitable relationships with the consumers that might help them in better sales and promotions of their offered product.

This type of content is one of the most searched for online. This type of video content will also help improve your brand credibility and can also assist in creating customer equity.

5 Tips for Living a Long and Healthy Life - YouTube

Testimonials & Case Study Videos:

This kind of video content in digital marketing is also a solid hit as it helps reach clients and consumers. The case studies benefit the consumer to be more aware of the product.

These types of video creations assist a consumer in extracting as many details as possible of the required product. Moreover, presenting testimonials is also considered a skill in digital marketing as it requires authenticity.

It is recommended to use original people in ads and video shoots to promote the brand rather than using actors who will seem, and a client may turn away from your business.

Customer Testimonial Video Examples | Video Marketing Ideas - YouTube

Announcement Videos:

What's better than an announcement? Your client loves announcements, whether it is launching a new product or upgrading an existing product, or launching a new store. The announcements attract clients. The announcement videos must be precise and to the point.

It must be engaging to quickly and effectively deliver your message to the clients. It is suggested to make an announcement video purposeful, short, & simple so that it may organically attract the clients and they may find them exciting.

DTC Church: Church Announcements - YouTube

Part5 How to Make a Video for Digital Marketing with DemoCreator:

Features of DemoCreator:

Demo Creator is a powerful software that is used as a screen recording tool. This software is usually used by gamers, YouTubers, & streamers. There are extensive features of this software that helps people efficiently record their screen videos and post them further on.

1. Real-Time Screen Drawing:

The real-time screen drawing is the hottest feature of Demo Creator. It allows creators to draw in real-time while recording a video. It is a boosted feature for content creators.

video in digital marketing

2. Webcam Capture:

It allows its users to capture their faces via the webcam. This added feature is extremely useful for YouTubers, gamers, & content creators.

3. Audio Fade In & Fade Out:

This is an important feature included in the Demo Creator. The feature allows you to gradually raise the volume of your audio from silence with Fade-In and similarly helps you gradually reduce the volume of your audio to complete silence with Fade-Out.

4. Annotation:

The annotation feature allows you to add multiple dialogues to your videos. It is also an important feature. You can also add graphs, drawings, bubbles, arrows, blur effects, and banners in various unique styles.

video in digital marketing

5. Add Captions:

Adding captions to your videos gives an aesthetic feel. The same iconic feature is enabled in the Demo Creator. Through multiple options, one can add several captions that can result in a theatrical effect for the digital marketing video.

video in digital marketing

6. Fast Exporting:

The Fast Export is a fantastic feature for users who are satisfied with their recorded screen alone and don’t want to spend any unnecessary time editing the video in Demo Creator's editing tool. To enable Fast Export, simply right-click the recorded video available in the library and select the Fast Export tab.

Recording, Editing, & Exporting Videos with the Demo Creator:

1. Recording:

The very first step for making a digital marketing video is correct planning and strategy that can meet the set requirements. Initially, a company has to set its objectives and then target to record a promotional video. An advertising video needs to be short, simple, accurate, & purposeful.

video in digital marketing

The recording process with Demo Creator is really simple. To begin recording, click on the large red capture icon, which greets you as soon as you open the tool.

video in digital marketing

Once selected, the tool asks you to form certain settings that are necessary for the final result. You have the option to choose whether you want to record ‘Full Screen, a specific part of your screen, or a ‘target window’.

You can also choose the frame rate that is suitable for your video. Apart from this, you also have the option to select whether you want to record yourself via your device’s webcam. The frate rate and the resolution of this camera are also customizable.

video in digital marketing

2. Editing:

The second foremost step after recording a video is the editing procedure. It is preferred to hire an experienced editor for editing the advertisement video as it plays a significant role in shaping the brand image. First, start the video with a purposeful message that may lead to engagement and attraction of the viewer.

Besides being one of the best screen recorders, the Demo Creator is also a good editor. It allows multiple functions of video editing. Similar options are also found in much alternative software shaping the final product to perfection.

video in digital marketing

The editor has the included library function, which harbors your media file, with all the features like annotations, stickers, captions, transitions, & effects that will help you enhance your video quality. Besides this, every tool presented in the editor is easily accessible.

You could also add multiple effects to your video through the extensive tools and options offered by the Demo Creator. If you want to add a transition effect to your footage, simply select the transition icon on the left-hand side of your screen, select the type of transition effect you like, and add it directly at any point in the timeline to create the effect.

video in digital marketing

Also, you can select stickers, captions, and annotations from the left-hand panel and add them directly into the timeline where you want the effect to take place.

Then there is the timeline where the actual editing will happen. Here you can edit, trim, and merge your clips as well as add transitions, audio, and other effects. You can also move the video and audio footage here resulting in the added quality of the end product.

video in digital marketing

3. Exporting:

The third and last step for digital marketing videos is exporting. Suppose you made a fine video, and edited it with style but you stuck while exporting it. For exporting a video try using reputable software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, etc. For better quality aims towards 1080p or 2040p.

video in digital marketing

Another thing to add, different sites offer different frame rates for uploading a video. For websites such as Facebook, Instagram, & Snapchat, the recommended frame rate size is 16:9. Whereas, for websites such as Twitter, & LinkedIn, the recommended frame rate size is 2:3 & 1:2:4 respectively.

video in digital marketing


The bottom line is that digital marketing plays a vital role in generating sales and revenue for the company. Its importance cannot be ignored as it is the most vital key factor for the business's survival.

Whether digital marketing is done through content writing, copywriting, graphic designing, or digital marketing videos, the company needs to think out of the box for adequate engagements and reach.

Moreover, the above-discussed tips needed to be followed for creating better content. The quality of video for promotions should not be compromised as it creates a positive impact on the client, and it is the best possible way of attracting the audience.

The companies must also not compromise on the strategies for their sales and promotions as they are the only way through which a business or brand can achieve a competitive advantage in the industry.

Related FAQs

1. What is closed captioning?

As explained earlier, closed captions in a video can be enabled or disabled as required, and can even be formatted for improved visibility or to match the theme of the video. Closed captions for a video are saved in an independent file, typically with the *.srt extension.

2. How to deal with the auto-caption process failure?

While making auto-captioning, you can try to stop the transaction process if the program fails to recognize it. Then launch and sign in to the software again and check your transaction time.

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