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How to Zoom in or Zoom out in Atomi ActivePresenter?

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:40:31 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

All film and video makers know that at times certain things and moments in a video must be highlighted in order to attract the attention to their importance in the story you are telling. Pan&Zoom Effect is probably one of the most effective visual effects you can use in ActivePresenter software in order to grab the viewer's attention and explain important information.

We have collected all the information you'll need to successfully apply Zoom-n-Pan effect in ActivePresenter and create dynamic videos.

How to Zoom in and Zoom out in ActivePresenter?

After you've placed your video on the timeline of Atomi's screen recording software, locate the Annotations tab, click on it and look for the Zoom-n-Pan icon. Clicking on the icon will enable you to see Zoom-n-Pan object on the Zoom-n-Pan timeline.

How to Zoom in ActivePresenter?

The next step is to adjust the size of the zoom in the area. You can perform this action by dragging the ends of the rectangle displayed on the video editor's canvas. Once you've selected the zoom area, you should proceed to set the duration of the effect and its start time. Click on the object on Zoom-n-Pan track on the timeline in order to start adjusting the settings of the effect you just applied to your video. Drag the green diamond to adjust the duration of the effect and pay close attention that the length of the effect isn't too short or too long. Users can also adjust all these settings from the Properties Pane with more precision. The effect will start from the Starting Point you selected and end once it reaches the position of the Green Diamond.

How to Zoom out ActivePresenter?

Once you've zoomed in on the section of the video or presentation you wanted to highlight you need to go back to the full-screen view. In order to do this, you'll need to click on the Zoom-n-Pan icon and adjust its size over the entire canvas. After you've successfully performed this action you will be able to see the full screen view of your project.

How to delete Zoom-n-Pan effect in ActivePresenter?

If for some reason, you aren't happy with your results or you just want to remove the Zoom-n-Pan effect in order to apply a new one, you can easily do so, by selecting the object on the Zoom-n-Pan timeline and pressing the delete key. Using this visual effect in ActivePresenter is easy and it can be used to make your videos more visually dynamic especially if you are working on a project that doesn't have much on-screen movement.

How to Zoom in and Zoom out in Wondershare DemoCreator?

Atomi's ActivePresenter may be one of the best screen recording tools on the market today, but its limited editing options can be frustrating, especially if you would like to polish your screen recordings in the post-production. DemoCreator is a video editor that offers easy to use screen recording features. If you would like to capture your on-screen activities or create a tutorial on the topic you find important simply click on 'Full Feature Mode' to start the project.

Choose the 'Record PC screen' option and select the recording area. You can choose from Full Screen, Target Window of Custom options. Once you've marked the capturing area, you can proceed to select the audio recording device or adjust other options by clicking on the Settings feature. Then simply hit the record button.

Once the recording session is over, your video will appear in the software's video editor. Place it on the timeline, select the video and right-click on it in order to gain access to the Crop and Zoom feature. Then click on the Pan and Zoom option, this action will enable you to see the Pan and Zoom window as well as Start and End frames, adjust them in accordance to your needs and press OK to save the changes you made. If you are not satisfied with the results, simply click the reset button.

Zooming out will enable you to see the entire frame of your video project, and in order to apply this effect simply repeat the process, select the Full-Screen option and apply it after the first Pan and Zoom effect. Wondershare DemoCreator offers advanced editing features that allow its users to create captivating and visually impressive videos.

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