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How to Edit Clips in iMovie on Your MacBook

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:42:39 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

You might ask why you need to flip a video; all things considered, whenever you have shot your recording, all you need is to add some enhancements, sound, and the task is useful for distributing. This isn't generally the situation; there are impacts that an expert videographer will reveal to you that cause your video to have a more noteworthy effect. For instance, in case you are taking a video of a meeting, or somebody talking into the camera, it is more grounded to have the individual remaining to one side of the screen; you can see this impact utilized by journalists of most major news organizations on TV. a few positions will cause your video to have more effect; the justification behind the subject to remain to the right is because we read from left to right, and having the individual on the right is more grounded. Likewise, if the video is panning, the container movement should move from left to right.

Part1: Why you’d need your video inverted, flipped, mirrored, or rotated

Flipping allows you inconspicuously to change the effect of the visual picture. On the off chance that the film shows movement, having it move from left to right causes it to appear to be normal (since we read from left to right). Flipping the movement so it moves right to left will cause the movement to appear slower. Additionally, having a representative on the right half of the screen is a more grounded visual situation than having him on the left. You can flip simply segments of a film that give you more noteworthy command over the eventual outcome. Another motivation behind why you might have to flip your video is because of mistakes in bringing in or shooting the video. You might import video from a telephone and find that it is topsy turvy; you should flip the video for it to sound good to the watcher.

Part2: How to Rotate/Flip Videos with iMovie on Mac?

Reflecting impact has been generally utilized around filmmaking, which gives a more creative or silly tone to the film. In any case, the procedure isn't restricted to experts. For novice video producers, you can undoubtedly apply to turn around or rewind impact utilizing iMovie. Then, at that point, how to switch a video cut in iMovie? The accompanying article will give you full guidance. Since iMovie deals with more than one stage, you'll figure out how to switch recordings in iMovie on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

On the off chance that your recordings are put away on a Mac, use iMovie to pivot them. iMovie comes pre-introduced on all Macs.

Step 1: Launch iMovie on Mac

Open iMovie, then click Create New. Click Movie.

Step 2: Import your Video

Select Import Media, then find the movie you want to modify and click OK.

Step 3: Add your file to Timeline 

Select your video in the Timeline at the base. This will feature it in yellow. Snap the Crop button in the Browser toolbar over the Viewer. Utilize either the Rotate the video counterclockwise or rotate the video clockwise button.

Step 4: Rotate your File

Assuming you need to flip your video upward, you'll utilize the means above, tapping the Rotate button twice.

Part 3: Invert Videos Easily with Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is an across-the-board application that is utilized for video sharing and screen recording as well as for this vital task of flipping, rotating, and inverting your videos to 360 degrees. This product can record screens up to 120 fps which makes it an exceptionally well-known alternative among YouTubers. This contemporary rendition of the screen recorder coordinates both screen sharing and video altering on a similar stage. It offers involved involvement with video altering and is viable with the two Windows and Mac frameworks. Wondershare DemoCreator is wealthy in highlights that ensure a staggering presentation for the product. Indeed, even beginner video editors discover the product as simple to utilize.

You might alter, split, cut, or adjust the recordings. This product permits you to make altered titles with movement and text. You might add blur in and grow dim impacts. This product permits you to make intuitive recordings with cursor developments and comment impacts. The course of video altering through DemoCreator Screen Recorder is basic, in any event, for an amateur. Here are the details:

1. Import Your Video Clips

Import work is needed to help the video producer in moving the video to the current recording. Under this capacity, possibly you select the singular records or one complete envelope and add them to the video. The import capacities can be acted in various configurations.


2. Trim Your Video

In the next step with DemoCreator, drag and drop your video to the timeline below and when you select the video you just added, you can bring the trimmer over the specified moment of the video and get your video trimmed easily to your desired time and place.


3. Invert the Video

In this step, you need to select the added file inside the timeline and it’ll pop open the editor on the right side of the screen. Here you can easily select the inverting option from the list of available options.

In addition to the mirroring option, you can perform the rotate, scaling, Position adjusting, and much more adjustments to your final video within this editor as shown here:


The other list of features that are available inside the editor is the Composition and the Speed adjustment which you can do by dragging the slider to your required extent.

After you have done the altering and the video is finished, it is prepared to share online or save inside your system. Give a film like the inclination and appreciate sending out the most loved manifestations in MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, and MP3.


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Part4: Conclusion

iMovie for Mac is a local video-altering app created by Apple to allow you to partake in your recordings more than ever. You can without much of a stretch peruse your video cuts and make Hollywood-style video trailers and shocking 4K films. With iMovie for iOS, you can likewise alter recordings on your iPhone or iPad and finish them on your Mac. Then again, the old-style decision is DemoCreator that makes customized video showings, including cursors and keystrokes. With it, you can trade the recordings to MP4, AV1, or MOV design. It additionally upholds voice camera recording and camcorder recording.

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