Types of Videos for Businesses

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Marketing Metrics

Businesses need to attract consumers to thrive, and content marketing has proven to be an effective way of doing that. Over the years, content marketing has transformed considerably, and videos are receiving all the hype, for all the right reasons.

It has proven to be one of the most engaging methods of connecting with people or potential consumers. Especially with the drift towards mobile marketing, videos have become one of the most consumed content by smartphone users. So, what types of videos for businesses should you opt for marketing?

Many businesses are using engaging-videos to get an edge in the marketing war-zone. And still, a lot of companies remain reluctant and are still relying on blogs and case studies. But it’s high time for businesses to realize the gravity of visual content and how impactful it is. It's crucial if they want to grow and keep up with the ever-increasing competition. Video marketing has given a chance to even small businesses to tell their story. With it, they can leave an impression on the consumers.

Now we'll have a closer look at what kind of videos are used for marketing purposes. We will discuss how a business world can make use of to gain recognition and seize consumers through video content marketing:

Live Streaming

With the recent introduction of live streaming, there has been a considerable growth in the number of people watching live events, be it a sports game or a fun corporate event. With live streaming comes the element of surprise for the viewers and the fact that it is happening right now gives it a sense of urgency. Now, pre-recorded videos don't have that.

Live stream videos are a great way of launching new products and hosting query sessions. This is because they can gather public on a large-scale. Moreover, this makes the viewer feel like they’re actually attending the event and increasing the level of engagement with the brand.

Behind-the-scenes/Company Culture

One of the easiest ways for consumers to feel emotionally involved with a brand is by making them acquainted with the values, ethics, and the work environment of a company. These behind-the-scenes videos do not have to be over-the-top; they have to be genuine and authentic.

Not only will this create a sense of involvement for the customers, but it will also influence the employees in forming a better bond with each other as well as the company as a whole.

These videos will highlight the human aspect of your business where your employees will be recognized not through titles but personalities and faces.


Interview videos are a great way of showing the people what your brand is really about. When a company is associated with strong and influential voices, it helps in establishing authority in the market.

If certain guidelines are followed, then interviews can be a game-changer for your company. They should be spontaneous, honest, and knowledgeable. It is so that consumers can build a relationship of trust while also gaining important information.

Not only will the brand feel more credible, but the overall reach to the customers will also increase through association with noteworthy voices. Moreover, the company will be recognized through an insider, giving the audience an authentic peek into the brand.


TED has become one of the greatest platforms for almost everyone to showcase their innovative ideas and business ventures. People come on TED with their stories, discoveries, and objectives to make an impact globally through the massive reach that this platform offers. A well-curated presentation at such events can greatly impact the presence of the brand and how it is perceived.

When a highly informative video is propagated to the masses through an engaging and persuasive speaker, the desired impact is sure to be made. Other than TED, there are multiple platforms where a small or specific audience can be targeted. Every small step counts in the content marketing field and only adds to the company’s perception and presence.


Vlogging has become the new way of providing a sense of transparency to the consumers while also establishing a brand value in the market. The problem with most businesses is that they stop at the introductory video and because of that are unable to get the desired results.

The actual need is a consistent platform where consumers can see and experience what is happening in the work environment. So many successful entrepreneurs make daily vlogs to establish a relationship of trust in this easy and cost-effective way. All you need is a smartphone to shoot this short video that shows just a regular day at work.

Tutorial Videos

Social-media sites and YouTube are the most popular online platforms for watching video-content. So many overnight sensations owe their success to these video-sharing platforms, and marketing is also profiting a lot from these. Tutorial videos are extremely popular these days and can help build a business by first creating a presence online and then converting the viewers into customers through a mutual bond of trust and respect.

What the company needs to make sure is that these videos shouldn’t look fake or sale-oriented. Promotional videos can be spotted easily and thus for your video to stand-out, it should focus on assisting the viewers while also smartly incorporating the product that is being marketed.

Product Reviews

When people consider buying products, they look for reviews online. Written reviews are one thing, but videos work on a whole different level to convince them into becoming a customer. Product review is a very helpful type of content and shows the viewers the benefits and other uses of the product they are thinking of purchasing.

The video should assist the customer in the purchase by providing all the necessary information and clearing all the doubts by providing clear answers to the queries. The video doesn’t need to long, only precise, and conspicuous in the message it wants to convey to the viewers.

Video e-mails

This is a rather unique kind of video content, but, it actually raises the chances of a promotional email to be opened by the consumer, which otherwise would have been lost in the myriad of emails. The reason for this is the video component of the email. A short video that is direct and to-the-point can make a big impact on the person watching it. But the email should have a strong CTA (call-to-action) that directs them to a landing page, which can have more than one CTA.

This increases the probability of the recipient to contact the company or become a future customer. Another important step is to personalize the email. This also increases the chances of it being opened. 

User-Generated Content

The existing customers have great potential to further expand the customer base. Now, this can be best done through user-generated video content. This content is seen as the most authentic amongst all types of video marketing content and has a huge viewer-base too. The customers can be encouraged to send in videos of them using the products and what they like the most about it.

You can also associate with social-media or YouTube influencers who can do paid-promotions for your products. These influencers have a huge following, and people usually trust their favourite internet sensation. By linking your brand to the very people you want to sell it to; you can build a strong network of customers.


Testimonials make the customers stand at the spot-light and have a more relatable appeal to the viewers. When an actual customer talks about your product, it builds an environment of trust and satisfaction among people. The viewers are more inclined to trust user-reviews than those shown by the company. However, the most important thing here is that the endorsement should be real and not scripted. The most common queries related to products are that of price, performance, and durability.

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Moreover, the testimonial should be addressing all these. The customer can give his personal feedback. He/she can tell what he/she liked the most about the product and how satisfying the results were. Thus, the best way of gaining new customers is by making the current ones convince them.

The Bottom Line

If a business wants to survive amidst all the competition, then they need to focus on their content marketing segment and especially the video content. What businesses need to understand is that it is not a one-time thing. It has to be done in a well-curated manner. Moreover, it could be done by creating various types of videos for marketing.

It involves videos that target the people who are most likely to become their customers. Visuals are one of the best ways of doing this as they directly send across the message that the company wants to convey. Video content marketing is a potential game-changer right now.

Also, it's high time for businesses to see it as a major opportunity for expanding globally. It has enabled them to target viewers on a large scale. However, it has given the capacity to add meaningful essence to their messages. Such videos resonate mentally with the people and increase the chances of them becoming customers in the future.