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How to Record Overwatch with the Best Game Recorder

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:40:20 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Things to Know about OverWatch Game:

OverWatch is well known for its team-based first person shooting platform that was released for Xbox One, PS 4 and Windows in 2016. This game allows players to get divided into two teams with six members in each side whereas every team can select their heroes, characters out of pre-loaded collection in game library. Each one of these characters in game has unique abilities, movements and attributes so you need to choose them carefully. The roles of players can be divided into four different categories where you can choose to be either in Support, Tank, play as Defence or go for Offense.

Players need to work in group to ensure perfect protection for their control points as shown on map. As each Hero in this game has specific skills to do counter attacks so you can use them carefully for completing beneficial tasks. OverWatch follows a series of fight matches and winners are awarded with bronze, silver and Gold medals as per their performance. With increasing experience level in this gaming platform, players will be able to unlock various loot boxes that contain four randomly added cosmetic items such as costumes, voice lines, paint sprays and victory poses.

Best Game Recorder for Overwatch:

Comparison Table:

Detailed Comparison between four popular Game Recorder Tools:

Parameters OBS ShadowPlay Fraps Plays.tv
Records online sources Yes Yes No  
Image Capture Yes Yes Yes No
Custom Hotkeys Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microphone Recording Yes No Yes Yes
Multi Channel Audio Recording Yes No Yes Yes
Audio Overlays Yes Yes No Yes
Ease of Use 96% 92% 95% 90%
Maximum Recordable FPS 60fps 60fps 120fps 30fps
Save Video as AVI     Yes  
Save Video as MP4     No  
Save Video as WMV     No  
Custom resolutions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Separate Microphone File Yes Yes No No
Adjustable Audio Bit rate     No  
Adjustable Video Bit rate     No  
Custom Frame Rate     Yes

1. Wondershare DemoCreator


Open Broadcast Studio is available as an open source game recording tool and it can be used for gamers for free. OBS offers compatibility for Mac, Linux and Windows platform. You will be able to enjoy high performance recording facilities on OBS with its classic audio-video record settings. The facility of customized transitions make everything much easier whereas collection of advanced filters allow professional gamers to make adjustments for chroma keying, color correction and image masking.

OBS contains advanced audio mixer that allows full control over gain, noise etc using VST plugin. It is also possible to adjust several sources on the device as well as one can prefer to duplicate the existing ones. With its well streamlined panel for settings, gamers can configure their recordings and broadcasts. Other than this, the platform contains wide range of dark and light themes.



It is possible to capture screenshots and gameplay videos using ShadowPlay software program but at the same time it also offers live streaming services. The Instant Replay Mode of ShadowPlay makes recording task much easier where gamers can save their last 30 second gameplay session by simply hitting the hotkey. You will be happy to know that ShadowPlay can record gameplay videos with 4K content quality even at 60fps rating so this is best tool for your action games. Note that, ShadowPlay software tool is accelerated with hardware that means it starts recording process automatically on background as soon as you start playing your game on your device.

The best thing to know about ShadowPlay is its ability to share captured videos over social media platforms with ease. You can easily send them to YouTube Live, Twitch or Facebook Live with crisp content quality as ShadowPlay follows limited compression.



Fraps is well known as universal windows application that allows easy processing with OpenGL and DirectX technology of graphics. Fraps is able to do so many interesting operations that makes professionals gamers more satisfied about this platform. It keeps on displaying the number of frames that it is getting per second and users can access customized settings for frame rates as per their needs. One can easily take screenshots by just pressing one key and it is not even required to paste it on paint because all clicks can be automatically time stamped as well as named for easy storage. This real time video capture tool allows high quality content along with audio support where the frame rates can be customized anywhere between 1 to 120. Fraps is a high quality recording tool that maintains higher content quality so that if you share it online on your channel you can avail great reviews.


Plays.tv is best option for little gamers because it is safe and legit. It allows users to capture and share their incredible gaming experiences with friends online. Plays.tv allows users to capture videos up to 20 minutes and they can be shared immediately on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media networks. There are lots of options for customizing recording task to avail higher content quality. As this software tool is beta so one can avail all high end facilities for sharing, editing and recording needs. It is also possible to capture games along with webcam by using pic-in-pic technology. This hardware accelerated software tool initiates automatic recording without affecting CPU performance.


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