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How to Record PS4 Gameplay Without Capture Card

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:39:38 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Often while recording a Skype video call or a gameplay video with face, people find it difficult to search for the right facecam recorder. The facecam recorder is the best way to make your video effective. When your facial expression comes along with the narration in the video, it becomes easier for people to comprehend and follow.

Here are the 5 best facecam recorders that help to overlay the facecam feed and flawlessly seize the gameplay videos.

Comparison Table

DemoCreator Ezvid AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Bandicam Guvcview
Windows Y Y Y Y N
Mac Y N Y N N
Linux N N N N Y
Webcam Recording Y Y Y Y Y
Audio Recording Y Y Y Y Y
Video Editor Y Y Y N N
Recording Time No Limit 45 Minutes No Limit 10 Minutes (Free Version) No Limit
HD Quality Y Y Y Y Y

Best Facecam Recorders for you

1. DemoCreator

DemoCreator facecam recorder is one such unique tool that enables you to record and edit in the simplest of ways. In terms of functionality and simplicity, this recorder is unsurpassed. It has a built-in video editor that makes all the facecam recordings High Definition, flawless and one hardly requires any experience of video editing to use it. Some of the great features of DemoCreator are-


  • Records both facecam and audio simultaneously completely free
  • DemoCreator webcam recorder software can enable you to record even fast-moving games like Counter Strike
  • Record your voice for a high quality live commentary while explaining the game status if you have a microphone
  • Enhance the quality of your video at the final stage of sharing it with your friends with the built-in video editor that helps in addition of some cuts, music, rich annotations, your interpretation, remarks, and more

2. Ezvid (for Windows)

This free facecam and webcam recorder is a great text to speech and audio recording software for capturing screen and videos. It is one of the easiest and coolest tools and comes with a built-in editor and helps in recording tutorial videos and work oriented projects. Ezvid webcam recorder for Windows offers a clean interface and never spoils your video with unappealing watermarks. Perfect fit for the small projects, the features of Ezvid include-


  • Small widget displayed on the screen to stop recording while webcam recorder is switched on, is a great feature that makes walkthrough videos and tutorials handy
  • Harness your computer’s power to create high-resolution videos
  • Built-in video editor helps to make speed changes and re-arrange or add texts, image slides and more in just a few minutes
  • The Ezvid facecam recorder also has a built-in YouTube sharing option
  • Screen drawing option helps you directly draw on the screen and create amazing documents and screencasts

ezvid facecam recorder

3. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro (for Windows and Mac)

One of the most essential tools for Windows and Mac facecam and screen recording, AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro attracts you with its simple UI (user interface). This software is so simple that even a newbie can handle it at ease. To experience a great webcam recorder, AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a must try. The amazing features of this tool comprises-


  • A combination of webcam recorder and a screencast recorder that induces more quality to the recorded video
  • A simple interface to use for beginners
  • Addition of multimedia options like system sound, microphone, webcam, cursor effects, etc. to your video recording make it an ideal tool
  • While the screen editor helps to edit and add texts, onscreen elements and more to highlight the video, the video editor enables you to resize or trim or add effects to the recorded video


4. Bandicam (for Windows)

Whether you wish to record a game or a Skype calling video, Bandicam offers several diverse modes of recording such as device recording mode, screen recording mode, game recording mode, and video recording mode. For a video tutorial, academic lesson, or game session recording, facecam recorder is mandatory. Bandicam recording software comes along with latest features that enable you to make short videos and tutorials. The features are-


  • Nvidia CUDA/NVENC encoder available in the recording abilities of the Bandicam that compresses a file to smaller size and yet maintain the quality
  • A webcam recorder that uses DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies to record video sessions in full-screen HD
  • Bandicam allows addition of logo and webcam overlay in the advanced settings option to capture the webcam screenshot include it on the screen recording
  • You can mix your own voice to add a special effect to the commentary added in the recorded video with two source mixing option available
  • Customized facecam recorder separates video editor that allows functionalities like setting up arrows or cursor to point images, items, or objects or highlight to circle them on the screen, add numbers to display phases, steps, or stages


5. Guvcview (for Linux)

Many Linux users won't worry about whether it is possible to own a best facebcam recorder since the arrival of Guvcview. The Guvcview free facecam recorder tool comes with two window interface. It is simple, flexible, and enables the user to see both setting and control and the menus through one window while the other shows the camera image. This creates a mirror-like use of the webcam recorder, Guvcview. The features include-


  • Simple interface for viewing and recording video from v4l2 devices, especially for the Linux UVC driver
  • Guvcview provides vendor-specific controls and extension controls loaded dynamically into the driver that are a part of the UVC terms and points
  • In this tool, the videos can be recorded in .webm (Google’s open standard format), .mkv (Matroska Multimedia Container open standard format), and .avi format
  • The Guvcview webcam recorder can add one or more than one special effects like mirror, pieces and particles, mono, negative, invert while capturing the video
  • Audio recording used can be selected between two types of APIs

Guvcview facecam recorder


If you want to create a quality video with your face, screens, as well as voice, try out any one of the facecam recorders mentioned above, according to the platform you use, and you will never be disappointed. People often get irked by the number of options available and yet unable to decide the right webcam recorder for their platform. This piece of content can definitely ease your worries of choosing the best facecam recorder.

With the new version of Filmora video editor is released, Wondershare DemoCreator now can also record webcam videos on Windows. To record a webcam video in Filmora, just click the Record icon and then select Record from webcam option. After recording, you can add filters, Ins-style filters & overlays, and cool visual effects as well.

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