Downgrade DemoCreator 5.0
to 4.7 Guide

If you are one of the users who are currently using the 5.0 version, and want to go back to
the old version, just download the old software below.

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DemoCreator Versions Comparison

Compare key features across versions, or explore what's new in DemoCreator.

  Version 5 Version 4.7
AI Face Recognition
10000+ Video Resources
4 Webcam Recording Styles
3 Recording Modes
Face Recogition Editing Effects
6 Animation Effects for Text
50+ Built-in Transition Effects
20+ Built-in Audio Effects
8 Motion Effects for Images and Videos
Customize Brand Watermark
Record Screen and Webcam
Record Microphone and System Audio
Customize Recording Area
Spotlight Feature
Dynamic Stickers
Cursor Effects
Pan and Zoom
Add Annotations