Top 10 Tools to Resize MP4 Videos

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MP4 is a usually utilized computerized media organization to store video. We can undoubtedly see MP4 records when we play, alter or download recordings. For what reason do we have to resize MP4 records? Ordinarily, we have the requests when we transfer enormous MP4 records to video sharing locales or send them to others through email. Past that, to play MP4 recordings with widescreen size on cell phones, we may likewise have to resize the documents for a better visual experience. One more situation to resize an MP4 video is to make the MP4 record more modest. You can choose the ideal yield video size from the given rundown. Likewise, you can set the angle proportion of the video. Choices to set scaling mode, zooming choice, resizing calculation, pixel proportion, and so on, are accessible in a portion of the recorded application.

Part1. Why You Will Need to Resize MP4 Videos

MP4 video is the most well-known video design on the Internet, so you may have to alter MP4 records because of loads of reasons. Nonetheless, as a fledgling in video altering, you can only with significant effort recognize an extraordinary MP4 video supervisor application and a piece of garbage. What's more, this will straightforwardly impact your video altering productivity and yielding video quality. There are many justifications for why you may have to resize a video and, in this post, I will make reference to a few freeware applications that will assist you with effectively changing the goal of your recordings. If you have one of those 1080p 60fps HD camcorders, you comprehend the requirement for some genuine change. With the presentation of 4K camcorders available, you'll need a monster of a PC alongside a 4K screen to try and get an opportunity of playing that great.

Part2. Some Options to Resize Video

Every video has a proper width and tallness, estimated in pixels and by and large known as the video measurement. This is the essential factor to think about while resizing a video. Here are some options you should consider in resizing the video.

Size choice:

Drag the measuring handles on the yield square shape to set the harvest region. Drag a corner handle to keep up with the viewpoint proportion. To reposition your clasp, with your pointer inside the yield square shape, drag your media to another position. Scale video to the predefined width and stature with a similar angle proportion as the first film, the scaled tallness or width is acclimated to fit.

Width and Height (fixed)

The stretching options, such as the output width and height are fixed, without keeping the original aspect ratio, video frames may be distorted.

Width and Height (crop)

You can also achieve the Width and Height adjustment by cropping the specified width and height gestures.

Auto Remove Bar/Border

You can automatically detect the borders of the video and the bars on the top, bottom, left, right sides, crop and delete the bars and borders.

Max Width

The Max Width of the video file should be considered while resizing. As scaling video to the specified width, height will automatically use a value that maintains the aspect ratio of the input video.

Max Height

Same as the Mac width, the scaling video to the specified height can also use a value that maintains the aspect ratio of the input video.

Aspect Ratios

Video direction can be classified into the scene, picture, and square. For example, a square video is outlined with a 1080x1080p size and 1:1 angle proportion. You can set the presentation viewpoint proportion for the final video.

Crop According to Aspect Ratio

Viewpoint proportion alludes to the proportion of width to stature, incl. 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 1:1, 4:5, and so forth, for instance, a 4K video with a component of 3840x2160p has a perspective proportion of 16:9.

Part3. Top 15 Best Free MP4 Video Resizer

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

The top of the list contains DemoCreator, which is the best free application accessible for both the Mac working framework and Windows working framework. The product apparatus can be downloaded from the web and introduced without any problem. The client needs to open the product and snap on the video pack symbol. Add the video from neighborhood drive and tweak the settings like record size, design, quality, goal, and cycle rate. Then, at that point, select the area for saving the yield video records. At long last, click on the pack button to resize the video. The review highlight likewise assists the clients with surveying the progressions before the pressure is finished.


DemoCreator is a dependable MP4 video altering application to alter MP4 records. There is no issue of bringing in and trading MP4 organized recordings. You can import MP4 recordings for altering uninhibitedly. It permits you to manage, split, consolidation, and yield MP4 recordings, withdraw the sound from the MP4 recordings to additional altering, adds ambient sound, advances and titles to MP4, and so forth Moreover, it offers numerous enhancements, similar to channels, overlays, picture-in-picture, movement designs, and so forth for clients to apply to recordings.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video document blower allowed to use for fledglings. It goes in close vicinity to the windows, so you don't need to download it independently. Additionally, adding channels, activities, impacts should likewise be possible while packing recordings. It can pack recordings into MP4, MKV design without any problem.


It's an in-constructed MS application that allows you to change over and convert video documents of different configurations. You can do custom settings to suit your necessities as it permits adding impacts, slideshows, speed, and cross-over. Once done, click Save. It will naturally be on your PC.

3. XMedia Recode

XMedia is an open-source program that is completely allowed to utilize. The device was planned as a 3D movement suite; however, it accompanies an excellent video proofreader application. XMedia's video proofreader ought to be sufficient for a large portion of your video needs.


The manager permits you to perform fundamental activities like video cuts and joining. You can likewise utilize it to complete more mind-boggling undertakings like video covering. This makes it an entirely adaptable video supervisor that takes into account both amateur and progressed clients.

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is ostensibly the most progressive video editorial manager on the rundown. While it has numerous expert videos includes, its interfaces stay natural. Close by video cutting and managing, you can dominate sound and the right tone. The application additionally gives you the choice to add 2D and 3D titles to your video.


If you simply need to manage and transfer your recordings, the rich list of capabilities of DaVinci Resolve might be excessively broad. Notwithstanding, if your video project is somewhat more progressed, the free form of this product is difficult to beat.

5. iMovie

iMovie's simplified interface makes it speedy to move and alter video components. Macintosh clients can utilize this altering application as a jungle gym for learning the nuts and bolts of video altering. UI is easy to utilize and, in this manner, you can undoubtedly upgrade the presence of your recordings. You simply need to import video documents from outside gadgets or your PC, orchestrate them, drop titles, and review the outcomes. With that done, snap to send out your documents for web use or iOS. It upholds organizations like MPEG, MOV, AVCHD, DV and HDV.


6. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC. The free form has an incredible arrangement of provisions including shading amendment and sound altering. Shading mixing allows you to change the appearance of the video to suit your image picture. Instagram-like channels are likewise accessible to assist fledglings with saving time altering. Moreover, VSDC permits you to make shifting formed covers for obscuring, stowing away, or highlighting explicit components in your recording.


7. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express contains every one of the provisions you would anticipate from a fundamental supervisor (grafting, managing, and sound altering) in addition to significantly more. While a few clients might find HitFilm somewhat progressed, it's positively one of the most incredible all-around free video editors out there. The free bundle incorporates more than 180 embellishments. Hitfilm requests that you share a notice via online media. Notwithstanding, this is a tiny cost to pay for such progressed application.


8. OpenShot

OpenShot is open source, which makes it one of the most outstanding videos altering applications that are open. It might remind some Mac clients a tad bit of iMovie with its simple to utilize intuitive interface. In any case, OpenShot packs a greater number of elements than others, including limitless layers and sound blending.


This free video resizer toolkit finds some kind of harmony between cutting-edge highlights and a straightforward interface. It additionally permits constant reviews when you make advances between cuts.

9. Simple Video Maker

Simple Video Maker is one of the most incredible video resizing instruments to move into the universe of sight and sound video altering? It's ideally suited for anybody beginning to mess with video arrangements as it is straightforward to utilize. However, progressed video editors might think that it is excessively essential. it likewise has provisions, for instance, video catch work, load-up video design support, calling level shading revision and GPU-sped-up continuous impacts. It upholds AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG and different organizations.


Simple Video Maker gives drawing and determination devices, sound impacts, advances just as video channels. Whenever you have finished altering, you can choose the upgraded yields for gadgets like gaming consoles and cell phones. It has a non-direct altering highlight and is not at all like different projects that utilize straight altering tables to find records in an arrangement, this video supervisor finds and alters recordings at any spot of the table. It perceives any graphical component as autonomous, and accordingly, any impact apparatus can be utilized on any kind paying little heed to its organization.

10. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free, quick, and simple to-utilize video proofreader. It has a resize channel to permit clients to change the angle proportion and change the video goals in 4 strategies. There is likewise a yield channel to alter the video size to 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 19:9, 21:9, and different sizes for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and so forth You can generally see the resized and trimmed video with the implicit player. Truth be told, there is a full arrangement of components to change over and pack recordings, cut and change recordings with channels and impacts, alter soundtracks, and accomplish more. Fledglings can move began immediately.


11. Express Animate

Express Animate is a free video converter that can change and change over recordings, extricate sound from video cuts, and insert recordings to sites? Basic and quick, Express Animate permits you to change over video clasps to be played on different cell phones and contraptions.


The product Express Animate can change over recordings between more than 500 video document configurations and supports different sound and picture document designs for making slideshows and video cuts.

12. Lightworks

Lightworks is another extraordinary free video altering application, accessible on Windows, Mac, and Linux. While most provisions are incorporated, 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo is just remembered for the paid adaptation of the product, which costs around $25 every month.


Lightworks is one of the more remarkable video editors on the rundown. It's loaded with huge loads of valuable provisions. The free form ought to be all that could be needed for most clients. Is a video altering application accessible on iOS and you can utilize it to alter video, sound, movement designs, and prep everything for conveyance? It incorporates 4K and 360-degree video altering ability and VR headset playback. With incredible new elements and an instinctive plan, Lightworks speeds up after creation. Along these lines, editors can make and convey at the speed of thought.

13. AV Video Converter

AV Video Converter is a basic and powerful video altering apparatus, ideal for fledglings and experts the same. video supervisor can likewise be a helpful embellishments editorial manager, permitting you to rapidly add advances, overlays, and channels to your clasps for creative purposes. You'll require the superior adaptation of the product to eliminate the video watermark and access the broadest determination of excellent video administrations.


AV Video Converter also accompanies highlights that permit you to make captivating recordings to share on computerized pages. You can manage MP3s, add impacts, and even apply pre-made layouts to your recordings. Furthermore, because the free video altering application upholds most sound, video, and picture designs, you ought to have no issue bringing in and trading documents.

14. Wondershare UniConverter

You can achieve boundless undertakings as Wondershare UniConverter gives you a great many recordings, sound, and picture organizations to pack a video or alter. It is the most ideal choice for video scaling down as you can utilize different custom settings to meet your necessities. Besides, it can pack recordings multiple times quicker than some other video blower free accessible on the computer as well as on the web.


The instrument is not difficult to use as you can transfer and pack records with only a couple of snaps. You should simply introduce and dispatch the product, add video, set document size, quality and arrangement to get the ideal outcomes. The last record can be downloaded to your gadget, saved in a capacity gadget or shared on internet-based stages.

15. Shotcut

Shotcut is a completely open-source program, so you gain admittance to every one of the elements without the requirement for a paid overhaul. While this video altering application has extraordinary elements and instructional exercise recordings, a few clients might find the interface somewhat idiosyncratic. That is because Shotcut was initially intended for Linux and it most certainly shows. In any case, in the engine, it's as yet a quality video manager.


Two of Shotcut's most striking elements are 4K HD goal backing and its timetable altering. Very few free video editors offer 4K goal support. Also, Shotcut doesn't expect you to bring your video into the proofreader: this can be a life hack in case you are managing enormous video documents.

Part4. How to Easily Resize MP4 Videos with the Best MP4 Resizer- DemoCreator

Have you finished looking for the above-mentioned toolkits, now you want to know the steps required for the top-notch toolkit to resize with full ease? Here’s the methodology.

Method 1. Change MP4 Video Encoder Without Quality Loss

The first methodology is by changing the MP4 encoder inside the Export window. To access this, hit the Export button and customize the encoder properties right away, as shown below:


Method 2. Crop/Cut MP4 Video to Remove Unwanted Part

Another method is opting for a cropping feature inside the timeline. After you’ve dragged your videos to the timeline, select the video which you want to resize, and crop it by the slider with full ease.


Methods 3: Change Resolution to Resize Video in MP4

In DemoCreator, you can also change the resolution of your MP4 video files. To do that, hit the Export button and select the resolution inside the Resolution drop-down bar as shown here:


Method 4: Reduce Bit Rate to Make MP4 Smaller

Reducing the bitrates have a special resizing impact on your final video file. You can resize your video within the Export menu as shown here. Simply change the bitrate of your video by selecting the specified number.


Method 5. Adjust Frame Rate

You can also resize your videos by adjusting the frame rates of your videos. Inside the export window, refer to the frame rate menu and select the desired rate from the list as shown here:


The Best MP4 Resizer & Video Editor

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Part5. Conclusion

Above are all we'd prefer to impart to you, and which online video resizer do you like best? In case you will resize a video on the web, think about one of them. DemoCreator is the strongly prescribed application to resize video in sorts of organizations, like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, 3GP, FLV, and so forth the simple activity is for all clients. The best solution to resize any videos in light of the above tools is undoubtedly the DemoCreator due to its out-of-the-box feature-packed toolbox. Utilize the free video altering application in this rundown to begin making shocking recordings today.

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