Statistics & Facts Show That Gaming Video
is Becoming More Popular

In the first quarter of 2019, a total of 3.6 billion hours of video game live streams were watched across the world, a figure which rose to almost 5 billion hours in the first quarter of 2020.

YouTube gaming has its biggest year, ever, in 2020 with 100B watch time hours and 40M+ active gaming channels.

In the United States in 2020, some 32% of video game players were under the age of 18, while 23% were 50 years old or older.

More than 50% of teens have made new friends online, and 36% of them say they met their new friends or friends while playing video games.

The Best Software to Capture Your
Awesome Gameplay

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How to Capture An Awesome Gameplay And Post to YouTube?

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How to Make Your Game Video More Engaging

If you want to step up the quality of your videos, and make your game video more engaging, there are many ways you can do this.

Get a detailed guide about game video making
Record the Game with Your Face in the Corner
Record Game Audio and Your Voiceover
Add Some Game Related Motion Stickers
Create An Attractive Video Thumbnail

Some Things to Level up Your Game Recording

If you want to step up the quality of your videos, and make your game video
more engaging, there are many ways you can do this.

Get more better gameplay recording tips.
Care About Copyright

Care About Copyright

If you' re monetising your videos, you need to be really careful about copyright. The game is someone's intellectual property, and a few gamers have been burned by this already.

Create Intro and Outro

Create Intro and Outro

Brand yourself well and consistently. Creating a short intro and outro (usually no longer than ten seconds) is a great way to have people instantly recognise who they're watching.

Interact with
Your Fans

Interact with
Your Fans

Interact with your fans. Game channels are as much about community as anything else, so remember to reply to comments when appropriate.

Have a Focus or
a Niche

Have a Focus or
a Niche

Do something well, rather than lots of things poorly. Have a focus or a niche that you can build an audience for.

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