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Automatically renew, and cancel at any time
One month unlimited downloads of media assets tagged with crown icon.
Royalty Free License.
Free Technical Support.


7-day free trial, and cancel at any time
One year unlimited downloads of media assets tagged with crown icon.
Royalty Free License.
Free Technical Support.
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See What Our Users Ask Frequently

  • There are 3 subscription plans available: month, quarter, and one-year. Once you have subscribed to one of the plan, you will get unlimited downloads of media assets with xx icon in the DemoCreator Effects store during the period of time covered by your subscription. (P.S. The video effects packs without xx icon are free. You can enjoy it all the time.)

  • DemoCreator Effects is only a built-in effects store in DemoCreator, where you can purchase and download video effect templates for DemoCreator, an easy-to-use screen recording and video editing software. (P.S. Once you have subscribed to DemoCreator Effects, you need to download the packs in DemoCreator program.)

  • Launch DemoCreator program and sign in with your Wondershare ID to start browsing and downloading media assets for your projects at DemoCreator Effects Store. DemoCreator video effects will be installed to DemoCreator automatically after being downloaded.

  • With a subscription plan, you can get access to media assets from DemoCreator Effects store. DemoCreator Effects offers monthly, quarterly and annual pricing for all subscription plans. Meanwhile, the resource effects downloaded locally to DemoCreator will not be dragged to the timeline after the subscription expires.

  • Newly added video effects will be sorted into the correct sections of DemoCreator:Captions,Transitions,Effects,Stickers,Sounds. They will be marked with red dots. Note: Video effects from DemoCreator Effects are compatible with DemoCreator version 5.0 or above.

  • No, the DemoCreator Effects only work with Wondershare DemoCreator program.

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