How to Make a Video Report

David Wilson
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Marketing Strategy

What is A Video Report

A video report is a critique of any situation, project, and process. It is a thorough analysis of the subject. The basis of a report is to show the positive facets of the allocated topic and also to make constructive criticism about it. Constructive criticism isn't wrong. It is the best way to make people aware of the cons of a certain subject and correct them.

Marketers, public relations professionals, and social media managers are whizzing about the videos' potential to steer the business. And it's no wonder when you look at the numbers. Customers increase by the physically demonstrative report more than the written report. Markets are making video content a top priority, therefore the video reports are encouraged more than the written ones.

Now that you know what a video report is, now I'll tell you how to make one! Before starting, the initial element to remember when making a report is keeping it simple and being very keen on fulfilling the purpose. Relish the operation so that the content can be promising.

Video reporting has always been a public service. Therefore, you need to be clear and well known about what you're publishing.

Types of Video Reporting

Video reporting can be of several types. A few of them are news reports, market reports, sales reports, and product reports.

News Report: In the previous few years, social media has risen in influence dramatically. News spreads like fire in a forest through online videos. News video reporting has created a lot of hype on social sites. This growth is largely driven by the platforms (I.e. Facebook, Instagram, and etcetera), publishers, and technology.

news video report

-Online video use across countries

Let me tell you the basics of how to create a video report. The news video report needs to have the following traits:

  • Accurate and valid
  • Not mistaken
  • Factual
  • Emotional - It plays the best role in spreading the news. As one editor said, Emotion is a wonderful starting point for your video.”

Market Report: Market video reports publish analytics of monetization, prices paid, or securities upon a particular day. Market reports primarily consist of information about the economy of a country.

market video report

The modern analysis method and executing a market report in its core techniques that will become the beating heart of acquiring customers, researching the market and providing detailed data insights into the most valuable information for any business to improve their good or service that include are:

  • The rise in the popularity of online videos amongst viewers
  • Growth in expenditure on online videos
  • Growth of consumers

Sales Report: A sales report is the placement of all sales that occur over a specific period of time in one niche. It gives an overview of the sales activities within a company. Sales reports are important for every business, even if it is a small-scale proprietorship.

sales report

Keeping in mind, this report allows you to see what your team is performing well at and what needs improvement. Now I'll tell you how to make a video report on sales, written below in points:

  • Begin with a summary
  • Breakdown the numbers
  • Interpret your results

Truth be told, no one really enjoys the sales reporting. However, here are 4 ways to make your work easier and pleasant. By following these ways, your sales video report will be remarkably easy to work on.

  1. Make each sale report with a goal in mind
  2. Set a schedule for sale reporting
  3. Standardize Metrics and data submission
  4. Enlist the help of a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) solution.

Product Reports: The product report gives the overall summary regarding products reviewed, ordered, bestsellers, stock levels, and downloads. It explores how quickly the products are sold and all.

product video report

In short, the product report carries the complete performance of the product.

Here is an example:

This comprehensively shows how to create a video report. You can make the video of the sales report by compiling all the instructions in the form of images in one video. 

How to Create a Video Report

Here are a few points which will tell you how to create a video report.

  • Organize and prioritize your marketing data
  • Use professional software
  • Structure your metrics
  • Regularly monitor your data

-Diagrammatic View of Making a Marketing Video Report

-Marketing CMO Report Template

As with any story, you must plan on how to start your video and how to end it. This will keep the video relevant and on track, and you will not be distracted from the point of interest.

When planning the content of your video, you must follow the following Ws. These are;

  • What: what is the subject? Get the facts right.
  • Why: Why is the report important to you? State down the points to develop the audience's interest.
  • Where: From where should you gather the data? You must get the data from an authentic site.

Once you have gathered all the data, you can start to create the video report using any application.

Best Tool for Creating Video Reports

Let me introduce you to the most amazing application that is Wondershare DemoCreator. It is advanced software that helps you capture your desktop activity. Moreover, it comes with editing features so that you can personalize your screen recordings. It records the ongoing movements of the cursor and keystrokes. It edits the recorded clip, inserts special effects, and exports the final results.

Wondershare DemoCreator helps to record a new video by selecting the region of the screen. Also, the recording can be made on a full screen. You can create a project from numerous images such as JPG, PNG, and BMP file format. Text can be customized by modifying its background color. All things considered, it comes with the necessary mechanisms for helping you create a decent video report. It is equipped with everything required to make a video report.

Step 1: Download and install this software on your computer, launch the program when the installation completes.

Step 2: Open the report files you want to record on your PC screen, and then click on the "New Recording" button.

run democreator

If you want to make the report orally, set up the "Camera" option and record your face.

check settings democreator

Step 3: You can stop or pause the recording any time you want during the process by pressing F10 or F9 shortcut.

democreator scren recording

Tips and Tricks to Make a Video Report

How to make a video report is the most asked question nowadays? I have informed you of the application that is used to make a video report. But now I’m going to tell you the tips and tricks of creating a decent report. 

You have to make sure of the following points to make a remarkable video report. These are the tricks that help to create a unique and promising video report.  

  • Catch your audience's attention with the first frame
  • Grab video clips for your report and move video from one part to another
  • Add a voice-over to your report
  • Combine different audio tracks on your video report
  • Separate video and audio in the material you recorded
  • Create titles, captions, text blocks, transitions, and final credits.
  • Add graphs and table contents
  • Edit the screen

The reports present information on key drivers, restraints, and opportunities. Video reports make it easier for the viewers to understand the analytics. Video reports are relatively shorter and are more audience-engaging than written reports. Edwards warns, "Make your report too long and your audience will switch off". Hence, keep the report short and to the point. So that the audience can easily grasp the idea of your content. And in the end, make sure of the fact that the report visualizes well, and audio etcetera is as clear and effective as possible. Make sure you keep the video quality highly defined (720p or 1080p recommended).