How to Create PIP Videos in Camtasia

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:13:55 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Having multiple images within a frame is an effective way to make your videos more dynamic and interesting, especially if you are recording your screen and there isn't a lot of action going on in the video. The picture in Picture feature, also known as the video overlay is a technique that allows you to have an additional video within a frame. Gamers or online tutorial creators utilize this option frequently so the viewers can see what is going on the screen and the person who is playing the video game or creating the tutorial at the same time. You can either record PIP videos by capturing screen and recording with your webcam simultaneously or you can use the video editor to create this effect.

Camtasia 9 allows its users to record and make PiP videos with just a few simple actions that are very easy to perform.  We've gathered all the information you will need to record or make a PIP video in Camtasia 9.

Part 1: How to Record PIP Video in Camtasia 9?

If you would like to record a PIP video in Camtasia 9, all you need to do is to select the New Recording option from the Start menu, this action will take you to the Camtasia screen recorder. Once you've entered the software's screen recorder turn on your webcam by clicking on the camera icon in the recorder's main menu. If you have another camera you would like to use click on the drop down menu next to the camera icon and select options. The options enable you to select which camera or microphone you want to use during the recording session. Make sure that the capture frame rate is set to 30fps, and that you change the output size to 1280 X 720p under the format setting option. Using an external microphone will increase the sound quality of your recording.

On the left side of the Screen recorder's menu, you can find Select area options that enable you to choose whether you want to capture a full screen or only a portion of your screen. Before starting the recording session take the time to adjust your webcam settings manually and arrange the light in your room so that your camera doesn't have to work hard, because poor light conditions may result in terrible image quality. After you've adjusted all the settings hit the record button located on the right side of the recorder. Once your recording session is finished open the video file you created in the software's video editor and adjust the position of the second picture on the screen or edit the footage in any other way.

Part 2: How to Make PIP Video in Camtasia?

If you already have the footage you want and all you need to do is create a Picture in Picture effect you can easily do so in Camtasia's video editor. Import the footage you want to edit into the video editor via the Import Media feature. Once the video clips are in the Media Bin drag the first one to the timeline and place it on the track 1, then drag the second one and place it on the track 2 above the first video file. If both files appear to be the same size in the preview window you can manually adjust its size by dragging one of the ends of the displayed picture, or you can use the scale slider located in the upper right corner of the editor.

By clicking on the animation tab and dragging and dropping them onto the video file on the track 2 you can animate the inserted picture. In this manner, you can move the picture from left to right or in any other direction. Adjust the duration of the animation you added by simply extending it as much as you like or delete the animation by clicking on the animation and then hit delete on your keyboard.   

Part 3: Using Camtasia Alternative to Make a PIP Video

Camtasia 9 is without a doubt a powerful video editor that can create stunning PIP videos, but its alternatives can be equally effective. Wondershare DemoCreator allows its users to record PIP videos, while you can also use the software's video editor to create PIP videos from the already existing footage. Setting up a PIP video recording session is easy and all you need to do is to make sure that in the screen capture options both screen and camera features are selected. Set the frame rate to 30 fps, select the video resolution and just hit record.

However, if you already have the footage you want to use, import the video clips into the DemoCreator's video editor and place the two video clips one on top of the other. Scale down the video to the size you find appropriate for your video by using the scale slider located on the right side of the video editor. DemoCreator is an excellent choice for users who want to create PIP videos but don't want to spend a small fortune on a software that provides this option.  

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