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How to Change Mouse Clicks in Captured Videos

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:14:12 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Mouse cursor effect generally applied in how-to instructional exercises, instructive course recordings, and other exhibit recordings. The stress of significant focuses can be shown by utilizing cursor sound, track, or impacts. Along these lines, the watcher can without much of a stretch handle the central issues and focus inclining further toward the substance. If you've looked at any point ever through the important slideshows or presentations, you might see that there is a custom mouse cursor impact on a large number of them. This normally comprises of a little pointer, dab, circle, or another thing that replaces the cursor. While there is a huge load of discussion in the client plan and experience local area on whether this is a decent practice, the truth is that it adds a special twist to the time-tested mouse pointer.

Part1: Why You Will Need to Add and Change Mouse Click

Causing the viewers to notice a specific piece of the screen might be fundamental when you need to clarify an outline or manage complex, data thick material. Different apparatuses catch the mouse cursor when you point and snap while making a screen recording yet it can do much more. When making video instructional exercises, significantly, the cursor is featured, else it makes it hard to follow, or you invest more energy focusing on where the cursor is than on the substance of the instructional exercise. You can choose from an assortment of mouse cursors from a pre-set rundown or make your own. Utilize unique mouse impacts in various shadings, shapes, and sizes to tell the watcher when you click the mouse buttons.

Part2: Mouse Effects of DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator has made the altering of screencast video very simple with its all the important implicit altering devices. This stage is only an incredible beginning stage in case you will leave on your first video-altering project as it has some genuine and simple feel while utilizing its various elements. You can likewise decide on sound recording with this screen recorder which is crucial programming for cutting edge level altering needs. You can likewise change cursor way and mouse-click impacts effectively by going into the Cursor impact menu of this video manager. Here are some insights into what this effect will look like and what customizations it offers in DemoCreator.

Show Mouse Cursor: This option means to make your mouse cursor visible in the recording videos or not. If this dialogue box is checked, the mouse cursor will be visible.


Add Mouse Click Effect: This feature enables the mouse to click sound whenever it clicks in the recording. To enable this, you need to brought it to the video file so your recorded video can have the mouse click effects.


Add Mouse Highlight Effect: If you want to add the highlight effect of the Mouse cursor, then you need to bring this effect to your videos. The recorded video to which this effect is introduced will have the mouse highlight effects of your desired choice.


Play Mouse Click Sounds to Recording: If you want to enable the mouse click sound while recording your video content then you need to enable this feature of DemoCreator recorder from the recorder window. After its being enabled, your recorded video will have the mouse click sounds.


Part3: How to Add Mouse Click Effect to Your Recording

The Highlight mouse developments alternative encompasses the mouse pointer with a mathematical shape (Circle, Ellipse, Square, or Rectangle). You can decide to feature the left mouse click, the right mouse click, or both. To recognize the left from the right mouse, click, you can set various tones and sizes for each snap. You can utilize the test region to test and affirm the impacts' settings. You can empower and debilitate the mouse features by tapping the Effects menu and choosing or deselecting the mouse feature choices. The mouse impacts will seem when you playback, you’re recording. If you click the left/right button of your mouse, the circles will be added to the recorded video.

Steps to Add Mouse Click Effects with DemoCreator

Here is the detailed step-by-step guide to adding mouse effects to your video recordings. Follow to learn about it:

Step 1: Import the Recordings

After you’ve recorded your video with the DemoCreator recorder, now is the time to embark on your mouse cursor editing project. To begin with, that, if you’ve previously recorded files, you need to be more specific so you can bring them all to the DemoCreator video editor after hitting the Import files button from the starting interface as shown here:


Step 2:  Drag your Recording to Timeline

In the next step, you need to drag and drop your recording which you're just imported to the media section, to the timeline so you can better do editing including cursor effect editing on them right away.


Step 3: Apply Cursor Effect

To introduce the cursor effects to your recording, refer to the Cursor Effects menu and from there, select the desired effect from the list as shown here:


After the selection, simply drag and drop on the recording inside the timeline so you can better customize it well-accordingly.

Step 4: Export the Masterpiece

In the final step, after you’re done with the Cursor impact on your recording, now you can hit the Export button to take your recorded content to your specified platform directly. If you’d like to save your files to the PC then simply proceed with the Export option and on the other hand, if you want to share it to YouTube directly then you need to go to the YouTube sharing menu bar inside the Export window as follows:


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Part4: How to Play Mouse Click Sounds While Recording

You can set a mouse click tone or impact. Utilize this choice to add a speedy eruption of shading or embellishment around the pointer to underscore mouse clicks during project playback. With DemoCreator, you can add mouse-click sounds over your recorded video. To include that effect to your cursor recordings, here are the steps involved:

Go to Cursor Effects

After you’ve imported and dragged your files to the timeline, hit the Cursor Effect menu bar from the interface and it will open up the cursor effects menu as shown here:

Select the Click Sound Effect

From the list of cursor effects, select the Click Sound effect and drag it to the recording file inside the timeline and it’ll bring the sound effect to your mouse clicks right away. You can preview the file to confirm it’s brought to your recordings automatically.


Part5: Conclusion

DemoCreator permits your watchers to track what you're doing and focus on where you're clicking/pointing. At the point when DemoCreator adds this component then, that point client's ready to utilize this device straightforwardly in DemoCreator. A notable and useful tool in this modern era which has utter ability to create professional lectures and teaching lesson recordings with clear and intuitive cursor effects and other useful effects on the go. The software is the perfect platform for creating an eye-catchy explanatory video for students who want to do learning through the usage of a screen recording window with the desired customizations.

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