How to Record Webcam with Windows Movie Maker

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Windows movie maker is an essential segment of Windows essentials. This is a tool where you can record videos through a webcam. It is unnecessary to upload video files to the windows movie maker; you can add the files directly from the webcam. Well, the process is very easy and convenient. Most people consider it tough, but if you learn the right ways, then it could be worth it for you. So exactly how to record movie with webcam windows 10?

You should maintain a few distances between the camera & yourself. Make sure that captured images are visible. Make sure about the posture and look. To learn more about how to opt to record webcam windows movie maker, continue this article till the end. So, let's start to explore the windows movie maker tool.

Windows Movie Maker Record Webcam

This tool is specially designed and developed for people who don't have any idea regarding video making & video editing. It allows you to drag and drop any of the image, audio, and video file as you want. To use this program, you don't need to learn film editing experience. Here you can easily navigate the things that you want. It has amazing benefits that make this tool popular among people. 

Download and launch this software from the website to use this to get started with windows movie maker record webcam. After downloading, you can double click on it and open the tool. You can also open this file by pressing right-click on it. 

After opening the tool, it will ask you permission to access the program. Allow this software to access your device, and then click on the home option. When you click on the home option, then the webcam video option will be visible to you. When you click on these buttons, you will see the three different options in a row. One is canceling, the second one is the record, and the third one is stopped. To record the video, click on the record option, and it will start recording the video within seconds.

After the recording, you will be done; you have to click on the stop button. The video will be a load to your window movie maker, and you can view this in your timeline.

Once done with that, you must save the video on your preferred folder and then enjoy this. You can also choose the edit option to edit the video. While editing, you can add annotations, images, sounds, and all. 

After performing the above tasks, you can share the video with your friends and relatives. Anyone can also transfer the videos directly to social sites. 

Is it free software?

Yes. The window movie maker tool is completely free. This is open-source software, and anyone can use this tool without paying a single penny. Microsoft provides this tool for the convenience of users. Here you can either prepare small videos and projects, presentations. There are multiple versions of this software, and all are available on the internet free of cost. 

Why Windows movie maker is the best tool to choose?

This is the most frequently asked question by the users. Many users want to know, is it worth downloading this tool or not? To solve your question here, we provide you some amazing features of this program that force people to use this.

Open-source software: Windows movie maker is open-source software that anyone can download from the internet free of cost. Well, you can also down the alternative of windows movie maker, but for that, you have to pay any amount. So, if you have a limited budget, then you can choose this. 

Easy and comfortable: If you are a beginner and you edit the video for the first time, then it could be the best choice for you. Anyone can easily learn to play this tool. This is a user friendly and intuitive program that offers multiple numbers of effects and transitions.

Get photo slideshows: Here, you can also add pictures to make a slide show or a presentation. This tool offers amazing themes and transition effects that make your slide show more attractive. Here you can easily add audios and videos. 

Amazing updated effects: As a free video editing software, window movie makers offer you amazing effects. It supports over 130 effects and transitions. You can also add titles and credits to your videos while editing. 

Supports multiple operating systems: The free window movie maker supports multiple operating systems simultaneously. It supports windows7, 8, 9 & 10. This is the best free, basic, quick, intuitive video editor app that offers multiple amounts of features and functionalities. 

From where can I download this program?

As per our knowledge, the window movie maker is no longer available on its site since 2018. But still, some sites offer the link and its downloading file. You can easily search it on your browser and launch it on your device. The download process is completely safe & 100% virus-free. This file is approximately 100 to 150 MB, and it needs some time to download. 

How to import pictures & videos to windows movie maker?

If you want to import pictures and videos to the windows movie maker, you have to take a few considerations. To create a video from multiple files, you should import the videos and audios first. After that, you can follow the below points.

  • First, launch windows movies maker and then open it.
  • After that, click on the Add videos and image option. To click on this button, you must be present at the home tab. 
  • After clicking on this option, choose the pictures and videos that you want to add to your video and then press the apply button. Here you can also drag and drop the files directly to make the videos. 

Import photos & videos from the camera & other devices

If you want to import photos from your phone, then first you have to connect your mobile phone to the pc and then follow the below steps:

  • Launch the windows moviemaker
  • Press the file button that is present in the upper left corner. 
  • Now select import from the device, and then you will get a popup window that the "Import process is done." Now click on ok and move to the next steps.
  • Now select in which device or folder you want to import your videos.
  • After that, you will see three options that include organizing, review, and specify photos to import. Press any one of these and then click on the Next button.
  • If you want to import all the pictures to your video, press Import all new items. 

Can I import the pictures and videos from my gallery to this tool?

The window has an application named a window media gallery. This function allows you to view and organize the pictures with a simple interface. To import the pictures from the photo gallery, you can follow the below steps:

  • Visit the photo gallery section and select the images and videos, which you require importing to the window movie maker. 
  • Click on the create tab & then choose the Movie option. The files you selected will now open in the windows movie maker. Now you can create your own movie. 

How can someone put music to window moviemaker?

After importing the videos and images to the window movie maker now, you may wonder how to add music to this? Well, it's very easy to add music to the software. For this, you only require clicking “Add music”. For this, you have to visit the home tab. This tool allows you to select any of the audio files by pressing the open button. 

It allows you to import the audios of multiple file types, including MP3, MP4, AIF, AIFF, and all. If you already choose a song, but you didn't like the lyrics, or if it doesn't suit your video, then press the right click and choose the remove option. The audio will automatically remove from your videos. 

Can I add the fade-in and Fade-out effects to my video through Windows movie maker?

Do you know how to apply the fade in and fade out effect to the video editing software? If no, then here we discuss this. To make your video more attractive and interactive, you should add a few features to it. 

  • If you want to use all fading effects like fade in from white, black, and all, use the multiple effects options. For this first visit to the visual effects.
  • Now click the drop-down menu to choose the effect panel. Now select multiple effects.
  • After performing the above steps, select your preferred effects, click to add, and then click on apply. 

Can I customize the setting in windows movie maker?

Yes, of course, you can customize the windows movie maker setting option by visiting the setting area. Well, many people are still unaware of this. For those people here, we provide you the step by step information. 

  • To customize the setting first, you have to visit the file section located in your window's left corner. 
  • Then click on the save file button.
  • After this, scroll down the subfile and then press the create custom setting option.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and then choose new to start or edit the setting from scratch.
  • Type the name of the video as asked in the text field. After that, you have to set the height and width. Here you can set the video according to the frame rate and bit rate.
  • Now select the audio settings by visiting the audio format. Check the file size, and then click on the Save button. Now all the changes you will make will be saved.

Cons of windows movie maker

  • Sometimes the window movies maker freeze or crashed. It doesn't respond at all. In this situation, you may face various issues. 
  • It doesn't help you to edit complex videos. Here in this tool, you can only edit one video and one audio track simultaneously.
  • If you want to perform the video reverse option, it can't offer you a satisfactory solution. For this, you have to cut the clips of videos and then put them backward.
  • If you are an experienced user, then this application could not satisfy you. It has many limitations and also doesn't offer the video overlaying option. 
  • It doesn't have any audio effects on the storyboard. Here you can't specify the frames per second rate. Along with this, it has a limited amount of editing tools. 
  • You cannot use green screen footage and alpha channels. Here you can only use the effects that are installed in the program. 
  • Microsoft always updates its operating system, and that's why this tool is available on the internet with different versions. But if you are a beginner, then you can't identify them easily. 

Best Alternative to Windows Movie Maker

Well, as you read in the further sections, windows movie maker includes some of the disadvantages. Because of these cons, some people are searching for the best alternative to this program. There are multiple applications available on the internet, but no one can beat the Wondershare DemoCreator tool, especially when it comes to choosing the best one. To learn more about this tool, let's visit the next one.

This application has a user-friendly interface. The software comes along with the in-build editing software that makes your video more interactive. Most professionals suggest this tool to the people who want to make their career in this field.

Steps to Use DemoCreator

If you also want to achieve the features as mentioned above and functionalities, then you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

Download and install the program on your Windows computer, the software will start running automatically after installation.

Click on the “New Recording” button and then set up the basic parameters. Remember to connect webcam to computer if the PC doesn’t have one.

democreator start capture

Now press on the big red button and start recording. You can also use the screen drawing during this process to make your videos more attractive.

democreator record webcam and screen


The free Windows movie maker tool provides you the easiest way to record and edit your video. You can make high qualities videos of your own with this Windows movie maker record from webcam guide. If you are seeking for more smooth and high quality video recording, then DemoCreator will be the choice. For further questions or suggestions, leave your comment below.

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