Best Screen Recording Software for Teachers

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:17:35 • Filed to: Teacher Skills

Because of the Covid-19, it has become very hard for the students and teachers to go into a physical classroom setup. So many schools around the world are moving online now. Now that online teaching has become the new trend, many teachers are turning to screen recording software apps to enhance communication and sharing.

teaching online class

Also, the good thing is that you can record the lectures and upload them online for your students to watch later. You can find so many screen recording software online, but some of them may be expensive. So here’s a list of some free screen recording software for teachers that will help you create wonderful videos for your students to share.

1. Wondershare DemoCreator - Most Recommended

DemoCreator is an easy-to-use screen recording software application. It is a perfect tool and the best screen capture software for teachers to make class presentation recordings, demo videos, or any other knowledge-based videos.

Along with the screen recording, the software also comes with editing features to personalize your video recordings. With DemoCreator, you can create screen recording videos, pace up software training efficiency, and report system bugs. You can also deliver a stable learning experience by using this screen recording software for teaching purposes.


Key Features

  • Add Annotations: You can add annotations and captions to your video recordings.
  • Editing Features: The software provides edit features like cutting, cropping, and rotating your clips. You can also add new slides and insert text messages in your video.
  • Preview Mode: The software allows you to preview your recordings in full-screen mode.
  • Customize the Cursor: Features like customization of the cursor are also available in Wondershare DemoCreator.
  • Exporting Options: Captured videos on DemoCreator can be exported in MP3, MP4, MOV, or GIF formats.
  • Support popular laptop brands, such as HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, and Mac.
  • Bottom Line: Wondershare DemoCreator avails the necessary tools to help you create personalized videos and makes it easy to discover the available features.

2. CamStudio

CamStudio is a free screencasting software application for Microsoft Windows. The software offers videos in an AVI format and can convert them into Flash Video file format. The software can record all your screen and audio activity on your computer. CamStudio lets you control the video quality, frame rates, and time-lapse.

This is why it's also considered the best screen recording software for teachers. However, it doesn't include many editing options. If you are going to be working with the CamStudio software as a Pro, you only have to pay $29.95 per year to get all the advanced features.


Key Features

  • Screen Captions: CamStudio provides a feature to add high-quality screen captions to your video recordings.
  • Video Annotation: The software also provides the Video annotation feature that can personalize your recordings.
  • Lossless Codec: CamStudio proceeds with its own Lossless Codec and makes a much more lucid result than any of the popular codecs.
  • Screen Recording: You can choose to record the full screen or the portion of it, depending on your choice.
  • Video Quality: CamStudio provides you with the option to choose the quality of the recording as you can decrease or increase the video quality.
  • Custom the cursors: You can choose to use the customized cursors in CamStudio software.

3. Nimbus

Nimbus is a certified screen capture and recording software used for educational purposes. It is a web-based app extension from Google Chrome. The software can record video from your screen or a webcam to make a screencast. It is super easy to install and use.

You can make your educational videos more creative with the different types of capture options available in the Nimbus app. And the best part is that Nimbus is free! You just have to go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the Nimbus. Add the extension to Chrome, and it will open up a tutorial for you on how to use it.

nimbus screen recorder

Key Features

  • Capture Screenshots: It can quickly capture the entire web page or a specific portion of it.
  • Add Watermark: You can also add your watermark if you are using the premium version of this software.
  • Exporting Options: The videos recorded on Nimbus can be converted from WebM to then MP4 as well as GIF formats.
  • Editing features: The software provides the options to crop and then opt for trimming your video recordings. Once done with that, you can opt for uploading the screencast to Nimbus Note, or you can opt for saving to disk as well. You can also opt for the addition of certain graphics or even texts to the videos you are making

4. Screencastify

Screencastify is considered to be the number one screen recorder for Chrome. All of the recording features in Screencastify are free for its users, with no watermarks. The software is easy to use and safe enough for the students as well as teachers. The software is free for basic membership and has an amazing certification course available.

There's one for students to help them learn how to use it and the other one for teachers to help them learn how to use the basics. There's also a speciality course on how to help integrate Google and all of its products with the Screencastify app. To go Pro, you need to pay for a yearly subscription, and with that, you get unlimited videos and the time limit gets removed.

screencastify screen recorder

Key Features

  • Screen Recording: Screencastify provides the option to capture your full desktop screen, browser tab, or a webcam. The software lets you record even when you are offline.
  • Webcam: With Screencastify, you can move the webcam around anywhere you want, so you can put your face out of the way of what you’re trying to teach.
  • Editing Options: You can trim the beginning and end of your videos. Also, you can crop, merge, and add texts to recordings.
  • Video Annotations: Not only you are given an online pen to draw on the screen, but you can also turn the mouse highlighter on to point the specific things.
  • Exporting Options: The video recordings can be saved to your local disks as MP3, MP4, and GIF formats or saved directly to your Google Drive. You can also share it directly with your Google Classroom without even leaving the Screencastify app.

5. Loom

The loom is a free and easy screen recording software application for Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. With this software, you can record your audio and video to create a quickly shareable video recording in much lesser time. It is easy to set up and share the link with your students. If you are a Pro user, you can also record the video in 1080p.

Loom also can record from your desktop through a download. With Loom, you don't have to use Chrome to do your recording. You can do it with your desktop at any time, which gives the software a slight upper hand. You can get a Pro account free if you're a teacher or a student, and it lasts for life! With Pro account, you can have unlimited video length and unlimited videos.


Key Features

  • Mobile Availability: Loom is available through the iOS system, meaning you can download the app on an iPhone or an iPad. 
  • Screen Recording: With Loom, you can record the full desktop, browser tab, or just your webcam. You can record up to 25 minutes under a free account. 
  • Webcam: You can move the webcam around. Moreover, you can resize it and can go full screen. On top of it, you can switch out your active webcam for a picture of your choosing, if you don’t want to show your face. 
  • Video Annotations: With Loom, you are given an online pen to draw on the screen. However, this is only available on the desktop. 
  • Rich Reactions: You can thumb up, show a smiley face, or a bunch of different emojis at any point in time when you’re watching a video. That way, students can react to what they’re seeing, and you can see as it’s being played back in real-time.
  • Security Feature: You can password protect your videos in the Loom app. When you’ll send a video out, people won’t be able to see it unless they have that password. 
  • Viewer Count: It keeps track of how many people have watched your video.

6. Screen-O-Matic

Screen-O-Matic is a free screen recorder that is used by a huge crowd, which can involve educators or teacher, bloggers, business owners, etc. It helps with the creation of the lessons, demonstration videos, marketing videos, and tutorials. Also, it is not really that tough to begin with the use of the Screen-O-Matic app as this is designed in a way that the video capturing tools can be used without any high learning curve.

Furthermore, the application has a web-based as well as a desktop version. Since the Screen-O-Matic app does not need to be installed on your computer, it makes things easier from the very starting. If you want to go with Pro account, you’ll get more advanced features like zooming option, synchronization of audio with video, onscreen drawing, etc.

screen o matic

Key Features

  • Editing tools: You can cut, crop, or rotate the video as well as increase or decrease the volume of the video. Also, you can draw, zoom, use texts, or add speech bubbles during your recordings.
  • Standard Recording Size: You can also choose some standard recording sizes including HD sizes
  • Max Recording Time: The software supports the longer recording duration. The maximum recording time of its free version is 15 minutes. 
  • Hostings: It has free video hosting up to 15 minutes per upload.
  • Record Screen and Webcam: You can record the full screen or a section of it. Moreover, it also lets you record from the Webcam at the same time. 
  • Exporting Options: It lets your recording publish to MP4, AVI, FLV Movie, and direct upload to Youtube in HD.

7. Zoom

Zoom is a free tool and designed to be used for business purposes. It is one of the platforms that is being used by the teachers to teach and record the lectures. It is video conferencing software that will allow you to have a meeting face to face with video and audio as well as chat. You can schedule a meeting by sending out the link to your students. Make sure to adjust the audio and video settings before starting the class. To record the class, press the record button so that your students can review the session later.


Key features

  • White Board: This feature allows you to share a whiteboard on your screen with your students. To get started, first share your screen and click on Whiteboard. Different drawing tools will appear on the top.
  • Screen Share: You can share your screen with your students by selecting the screen share option.
  • Virtual Background: You can now choose a background according to your choice. This awesome feature is available on the Zoom app where you can select one of the default backgrounds or upload your own.
  • Breakout Rooms: This advanced feature is also available on the software as it allows you to divide your meeting into several sessions. It helps assign small group works.
  • Beauty Filter: Video settings in Zoom give you the option of Beauty Filter. Click on Touch up my appearance, and there you go!
  • Chat Box: You can ask the students to use the chatbox option if they want to ask the questions in mid of the session.

8. Snagit

Snagit is a reliable screen recording software that is designed to capture the screenshots and record audio and video display for WindowsOS as well as macOS. With Snagit, it is easy to capture images and videos and turn them into educational videos. Snagit lets you capture the full-page, even if your screen does not show the whole page.

snagit recorder

Key Features

  • Image Capture: This is one of the amazing features Snagit offers. You can capture the image on the screen even when you are scrolling, and later it will be available on Snagit to view.
  • Screen Recording: You can capture the full screen or specific fragments of it.
  • Image Editor: You can edit and annotate your images or video recordings with the given editing tools.
  • Creating Marketing Videos: You can use Snagit to create mini-marketing videos that you put on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter.
  • Template: Template creation is the latest feature of Snagit and is ideal for creating handouts.
  • File-Sharing: Snagit lets you save your capture as a video file, audio file, or a GIF file. It provides sharing and exporting options as well.


Having good screen recording software is quite important to create the videos for your students so that they can access the information you share with them. By using the screen recorders for creating lessons, you will be making them understand better as well as you will be able to engender grand value and excellent results right from the start. The learning process will be fast and efficient, and a lot more interesting. We hope we have shared some useful information and made you clear about your doubts regarding the screen recording software.