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How to Reduce Lagging in Bandicam

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:13:33 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

You probably already noticed that when you are recording streaming video, there may be some lagging on the end result. The truth is that when you're doing this, you are using many resources of your computer system. Even though there are many things that you can do to reduce the lagging when you are using the Bandicam software, the reality is that the better performance your system has, the less lagging your videos will have.

In this article, we will show you how to reduce lagging when recording streaming video with Bandicam

How to Reduce Lagging in Bandicam

1.Reduce the Video Resolution of the Recording Target

The first thing that you should try to do is to change the video/display settings of the game you want to record. In case you have these settings available, make sure that you decrease the video resolution. Plus, when playing, instead of using your full screen, as usual, try to play in windowed mode. This will help reduce the lag and increase the FPS.

2.Change the Bandicam Settings

There is also the possibility of making some changes to the Bandicam settings to make sure that you reduce the lagging of your recordings. Here's what you need to do:

Open the Bandicam software, and click on the gamepad icon. Then, select the Video from the left menu, and click on the Format Settings (the Settings button that is at the bottom of the software's interface). This will open the Format Setting Window:

  • Video Size: Instead of having the Video defined as Full Size, select the Half-size instead. Even though the quality of the video will be inferior, your computer won't slow down.
  • FPS: In order to get the highest-quality video, the more frames per second you use, generally the better. So, when you look at this window, you'll see that the FPS is defined at 30. However, to make sure that your computer won't slow down, choose 15 FPS instead.
  • Video Quality: Again, to ensure that your computer won't slow down when you are recording your video, just put 50 instead of 80 in the quality of the video setting.
  • Codec: You are now seeing the codec value set to "MPEG-1 and MPEG-1 L2". However, you should consider changing it to "Motion JPEG and PCM". Although your video size will be bigger, your computer won't slow down.
  • : While not all computers support the encoder, in case it does you may want to try out the " and "PCM" codecs instead. This will improve the Bandicam's recording ability by using the GPU.
  • Change the recording target of Bandicam: In case you're using the "game recording" mode, try using the "screen recording" mode or vice-versa.

Disable the Secondary sound device: Return to the Bandicam interface and click on the Record Settings button. Ensure that you have the Secondary Sound Device set as Disabled.

3.Change Hardware Settings

In order to change your hardware settings, you have three options:

  • Try hardware acceleration: In case you are using one of the latest Intel CPU or the latest graphics card, you can try to use the "Nvidia® CUDA™/NVENC Encoder", "Intel® Quick Sync Video Encoder", or "AMD APP Encoder" of Bandicam.
  • Change the settings of your NVIDIA graphics card: In case you are using the "Game Recording" mode, just set the game to maximum performance. In case you're using the "Screen Recording" or the "Device Recording" modes, you need to set Bandicam to maximum performance. In order to do this, just open the control panel of NVIDIA and click on the 3D Settings tab. Under the Program Settings, define the program to customize as "the game or Bandicam". and click Add. Under the settings for this program, choose "Prefer maximum performance" at the Power management mode.
  • Upgrade your PC, GPU, CPU, and RAM: By upgrading your CPU, graphics card, and RAM, you'll be increasing the performance of your computer. So, it will be less likely that it slows down when you are recording your video.

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