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Udemy VS Coursera

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

About Coursera and Udemy:


Udemy offers access to wide range of courses over its online learning platform and it can vary between technical and creative details. If you are much focused for your passion and want to master your skills in a particular course from basic level then it is good to stay connected with Udemy online learning platform. Instructors at Udemy need not to be well trained professionals as anyone can create a course on this platform but if you register after checking reviews then you will avail good service.



Coursera offers self-paced as well as time bound course materials to learners that can be accessed for free as well as with paid versions. Experts here follow pattern of quizzes, assignments and video lectures to improve skills of learners. Learners can also ask their queries from experts on specific topics and in case of paid courses you will also be able to get certification at the end of course.


Comparison of Coursera and Udemy:

1. About the Course:

  • Course Topics:

    There are more than 1600 courses available on Coursera platform that are being accessed by 22 million students from different corners of world. Content is available in 8 different teaching languages. Udemy has wide course collection that may vary up to 42000 and its current active student base is 14 million. Content can be accessed in 48 different languages.

  • Course Content:

    Coursera content is popular for its focus on popularity with wide range of topics like math, business and science etc. In case of Udemy the content is much comprehensive where topics are included from the field of fitness, art, music, entrepreneurship, technology, business and language etc.

  • Course Time:

    Coursera courses can vary between few weeks to months and some degree courses may even take years to complete. A well defined schedule is updated every week on website for assistance of learners.

    Udemy courses on the other side are developed with video length ranging between few minutes to hours. You have to develop your own learning schedule to progress with course material.

  • Course Difficulty:

    Coursera offers course content in form of video lectures, programming assignments and quizzes so that students can keep practicing for skill development but most of these assignments are accessible to paid students only. Course content is often easier to understand and can be followed by beginners too.

    Udemy courses are mostly developed with video lectures but some of these also possess assignments and quizzes related to programming problems. Difficulty level of courses uses to vary as per instructor and his teaching plan but most of these are rated to be useful for beginners.

  • Certification:

    Once you complete your paid course at Coursera, these professionals will provide you a certificate depending upon your performance. Some courses are also degree based in Coursera but udemy does not host any certification or degree based course content.

2. About the Instructors:

Instructors over coursera are connected from 145 plus universities throughout the world and here course content are developed only by expert professors. In case of udemy anyone can register as a course instructor if they are holding some skills in any particular field. They simply need to follow the udemy video guides for creation of course content.

3. About the Price:

In case of coursera you will be able to access so many courses without any payment but they still offer good quality content. But in case if you want a certificate for your learning or skill development then you must go for paid courses. The price ranges for degree or certificate based courses usually vary between $15 and $25000. Udemy also offers free and paid courses that contain lectures in video format. Basic price range starts from $20 and it can go as high as up to $200 only. Although both of these are profit centric organizations but still Coursera is offering appreciable funding solutions to its learners. The course quality is highly rated and many universities even prefer to consider their content for program credits. In case if udemy you will not be able to find any funding plan and most of the courses are offered by individuals only.


Coursera can provide wide range of courses to learners and content is developed by professors of various famous universities throughout the world. Learners will be able to access high quality content from this website and interactive exercises can build better understanding about concepts. This platform is currently serving a wide community of students from many countries throughout the world.

Udemy use to offer content related to almost every field and lectures are mostly available in form of videos. As this website is commonly accessed for professional as well as non professional instructors for selling course content so you can find variation in content quality. Students are advised to choose their lecture after checking reviews so that investment provide positive outcome.