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Roxio Game Capture Card HD Pro Review

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:39:38 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Rating: 3.5 stars

In a growing market of gaming galore, Game Capture Card HD Pro is a lightweight, transportable system which is easy to set up anywhere. Giving the streaming of games live a huge advantage when sharing on YouTube or Twitch. Although what is lacking in outlook design appearance certainly may make up in the editing software full of many options. A few drops like having to supply the HDMI cable and possibly few technical flaws.


Main Feature Options From All Views

Easy to install and utilize, Game Capture offers quite a package to enhance the look and functioning options for the game streaming world.

    • Capture Function

Capturing game footage in HD (up to 1080 30p/1080 60i) is capable with the game capture card. Making this possible through the use of HDMI or other component in and output. Enjoy endless gameplay without delays or disruption. No outside power source needed.

    • Streaming

With sufficient bandwidth speed, creating a live streaming feed into YouTube or Twitch TV is not a problem for both steam console game playing and commentary alike. Auto testing the speed of the bandwidth is available in the Service Pack 2 installation.

    • Personalized Editing

Options are plentiful to customize using picture in picture options with up to 6 boxes, gamer trend text inlays, soundtracks, changing the narrations voice to match with the gameplay. Having the edit game videos along with one of over 90 alterations optimizing preferences of the user.

    • Sharing

One click of a button allows sharing videos to both Facebook and YouTube even continuing in the capture software. Availability to Tweet live or Post on Facebook during a live streaming of gameplay comes with installing the Service Pack 2.

    • Capturing PC Game

Utilizing the HDMI output connected directly to the Game Capture HD Pro capture system lets you capture PC gameplay with the use of graphics cards.

    • What is Included?

All inclusive system has Game Capture Device, Game Recording Software plus Video Editing Software, USB Cable, A Guide to getting started. The only necessity to make this complete is the HDMI cable to be supplied by the user.

Setting Up

Taking advantage and getting the best usage of your Game Capture system by pairing it up to your actual gaming system. Before you begin make sure you have all the HDMI cables or Component AV cables to connect your gaming system to . Those are an outside purchase and necessary for complete connection. Setup guides are available to download for each specific system being used.

1 XBOX & PS4 Setup


1. Start by turning off the XBOX or PS4 gaming consoles. Insert a HDMI cable into the correct port on the console. Then put the other end into the HDMI IN port on the GameCap device.

2. With the secondary HDMI cable, one end goes into the out port of the GameCap device connecting the other end into the port on the side or the back of the TV.

3. Take the USB cable provided, porting one end into the output of the GameCap device. Completing the connection with the other end into USB2.0 port of your PC or laptop.

2 PlayStation 3 Setup


1. Start by powering down the PS3 console. Take the Component AV cables purchased separately, connect one end into the A/V ports on the PS3 console matching the colors. Once completed, take the other ends and match color coding the to the color inputs of the Game Capture Card HD Pro device.

2. Using either a purchased HDMI cable or another Component AV cable to the correct ports on the GameCap device. The opposite ends will go into the proper ports on the side or back of your tv. Same concept and steps if the use of RCA Audio cables are required.

3. To complete the process, use the USB cable provided one end into the output port of the GameCap device. Taking the opposite end into the USB2.0 port of your PC or laptop.

Game Capture card HD PRO allows the streaming of an everyday game turning into a live sharing connection. Allowing gamers to highlight and edit a live streaming game while recording to enhance the look and feel to the specific user. Maybe not the best of the best but easy to set up and ready to use in minutes, GameCap device sure has hit the ground running.

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