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Video Transition Animation with After Effects Shape Layers and Repeaters

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:42:41 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Adobe After Effects gives various measures of lovely motion designs changes, the main concern I have is that you can't see every one of them immediately. Trim Paths is a device in Adobe After Effects that permits you to make exact acclimations to shape layer ways. Nonetheless, new clients may not think about this is because it is stowed away under a shape layer submenu. Anyway, what would you be able to achieve with this helpful, little illustrator? The shape layers in After Effects become incredibly adaptable, permitting you to add redundancy, and procedural style impacts pretty effectively utilizing the inherent artists and repeaters.

Part1: How to Create Your Own Custom Animated Transitions in After Effects Using Shape Layers and Repeaters

To make it simpler for everybody and make this progress see the exhibition to acquire a fast visual see of all the default After Effects advances presets. This progress sees exhibition page will prove to be useful when you're on a cutoff time and searching for a particular AE advance. You can track down the After impacts Transitions on the Effects and Presets board window with the upcoming steps we’ve compiled for your ease. Here we enlist the best way to exploit the extraordinary shape layer ascribes in After Effects to handily make a few changes that can add some pizzaz to your undertaking.

Step 1: Visit Effects and Presets

Visit the Effects menu to design a preset. After finalizing, make another similar 1920×1080 effect copy. In another structure, make another Shape Layer. Add a Rectangle, Fill, and Group to the shape layer. Set the Fill to your ideal tone. Drag both the Fill and square shape into the Group. Change the square shape's size to 1920.


Step 2: Animate the Shape

In the Transform properties of the gathering set the anchor highlight - 90, 270. At outline 0, set a keyframe for the gathering's Rotation with a worth of - 90 degrees. At outline 15, change that Rotation worth to 0 degrees to set another keyframe. Right-click and apply an Easy Ease to this keyframe with an approaching Influence of 100%.


At outline 23, set a keyframe for the Group's situation with a worth of 0, 0. Apply an Easy Ease to this keyframe with an active Influence of 80%. At outline 38, set another keyframe or the Group's situation with a worth of - 1930, 0. Leave this keyframe straight.


Step 3: Duplicate the Shape

Add a Repeater to the Shape Layer and ensure it's not inside the gathering. In the Repeater settings, set the duplicates to 2. In the Repeater's Transform properties set the situation to the desired value, 0, and the Rotation to 180 degrees. Copy the Shape Layer and offset the copy so it starts at outline 4.


Change the Fill tone to separate it from the other shape layer. With the new Shape Layer is chosen, hit U on the console to uncover its keyframed properties. Balance the position keyframes on it so they start at the outline. Presently, you simply need to sort out some way to utilize the changes. On the off chance that you drag every one of the three advances into another creation, you'll notice that the handles are colossal and the real animations are a lot more limited.


Part2: How to Create Animated Transitions with DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is an across-the-board program to manage to make astonishing recordings directly from your slideshows. It also contains a few convenient provisions that can be presented with a solitary snap inside the video supervisor. It additionally incorporates a basic interface that empowers you to beat the high-level components of the advanced altering world. Moreover, the video director, with a Natural User Interface, gives a couple of basic resources and effects to give a sensible and smooth modifying experience.

The prospect of making an explainer video can be tangled, particularly when you don't have a place with a realistic or videography foundation. You may cut short the mission, even though you know an explainer video is the most ideal way you could advance your thoughts. DemoCreator is planned for teachers, office laborers, master vloggers, and gamers. It is additionally ideal for any individual who wishes to record and alter his on-screen introductions, demos, instructional exercises, and ongoing interactions utilizing modern elements. Following the scourge, an expanding number of people are taking on DemoCreator software, which is easy to utilize. We had no issue distinguishing any components or functionalities when testing this. The UI is both easy to understand and instinctive.

How To Create Transition Effect with DemoCreator

Step 1: Visit the Transitions Menu

If you want to create your transition effect with customization then overviewing the transition effects inside your DemoCreator preview panel is mandatory for checking. For that, refer to the transition menu and select your favorite one among them to preview it inside the preview window.


Step 2: Choose an Effect

After you’ve decided to go with your selected transition effect, you need to drag and drop it down in the timeline between the clips to customize it according to the video clips effectively.

Step 3: Preview Final Selection

After that, you need to open the transition window by clicking on the effect you just introduce inside the timeline, and here you can witness the effect you introduced according to your required customizations.


Step 4: Save the Effect

Afterward, you can easily save the video by visiting the Export window, and in this way, you can have your favorite transition effect according to your video clips with full effectiveness.


Part3: Text Transition Effect with DemoCreator

The motion created by activities consequently catches the watcher's consideration when contrasted with typical plain text. Text Animation is a procedure that controls figures to cause them to have all the earmarks of being moving text. The message is much of the time energized in an expert film and video, broadcast TV, or a show to make interesting advances. During learning, motion presents genuine occasions seen in regular daily existence. This learning utilizes methods of learning like watching, doing, and training this guide in the advancement of pragmatic abilities and the maintenance of information. Motion makes concentrating more agreeable and pushes understudies to search out extra material to learn.

Assuming you need to have an extraordinary video editorial manager close by, we suggested Wondershare DemoCreator, which could be your rescuer. Utilizing this simple video-altering device, anybody, with no earlier foundation can make a magnum opus of an explainer video.

Add Motion Effect To Your Text or Picture-In-Picture Video Effects

In addition to the transitions among the photos and video clips, DemoCreator also lets you introduce the text transitions to your videos with full ease and effectiveness. To know how to do it, here’s a detailed brief:

Step 1: Visit the Captions Menu

To initiate motion effect on your text recording, head towards the captions menu inside the menu bar as shown here:


Step 2: Choose your Favorite Text Effect

Now inside the Captions menu, select the most appropriate or your desired text effect from the list as shown here and preview it to make sure it’s feasible for your text animation:


Step 3: Drag and Drop the Effect

As you’ve decided to go with your favorite text effect, introduce it right over the video and make it customizable to your video and text.


Step 4: Add PIP Effect

You can also introduce the Picture-in-Picture effect in addition to the text effect and to do that, you can refer to the Effects menu and select the Motion effects from the section inside the Effects menu as shown here. From there, you can introduce your favorite PIP effect as a motion effect to your video and texts in the timeline.


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Part4: Conclusion

Wondershare DemoCreator is performing multiple tasks software. Given above was a substance on the most proficient method to make an explainer video without any problem. With its implicit easy to understand interface, painstakingly stamped guidelines, and across-the-board alter, record, sound components the client will wind up being happy with their magnum opus. It additionally has enhancements work in that would typically set aside a great deal of effort to make, the hard way. Wondershare DemoCreator makes things like working with green screen impacts and video changes simple and quick.

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